Top 5 Best FF14 Titles and How to Get Them

A Paladin "of Unyeilding Oath"

With your famed Warrior of Light’s many adventures, skills, and even mishaps, there’s no doubt your character will pick up a couple of titles along the way.

Titles are another fun way to customize your character in Final Fantasy 14, and with hundreds of unlockable titles, there’s plenty to choose from whether you want a matching title for role play character or you want to show off an achievement.

For the most part, titles are awarded through in-game achievements from quests, dungeons, raids, PvP, items, crafting – nearly every aspect of the game.

Some titles can be unlocked through completing main story quests, while others are far rarer and if you find your Warrior of Light with a rare title, don’t be afraid to flaunt it proudly.

5) Corpse Dancer

A team in The Palace of the Dead

Corpse Dancer is the perfect title for characters with a dark side and classes like Dark Knight and Black Mage. It’s also a fairly easy title to obtain through the side quest “Dead but Not Gone.”  According to FFXIV Collect, just a little over half of all players have unlocked this title. While not super rare, Corpse Dancer is a pretty badass title and a great one to have in your arsenal.

How to get it:

  • Unlock the achievement Dead Tired by completing the quest “Dead but Not Gone” which requires your team to complete levels 1-100 of The Palace of the Dead

4) God/Goddess of War

A marauder, just one of the many classes needed to unlock the God/Goddess of War title

A powerful  title, God/Goddess of War can be unlocked by reaching level 70 on paladin, dark knight, marauder, dragoon, ninja, samurai, monk, machinist, and bard. The slightly more difficult to obtain God/Goddess of War title has been achieved by about 38% of players, still giving it a fair amount of bragging rights. The cousin titles of God/Goddess of Magic, the Land, the Hand also are unlocked similarly through leveling up corresponding classes, but there are more classes needed for the God/Goddess of War title, making it more impressive.

How to get it:

  • Unlock the achievement Mastering War III by leveling paladin, dark knight, marauder, dragoon, ninja, samurai, monk, machinist, and bard to level 70

3) The Insatiable

A player weilding the Relic lance, Gae Bolg

This title designating your character as a relentless warrior comes with many bragging rights. Because you have to obtain all the Relic weapons form A Realm Reborn, which are lengthy quests on their own, only about 16% of players have unlocked it.

How to get it:

  • Unlock the achievement Armed to the Teeth by obtaining the Relic weapons Curtana, a Holy Shield, Sphairai, Bravura, Gae Bolg, Artemis Bow, Thyrus, Stardust Rod, Veil of Wiyu, and Omnilex

2) …of Dragon’s Deep

A player fishing alongside of NPCs

To unlock this title, you won’t need an axe, sword, or bow but a fishing rod. You’ll need to complete the “Feast of Famine” questline, which requires you to fish living legends including the deadly Nepto Dragon. This is a difficult task to complete with only 11% of players having achieved the title. However, if you’re able unlock it then you’ll not only have a cool title but also bragging rights to having caught one of the rarest fish in the game.

How to get it:

  • Unlock the achievement Imagine Dragons by completing the quest “Feast of Famine”

1) The Necromancer

A lone player in The Palace of the Dead

One of the rarest titles in the game, the Necromancer is a well sought after title and proof of a high level of skill. This title requires you to clear floor 1-200 of the Palace of the Dead… solo. For this reason, only a meager 0.1% of players have obtained it, but the badass reputation following the title is well worth the grind.

How to get it:

  • Unlock the achievement Pal-less Palace III by clearing floors 1-200 of the Palace of the Dead solo

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