FF14 Best Grand Company - Which is Best?

FF14 Best Grand Company
Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna of The Twin Order of the Adder

Early on in Final Fantasy 14, players are faced with the choice of choosing one of the three Grand Companies – The Maelstrom, The Order of the Twin Adder, and the Immortal Flames. While this may seem like a tremendously important choice for new players, which Grand Company you join is really more of a matter of personal taste and convince since all of the items, quests, and ranks are practically identical between the companies. Most of the differences lie in company attire, which can be nice for glamours, location, PvP, and titles. And, don’t worry, even if you have already chosen a certain Grand Company and want to change now, you can always switch companies for free on the first occasion.

The Maelstrom

A player speaking with officials at The Maelstrom

The Maelstrom is Limsa Lominsa’s Grand Company headed by the fierce Admiral Merlwyb. Maelstrom attire typically consists of deep red and black colors, matching the aesthetic of the city and its sea-faring people. The Maelstrom is a popular choice for players, which sometimes gives it an advantage in PvP because this Grand Company has the reputation for winning battles often. As you rank up in the Maelstrom, you unlock new storm related titles such as Stormlord/lady, Stormsworn, Stormcarrier, and Stormbringer. Of the three companies, The Maelstrom is located the farthest from the city’s main aetheryte, but it is still just a quick teleportation to another aetheryte and a short walk away.

Pick The Maelstrom if you prefer…

  • The location and aesthetic of Limsa Lominsa, a city full of sea-faring people and swashbuckling pirates
  • The deep red and black of the Maelstrom attire and chocobo barding
  • The unlockable titles Stormlord/lady, Stormsworn, Stormcarrier, or Stormbringer

The Immortal Flames

A character wearing gear bought from the Immortal Flames

The Immortal Flames is located in the wealthy city of Ul’dah and led by the Flame General Raubahn and the sultana, Nanamo Ul Namo. Their attire is typically blue or gray. The Immortal Flames is the closest to their city’s aetheryte than all the other Grand Companies, but some may not prefer Ul’dah because the city itself can be confusing to naviagate. Unlockable titles for the Immortal Flames include: Flamelord/lady, Flamesworn, Flamecarrier, and Flamebringer.

Pick The Immortal Flames if you prefer…

  • It’s quick to access location in Ul’dah and the aesthetic of this wealthy desert city
  • The gear sets and their blue and grey colors
  • The unlockable titles Flamelord/lady, Flamesworn, Flamecarrier, and Flamebringer.

The Order of the Twin Adder

A player in Order of the Twin Adder gear

Finally we have The Order of the Twin Adder, which is located in the forest-like city of Gridania and led by the Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna. True to their city’s aesthetic, Order of the Twin Adder attire consists of yellows, greens, and browns, and the Grand Company is located a quick run from the city’s main aetheryte. Order of the Twin Adder titles are, you guessed it, serpant themed with unlockable titles including: Serpentlord/lady, Serpentsworn, Serpentcarrier, and Serpentbringer.

Pick The Order of the Twin Adder if you prefer…

  • The forest aesthetic of flora rich city
  • The gear sets with yellows, greens, or browns
  • The unlockable titles Serpentlord/lady, Serpentsworn, Serpentcarrier, and Serpentbringer

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