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Adventurer Plates are fun new gimmicks you can do in FFXIV!

Adventurer Plates is a new feature in Final Fantasy XIV that allows players to create their own 'ID Card' in the game that contains a lot of information that the player can fill out, such as their favorite job, what activities they like to do in FFXIV, and their active hours and days.

Furthermore, the most intriguing feature of the Adventurer Plates is that players can now display a portrait of their characters with a variety of embellishments and decorations. Players appear to enjoy this feature and frequently take time out of their day to check on other people's adventurer plates.

As a result, this article will highlight 10 of the best Adventurer Plates that FFXIV players enjoy seeing!


10. Mermaid of the Blue

The mermaid in their natural habitat.

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The first adventurer plate featured in this article is from Adamantoise, Aether, a female Au Ra character with the username Jewelbee Moonshell.

Why this plate is stunning:

  • Mermaid of the Blue is our first adventurer plate to be featured on this page, and for good reason. The plate is a one-of-a-kind item that can be found among FFXIV players.
  • This is because the adventurer plate is shot in such a way that the character appears to be underwater, which is a clever way of combining several elements in the portrait.
  • To begin with, the bubbles in front of the character's mouth create the illusion that the character is breathing underwater, with their breaths coming out in front of them.
  • The serene expression painted on the character's face also contributes to the portrait's overall peaceful and beautiful appearance.
  • Because of the colors it portrays, the use of the aether background also gives the impression that the character is in the waters or seas, making for a very beautiful image.


9. Get Me Out of Here!

Get her out! Save her!

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The second adventurer plate in this article is from a Lalafell character named Raffresa Apollousa of Cerberus, Chaos.

Why this plate is stunning:

  • First and foremost, the Get Me Out of Here! Adventurer plate is one of the best comedic adventurer plates, capable of making a player laugh every time they look at it.
  • This is due to the adventurer plate's meaning, which is that the character is trapped in Limsa Lominsa and cannot escape.
  • This can be seen in several elements of the adventurer plate, including the character's horrified expression and the Limsa background behind the character, as well as the black fog seeping in as if to trap the character and prevent them from leaving.
  • Because of this, the background of this adventurer plate is extremely amusing. Limsa Lominsa is known as the busiest city in Final Fantasy XIV, with a large number of players congregating there at all times, ranging from casual players AFKing to players roleplaying lewd things in public and people shouting incoherent things in shout chat.
  • This is why the 'trapped character' meme depicted in the adventurer plate is so amusing because players understand where the joke's reference comes from.


8. The Ethereal Bunny

Let’s go to space together!

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Crystal, a viera from Diabolos with the username Schrodinger's Rabbit, created the third adventurer plate to be introduced in this article.

Why this plate is stunning:

  • This plate is one of the best in FFXIV for a variety of reasons. The background of the portrait in the adventurer plate looks ethereal and beautiful, which is one of the main reasons why this plate is so good.
  • This is due to the character's weapon, Titania's extreme trial weapon, which shines in the dark and has a beautiful, rainbow-like shine to it.
  • Combining this weapon in the portrait creates a very pretty image with a beautiful background, as if the character has a shine in the back of the character.
  • Furthermore, the combination of the portrait's space, dark original background and the bright glow of the weapon creates a beautiful contrast, making it even more beautiful and ethereal.
  • Not to mention that the character featured in the portrait has a peaceful and dreamy expression, which is a perfect match for the portrait in the adventurer plate.


7. Stop Yelling!

I am full of pain.

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Crystal, a catboy from Zalera, is the creator of the next adventurer plate to be featured in this article. The name also perfectly describes why the adventurer plate is so good.

Why this plate is stunning:

  • The adventurer plate is excellent for several reasons, most notably the angle and expression of the character featured in the portrait.
  • The portrait depicts the character, a catboy, from a different perspective. While this angle may appear insignificant at first, it fits perfectly with the picture that the player is attempting to portray.
  • The character's pained expression makes the adventurer plate look comedic, as if he is in pain and trying to smile through it all, creating a picture that cannot be easily forgotten.
  • Not to mention that the zoomed in angle of the picture itself makes the picture even more comedic because players can now see the character's pained expression even more clearly.
  • Stop Yelling, the player's name, paints a complete picture with this adventurer plate, as if the character is tired of everyone yelling around them and trying to survive it all with a pained expression.


6. Smug Lalafell

Lalafell is anything but not smug.

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Smug Lalafell is an adventurer plate made by, well, a Lalafell character named Aez Erie from Goblin, Crystal.

Why this plate is stunning:

  • Lalafell appears throughout this article for good reason, as Lalafell players appear to be very talented at making their adventurer plates look as awesome and memorable as possible, and this adventurer plate is no exception.
  • Smug Lalafell is the best representation of a smug and obnoxious Lalafell, and this is perfectly portrayed by their adventurer plate. This adventurer plate is very interesting because it depicts a smug Lalafell.
  • Furthermore, the angle used by the player in this adventurer plate is very clever and brilliant, as it appears as if the lalafell in the picture is looking down on all mortals looking at the adventurer plate, despite the fact that Lalafell are the smallest race in Eorzea.
  • Not only that, but the player enhances the image by combining the Lalafell's expression and pose, resulting in the perfect image of a Lalafell looking down at everyone else around them.
  • Because of these factors, the adventurer plate is ideal for representing the smugness of the small race.


