[Top 9] FF14 Endwalker Mounts (And How To Get Them) [Spoiler Free]

FF14 Endwalker Mounts (And How To Get Them)
How do you ride this mount?

Greetings, mount lovers and collectors! Let's talk about Endwalker's mounts and how to get them all!

Up to this point, there are nine mounts released for the Endwalker! This guide will help you get them all, all the possible ones, to be exact. To avoid any spoilers, I will not mention anything that will spoil the fun of doing MSQ, so it is perfectly safe to read without being worried about getting spoiled. I will explain from the easiest one to get, to the most tedious to the impossible. Without further ado, let's jump into it!

9. Arion

A horse for Paladin.

Arion is a majestic six-legged horse available for purchasing "Digital Collector's Edition" of Endwalker. If you bought the Standard Edition of Endwalker, you could always upgrade it in your Mogstation for $19.99.

8. Argos

A loyal golden dog.

Argos is a faithful golden dog in your Endwalker's journey once you have earned his respect. He will be your loyal Familiar mount after completing the Endwalker Main Scenario Quest last quest, "Endwalker."

7. Level Checker

Again, how do you mount this thing?

Level Checker mount is obtainable by trading 12 Chi Bolts. You can get 6 Chi Bolts by fighting the Special FATE in one of Endwalker's maps, Ultima Thule. The FATE called: "Omicron Recall: Comms Expansion" and "Omicron Recall: Secure Collection." By joining these 2 FATEs, you will get all the Bolts you need! To trade it, go to Thavnair. These special FATEs are spawned at random; join some hunting train Discord servers so you won't miss it out! You can also occasionally check the Party Finder to see if they are looking for members to join the FATE. Like the name, Level Checker looks like the Level Checker you meet in Omega Raid Quest Series.

6. Lynx of Eternal Darkness

From your [Redacted] trial.

The mount is from the first Extreme Trial in Endwalker. It's a drop in the trial where you can either win the loot or collect 99 Astral Totems and trade them to Nesvaz in Radz-at-Han for the mount. Since this is the latest trial, you cannot do it unsync.

5. Lynx of Divine Light

Another trial mount, but icy blue-white.

This mount is from the second Extreme Trial in Endwalker. Like its counterpart, you can win this by your luck (winning the loot) or by collecting 99 Umbral Totems and trading them to Nesvav in Radz-at-Han. The same rule applies; you cannot solo this duty.

4. Calydontis

A boar mount. Looking scawwy.

A little luck plays to get this mount. You can get this mount by trading with Khloe 1 Khloe's Gold Certificate of Commendation. You will have to get three lines in Wondrous Tails to get one Gold Certificate. Wondrous Tail is a weekly challenge log you can get from Khloe in Idyllshire, and you will need to complete a challenge from the list available and get a stamp for each completion. Once you have nine stamps, you can go back to Khloe, and she will reward you depending on how many lines you get.

3. Victor

Not as cute as Argos, but who doesn't want a bulldog-looking mount.

This mount is a bit tedious to get. You will need to participate in the hunt train often to get this mount. Yup, you will need 2000 A Marks and 1000 S Marks in Endwalker's region to get this mount, a lot of grinding if you asked me. Like what I said about Level Checker, you will need to join hunting train Discord servers to join the fray. The monsters in the Hunt are rare spawns, and the S-ranked ones have some condition to fulfill so they would spawn. They are out of the ordinary and can hardly be solo even when you are 20 levels above these monsters, which is why this hunt train exists, especially in a new zone where you will need a lot of people to take them down. Once you complete this, you can claim "Victor Horn" from your Achievement tab.

2. Wivre

Ankylosaurus X Rhino become Wivre.

If you found the hunt train is already tedious, this one is even more so. To get Wivre Horn, you have to participate in FATEs that give you Bicolor gemstones, which means FATEs in the Shadowbringer's area or Endwalker's area. Each FATE in Shadowbringers give you 12 Bicolor gemstones, and in Endwalker 14, you can carry up to 1,000 bicolor gemstones and cap at that amount; you will need to trade them before it exceeds the number. Do you know how much Bicolour gemstone you need to get this mount? 500 Bicolor gemstone voucher, each gemstone voucher is worth 100 Bicolor gemstones. Now do the math, and you will need 50,000 Bicolor gemstones in total. Divided by 14, you roughly need to participate in 3,572 FATEs in Endwalker's zone. Good luck with grinding that! You can trade your Gemstones for vouchers in Old Sharlayan (Gadfrid) or Radz-at-Han (Sajareen). If you have collected that many vouchers, you can exchange the mount in Mor Dhona with the NPC Edelina. Luckily, if you do not have time to grind 3,572 FATEs in Endwalker's zone, you can buy this mount in Market Board for a ridiculously expensive price. 

1. Dreadnaught

Unfortunately, this cool mount is no longer available.

The mount will be awarded to the top 100 players in each Data Center at the end of PvP's The Feast (Season 20) and are no longer obtainable after that. Yup, there is no other way to obtain this mount than participating in The Feast Season 20.

Now you know how to get them all; what are you waiting for? Get them all except the one that is no longer obtainable. They are all unique in appearance (except the trials mount because it has always been like that). If you think it's worth grinding, then grind your way!

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