[Top 6] FF14 Best Blue Mage Weapons That Look Freakin' Awesome

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A team of Blue Mages ready for battle.

Blue Mage is the epitome of a very versatile class. Introduced in the Stormblood expansion, Blue Mage now has a level cap of 70 instead of 90 like the other battle jobs, simply because of how overpowered the class is compared to the others.

Blue Mages have a very interesting and unique gameplay that differs from others. They learn spells by engaging in combat with different monsters and even bosses and primals to learn their unique spells. Blue Mages also has the most amount of spells now even though their level cap is only 70, with a whopping 104 spells that a player can learn.

Blue Mages' weapon also mainly functions as a glamour with no stats embedded in, unlike other battle jobs' weapons. Because of this, here are six of the best Blue Mage weapons that can become your glamour weapon!


6. Azulmagia

The first weapon is red instead of blue!

Azulmagia is the first weapon to be introduced in this article. It is a red-colored weapon embedded in gold around it.

Why it looks awesome:

  • First, the Azulmagia has a unique color blend of red and gold, making it a unique contrast to the blue-colored outfit that Blue Mages tend to wear, as shown in the photo.
  • In addition, they also have a slightly unique design of the gold center on top, where the Blue Mage is often focusing their spells on, making it look like they are glowing when the Blue Mage is casting.
  • Not to mention, should the player choose to don their Blue Mage in a non-blue outfit, Azulmagia will fit perfectly because of its unique color!

How To Get Azulmagia:

  • Finish the Blue Mage job quest ‘Turning Over a Blue Leaf’.


5. Rainmaker

The white staff of Rainmaker.

Rainmaker is the second weapon to be introduced in this article. Like the name implies, it is a staff to call down the rain.

Why it looks awesome:

  • First, like the name, Rainmaker of Blue Mage’s weapon looks like a rainmaker that is used by people to call down rain on dry seasons.
  • Secondly, the staff itself has a beautiful white color that complements the blue color of the Blue Mage’s suit perfectly, making it a blend of nice colors.
  • Lastly, the shape of the marble-like Rainmaker staff also allows for a design that can also suit any other type of glamour the player might have for their Blue Mages.

How To Get Rainmaker:

  • Finish the Blue Mage job quest ‘Out of the Blue’.


4. The Spirit of the Whalaqee

The Whalaqee Cane for the Blue Mage.

The Spirit of the Whalaqee is the third weapon to be introduced in this article. It is a nice weapon with a unique design.

Why it looks awesome:

  • First of all, the Spirit of the Whalaqee has a really unique shape for a cane, making it an interesting cane to wear as a glamour.
  • Secondly, the cane also has a story relation with the Blue Mage’s quest, making it also a sentimental cane to wear.
  • Thirdly, because of its design and neutral colours, The Spirit of the Whalaqee is also a weapon that can be worn easily with the Blue Mage’s blue outfit.

How To Get The Spirit of the Whalaqee:

  • Finish the Blue Mage job quest ‘The Real Folk Blues’


3. Incendiaro

A staff with an explody thing on top…

Incendiaro is the fourth staff to be introduced in this article. It is a blue staff that resembles the blue suit that Blue Mages always wear.

Why it looks awesome:

  • First, the color of Incendiaro is distinctly blue, making the perfect suitable weapon when worn with the stylish Blue Mage outfit.
  • Secondly, the top of Incendiaro is a monster that the Blue Mage may encounter often in the arena, making it have a sentimental value.
  • In addition, Incendiaro is also a staff that has a slight glow on the top, making it different from previous weapons just from this glow alone.

How To Get Incendiaro:

  • Exchange 800 Allied Seals to the NPC Maudlin Latool Ja in Ul’dah.


2. Friar Rush

The flaming Friar Rush.

Friar Rush has won second place in this article about the best-looking Blue Mage weapons, and for good reason.

Why it looks awesome:

  • First of all, Friar Rush has a similar look to Incendiaro, with a similar monster on top of the rod, making it a rod that also has sentimental value.
  • Not to mention, it also has a slight, but brighter glow on the top, which also looks like an unending flame, making it look unique and can even attract attention.
  • In addition, Friar Rush also has a unique red color, making it suitable for unique-colored glams the player might have for their Blue Mages.

How To Get Friar Rush:

  • Exchange 800 Allied Seals to the NPC Maudlin Latool Ja in Ul’dah.


1. Predatrice

The icy staff of the Blue Mage.

Predatrice has won the first place in the best-looking Blue Mage weapons in this article because of how awesome it looks on them.

Why it looks awesome:

  • First of all, Predatrice is the only Blue Mage weapon that has a shiny glow all across its weapon, making it a weapon that can light up a room and attract attention easily.
  • In addition, Predatrice also has a unique design on the top, with three ice-like structures surrounding it, making for a brighter glow as well as a unique ice design.
  • Not to mention, the icy cane with the blue color makes it a staff that is very suitable to be worn with the classic and iconic Blue Mage’s blue-colored outfit.

How To Get Predatrice:

  • Finish the Blue Mage job quest ‘A Future in Blue’.


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