[Top 5] FF14 Best UI Layouts That Are Excellent

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The user interface (UI) is one of the most significant aspects of any game, especially in MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XIV. This is due to the fact that there are many aspects in the game that players can utilize, check out, and arrange, which may overwhelm them with an overcrowded display screen, causing players to be unable to see the adversaries or environment properly, reducing how much the players can enjoy the game.

As a result, having a proper UI Layout when playing FFXIV is vital and necessary to avoid your UI obscuring your view of the game. A good UI is undoubtedly appropriate for all players who want to or are currently playing the game–whether they are hardcore raiders, casual players, or those who simply enjoy spending hours creating and gathering resources while watching the sunset at La Noscea.

This article will provide a list of tools, UI layouts, and extensions produced, proposed, and released by several FFXIV content providers to assist you in creating your own perfect UI layout.


5. Whiiskeyz’ HUD with Material UI Mod

Material UI is one of the most popular FFXIV mods, and its purpose is to change the original look of FFXIV's UI into something cleaner, more high-definition, with more details and changes in essential parts.

Why Whiiskeyz’ Layout is Good:

  • Teaches players how to install the mod and get it to work correctly.
  • The mod itself allows players to be able to get a UI look that is way more cleaner and gives a different vibe to the original one.
  • Gives many different choices and options that can help simplify UIs and makes it look neater.
  • Improved Icon looks that look more detailed and clear, making it easier for players to identify which one is which.


4. Throne’s Clean HUD and Cha

Throne's Clean HUD guide.

Throne's Clean HUD is quite handy, especially for new players who have just begun or are planning to begin playing FFXIV. Throne provided a mechanism to customize the HUD and UI to reveal critical details while hiding those that may not be as important on certain situations, making the game look cleaner and less claustrophobic.

Why Throne’s HUD is good:

  • Good for beginners to start sorting their HUD to be able to enjoy the game more, especially when they are getting more and more skills and actions that may be all over the screen.
  • Clean, filtered chat that may help categorise them neatly into groups.
  • Grouping combos together and grouping similar abilities together such as mitigations will make a player be able to use their job easier.
  • Enlarging some important information like debuffs may help save a player’s life from certain death, like the Doom debuff.


3. IamPlushie’s Class Change Macro

Plushie provided a cooler, more distinct way for players to employ macros to change into any career or class in FFXIV. It is a guide for players who prefer to be a little showy and have some flair for their characters.

Why Plushie’s layout is good:

  • Offered a cool way (through using the snap emote, or any other existing emote the player has) when changing their job into a different one.
  • Being able to change to the job or class a player wants to switch to easily through using Macros instead of having to change it through their Gear Set List.
  • Offering a way to make a player’s HUD look cooler and less bland by adding an icon for each job change with each battle job’s soul crystal. This also helps players identify which job they want to change to easily.
  • Easy, not complicated, and definitely suitable even for beginners to try and do.


2. Whiiskeyz’s HUD with the DelvUI Mod

This is Whiiskeyz's second HUD that is featured in this post. Instead of Material UI, Whiiskeyz creates his UI Layout with the mod DelvUI this time.

Why WHiiskeyz’ DelvUI Layout is good:

  • Teaches players how to browse and install DelvUI step by step.
  • Suitable for players who do not like the way FFXIV’s UI looks or want a completely different look for a change.
  • Many, many options that players can browse and choose from. This makes it possible for players to find the best one suited for them personally instead of a one-for-all.
  • Can make gameplay much more interesting with the list of choices and options, and make it better for players to be able to identify things.


1. Desperius’ Collapsing Hotbar 

Desperius is a well-known FFXIV YouTuber who frequently delivers a variety of gaming tips, and his Collapsing Hotbars UI Layout is one of his most popular UI Layouts as well as a tutorial that many players enjoy and employ.

Why Desperius’ Collapsing Hotbar is good:

  • The game looks way, way neater when players do this UI Layout, as it is not cramped with many different icons.
  • Screen will be able to look clean and clear as players may summon the requisite Hotbar whenever necessary instead of having them on all the time.
  • This allows players to still be able to enjoy a clear and neat screen while still being able to easily access things they want quick access with.
  • Allows players to both enjoy the sights and do combat more fluently while being able to hide HUD whenever it is not needed, and only call each of them whenever a player need them.
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