5. Mustache? Mustache!

Very manly mustache.

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This adventurer plate is simple, but extremely creative and humorous. It was created by a Viera from Cerberus, Chaos, with the username Yuma Aubrey.

Why the plate is so beautiful:

  • The plate that follows in this article may appear to some players to be too simplistic or too basic to be considered among the best adventurer plates available—but this adventurer plate definitely deserves its place, and for good reason.
  • This is because Yuma's plate is incredibly creative, and players who look at the adventurer plate will immediately understand what the player is attempting to portray in the adventurer plate.
  • This is due to the player using the decorations on the adventurer plate, specifically the gold laurel, and taking a portrait so that the character's face appears on the bottom and the Laurel appears to be the character's mustache.
  • It's extremely comedic and funny because the mustache appears fake but real due to its clever positioning. Because of how the character is positioned on the portrait, players can get a good look at a female Viera with a mustache.
  • What are the reasons for the Mustache? Mustache! Despite its simplicity, the adventurer plate is one of the best adventurer plates in FFXIV.


4. Pink and Sparkly Relic

A beautiful blend of colors and lights in one portrait.

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Crystal, a catgirl from Diabolos with the username Valencia Valana, is the next adventurer to be featured in this article.

Why the plate is so beautiful:

  • This plate is fantastic for a variety of reasons. The first is due to the plate's pink and sparkly appearance. Because of the way relic weapons work, this plate has turned into a really pink, sparkly adventurer plate with glitter that moves around dynamically as the player looks through it.
  • The player's choice of pose and angle for the portrait of the adventurer plate makes this plate even more awesome, as the relic weapon appears to be a glowing light rather than a weapon, which complements the idea of a pink, sparkly room.
  • The accessories that the player has equipped on their plate make this plate even better. The pink and black accent colors, as well as the plate's simple design, draw attention to the glamorous pink and sparkly portrait in the center of the adventurer plate.
  • The clever use of the relic weapon, as well as the angle and lighting of the room, make the portrait of this adventurer plate come to life, as if it is a real movie rather than a photograph.
  • Because of these factors, this pink and sparkly relic adventurer plate has quickly become one of the best adventurer plates in FFXIV.


3. King Slime Hat

King Slime Hat ready to make your day any time of the day!

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Damp Toe, a character from Materia, is the third best adventurer plate featured in this article, which perfectly explains why this adventurer plate is as funny as it is.

Why the plate is so beautiful:

  • To begin with, this plate is without a doubt THE plate that can easily elicit laughter from many FFXIV players who happen to see this adventurer plate, bringing joy and giggles to the lands of Eorzea.
  • This is because the plate itself is so unique, depicting what appears to be hat glamour, that people often overlook it.
  • So, rather than showing the character's true face behind the mask or helmet, it chose to show the entirety of the head gear, making it a unique, memorable plate in the minds of the players.
  • Not to mention, the accessories that the player wears throughout the plate with the plate's design add to the plate's comedic value, perfectly complementing the helmet with its colors and accents.
  • These factors undoubtedly make King Slime Hat's plate one of the best plates that players can currently enjoy viewing in the game.


2. Lalafells with Their Evil Plots

You’re not a true Lalafell if you’re not scheming more things.

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The second best adventurer plate featured in this article was designed by a Lalafell character, Erickae Dunsinae.

Why the plate is so beautiful:

  • The plate is amazing because there has been a saying among FFXIV players that Lalafell characters are always plotting their next evil plot, due to both the players' own judgment regarding the small characters and the references that Lalafell characters have made in the Main Story quest line.
  • As a result, Erickae's adventurer plate has become very interesting in the eyes of the players, with some claiming that Erickae's adventurer plate will give them nightmares and some players will need to start watching their backs.
  • Furthermore, the character's glam fully supports the idea that the player wishes to make behind this adventurer plate. It has successfully created the image of a Black Mage who abuses their power with the obnoxiously large magician's hat combined with the armor.
  • Not only that, but the character's expression perfectly complements the picture, with the character himself looking as if he is planning something that should not be discussed with other people.
  • Finally, the combination of race, glam, expression, and angle creates an image of an evil lalafell harboring an evil plot, making for a very interesting adventurer plate that the players can see.


1. The Small Lebowski

Stun them away with your style and sass.

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The final adventurer plate introduced in this article is from Jeffrey Lalabowski, a Lalafell character who now resides in Ultros in Primal Data Center.

Why the plate is so beautiful:

  • First of all, the plate that the Lalafell character has, has an obvious inspiration from a very popular movie called 'The Big Lebowski'.
  • Because of this correlation, players have grown to adore Jeffrey's adventurer plate, as he has done an outstanding job with it.
  • Even without looking closely, players will notice a resemblance between the Lalafell character and the real Jeff Lebowski.
  • More amusingly for the players who see this adventurer plate is that, due to the name and race of the character, the adventurer plate resembles a smaller version of Jeff Lebowski, which makes it even more endearing and funny.
  • These factors combine to make this the best adventurer plate available in FFXIV right now.


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