[Top 5] FF14 Best Housing Areas (And Why)

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A beautiful Japanese-themed house designed by Nora Rappy in Carbuncle

Many loyal Final Fantasy XIV players have a lifelong dream of owning a house in the game, especially those who are obsessed with decorating their own personal houses or building a community for their Free Company members to hang out, or even making their personal or Free Company houses a place for strangers and friends to meet, either setting the decoration to match a club's, a cafe's, and many other gathering places.

There are currently five housing districts available in the game: The Goblet in Ul'dah, Lavender Beds in Gridania, Mist in Limsa Lominsa, Shirogane in Kugane, and Empyreum in Ishgard.

While getting your own personal house in Final Fantasy XIV is far from easy given how many players want one and how little space is available, it is always a good idea to start scouting which houses you want in order to be ready to bid for them when they become available!

This article will rank the five housing districts in Final Fantasy XIV solely for that reason. Players can begin looking for the ideal home for them as we determine which housing districts are best for which types of players.


5. The Goblet

Beautiful pool view in The Goblet’s housing district

While The Goblet was ranked last in this article, it is far from a bad or unsightly neighborhood.

Why The Goblet is Great:

  • Large areas where the houses are separated by beautiful pools and fountains.
  • The Goblet is usually not as desired of a housing district compared to the others, therefore they usually have more vacancy.
  • More vacancies in the housing district mean that players will have less competition trying to get a house in The Goblet compared to the other housing districts in FFXIV.


4. Empyreum

The newest housing district of Final Fantasy XIV is located in Ishgard.

Empyreum is the newest housing district in Final Fantasy XIV, introduced in the Endwalker expansion, which also allows players to purchase Ishgard and the Firmament.

Why Empyreum is Great:

  • It is the newest housing district in the game, which means that the majority of the environment and housing designs are still new and fresh, giving a sense of uniqueness.
  • There are pools and hot springs in the area where the players can also sight some NPCs who live in Ishgard, like Aymeric, and place their house near those areas.
  • Some of the servers may still see vacancy in the Empyreum since the housing district is completely new, which means when it first launched, players might see a lot of vacancies in wards as compared to the older housing districts.


3. Lavender Beds

The serene, lush-green housing district in Lavender Beds, Gridania.

Lavender Beds is a quaint, lush housing district in Gridania that players who love nature and enjoy living in a cottage district will adore.

Why Lavender Beds is Great:

  • The area is full of lush greeneries where players who have a house in this district will feel comfortable and feel like they become one with nature.
  • Lavender Beds also have many beautiful areas where there are gardens filled with flowers, perfect for players who want to take screenshots in a garden area with their players and friends.
  • Players who want to decorate their house’s exterior with garden-theme and full of trees and greenery, Lavender Beds is the best housing district choice for them.


2. Shirogane

The beautiful night view of Shirogane, the housing district in Kugane.

Shirogane, the newest housing district prior to the arrival of Empyreum, is located in Kugane, the area introduced in the Stormblood expansion.

Why Shirogane is Great:

  • The Japanese-theme of the housing district is very elegant and beautiful, with a lot of Japanese buildings surrounding the area, and a beach on the edges of the area.
  • Players who have a fond affection towards Japanese-themed housings or want to design their house in a Japanese-theme will definitely fit the housing district in Shirogane the most.
  • The night time in Shirogane as well as the jumping puzzle available in the housing district makes it really beautiful to take a photo from the top of the building.


1. Mist

These beach houses are only located in Mist, the housing district of Limsa Lominsa.

Shirogane, the newest housing district prior to the arrival of Empyreum, is located in Kugane, the area introduced in the Stormblood expansion.

Why Mist is Great:

  • The beautiful, white sandy beaches of Mist are enough to make one gasp in delight just at the mere sight of it.
  • It is the best place to make your dream of owning a private beach house come true.
  • There are houses that are directly overlooking the beach, making it the perfect vacation house for players who love the seas.

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