FF14 Best Materia For Each Class (And How To Get Them) 2022 Edition

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Thavnair, one of the newest field areas introduced in the latest Endwalker expansion.

Battle status has always been one of the more important aspects of any MMORPG that players frequently pay attention to, and FFXIV is no exception.

This is because your character's battle stats in Final Fantasy XIV will affect a significant portion of the gameplay, such as how quickly you can kill a boss, how quickly your Mana regenerates to cast another healing spell, or even something as simple as surviving a deadly raidwide and AoE attack from the enemies.

As a result, players must constantly strive to improve their characters' battle jobs, primarily by upgrading their gear whenever possible. However, there is another method in FFXIV that can boost your character's battle stats, and that is Materia.

Materia can be attached to and melded into a player's weapon, gear, and accessories. Players can also meld one to five Materia per gear item, depending on the gear type.

With the release of the Endwalker expansion, the highest rank of Materia that can be melded into a gear is now Materia X.

This article will list the best Materia for all battle jobs currently available in the game to assist players in affixing the correct Materia to their characters' battle jobs.


1. Warrior

Warrior, one of the most famous Tanks to be chosen in Endwalker.

Warrior, along with Paladin, was one of the first tanks available in the game. After completing the level 30 Marauder Class Quest, players can become Warriors.

Best Materia for Warrior:

  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • Savage Aim gives a Critical Hit status boost, which allows Warrior to deal more damage.
  • Savage Might Materia X
    • As Warriors do not need additional Direct Hit stats, players can affix Savage Might X to add Determination status, which will boost the Warrior's damage.


2. Paladin

Paladin, the poster boy that first appear as the Warrior of Light in the Endwalker trailer.

Paladin is the traditional Tank found in many other MMORPGs, wielding a Sword and a Shield to attack enemies and protect allies.

Best Materia for Paladin:

  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • Similar to Warriors, Critical Hit will help Paladin deal more damage, meaninf the boss will be killed quicker.
  • Quickarm Materia X
    • Quickarm Materia will help boost a Paladin's attack speed, which will reduce the delay that happens between every GCD. This will allow a Paladin to deal more attacks, which means more damage.


3. Dark Knight

Dark Knight, the tank who wields the power of the dark arts.

Dark Knight is the third tank introduced in Final Fantasy XIV, first appearing in the game's first expansion, Heavensward. Dark Knights use the power of the darkness, as opposed to Paladins' light and holy attacks.

Best Materia for Dark Knight:

  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • This is indeed the most popular materia in the game, as boosting Critical Hits will allow any battle jobs, including Dark Knight, to be able to deal more damage.
  • Quickarm Materia X
    • Quickarm Materia X will help boost the Dark Knight's skill speed. Similar to the Paladin, Dark Knights will be able to deal more attacks with the help of this Materia.


4. Gunbreaker

Gunbreaker, the newest tank introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion.

Since the first release of the battle job in Shadowbringers, Gunbreaker has been known to be one of the tanks that consistently deals a lot of damage compared to the other Tanks.

Best Materia for Gunbreaker:

  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • Critical Hit, once more, will always boost the battle job's damage, and with Gunbreaker's heavy attack rotations, this has become even much more important and prioritized.
  • Savage Might Materia X/Heavens' Eye Materia X
    • In the case that players can't meld Savage Aim Materia X because the gear has reached maximum capacity for Critical Hit status, they can instead meld Savage Might or Heavens' Eye Materia X. This will boost Determination and Direct Hit respectively, and both will allow a Gunbreaker to deal more damage to the enemies, helping the team to clear the content faster.


5. White Mage

White Mage, the “pure healer” of Final Fantasy XIV.

White Mage is known as the first healer that players can try out when they first start the game, as Conjurer is the only healer available when they first create their characters in FFXIV.

Best Materia for White Mage:

  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • In FFXIV, even a Healer's damage is crucial to the clear of a content, especially harder ones like Savage or Extreme. Melding Critical Hit will allow a White Mage' DPS to be boosted significantly.
  • Piety Materia X
    • Piety is a stat that is most often linked to Healers, and it determines how fast a Healer's MP regeneration would be.
    • As compared to other healers, White Mage has stricter MP Management, so newer healers or healers new to White Mage may want to meld Piety for comfort and emergency healing/resurrection.


6. Scholar

Scholar, the healer who utilises the power of the fairies.

Scholar is yet another healer introduced in A Realm Reborn's base game. Unlike White Mage's regen healing, Scholar's heals shield their allies, allowing them to take less damage from enemies.

Best Materia for Scholar:

  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • As a healer with many oGCDs, Scholar is able to deal more GCD damage skills, such as Broil or Art of War for packs of mobs. Because of this, Critical Hit melds will help boost a Scholar's damage significantly when hitting their enemies.
  • Heavens' Eye Materia X / Savage Might Materia X
    • Both Determination and Direct Hit stats boost a Scholar's damage, so players can meld either of these Materia in several gear where they can no longer meld Savage Aim Materia because it has maxed out, players can instead meld Heavens' Eye or Savage Might Materia X.


7. Astrologian

Astrologian, the divinity healer which has multitudes of buffs and heals for the party.

Astrologian is a new healer battle job introduced in Heavensward, the first major expansion for Final Fantasy XIV. Astrologian is also known as the busiest healer, having to deal with a plethora of cards and buffs.

Best Materia for Astrologian:

  • Quicktongue Materia X
    • As a busy healer that has to deal with not only damage skills, but also different types of cards and buffs as well as a myriad of healing and several shields, Spell Speed will be able to help Astrologian manage these better. This is because as a job with many resources, some of them may come up at the same time and leave an Astrologian floundering. Quicker spell speed will help them be able to draw cards and deal buffs with less delay or wait.
    • Quicktongue Materia X, which will add the spell speed stats to Astrologian, will also help them deal more attacks with less delay between each GCD attack, allowing them to deal more spells to the enemies.


8. Sage

Sage, the newest shield healer introduced in the Endwalker expansion.

Sage is the long-awaited new healer battle job introduced in Endwalker, following two major expansions with no new healer battle job. As a Sage, players have a lot of Shield healing and a lot of damage.

Best Materia for Sage:

  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • As a Healer battle job that has a lot of offensive skills under its belt, Sage can help their party significantly not only through shielding or healing them, but also by dealing a lot of damage to the enemies.
    • Because of this, melding Savage Aim Materia to add their Critical Hit stats will help even more as Crit can allow Sages to deal more damage with their abilities and spells.
  • Heavens’ Eye Materia X / Savage Might Materia X
    • Similarly, in the case that players could not meld Savage Aim Materia X because it has overcapped or red, Sages can meld for Determination or Direct Hit to allow more damage to flow in their rotation. 


9. Monk

Monk, one of the DPS jobs that got major changes in the newest expansion.

Monk became one of the most popular Melees after the game decided to reduce the number of positionals they have while also adding skills and other requirements to the job.

Best Materia for Monk:

  • Quickarm Materia X
    • As the first melee battle job listed on this article, Monk is one of the DPS jobs that require a lot of speed to be able to deal optimal damage. Therefore, melding Quickarm Materia to get the desired minimum Skill Speed is the most important for all Monks. 
  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • After melding enough Skill Speed to be able to deal optimised damage according to your ping and fps, players can then meld Critical Hit Materia in order to increase their Monk’s damage dealt through Critical Damage even more.


10. Dragoon

Dragoon, the battle job that is an expert on all things related to dragons and jumping both.

Dragoon is often known as the poster boy of Heavensward and the main job that features heavily on the expansion itself.

Best Materia for Dragoon:

  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • Again, Critical Hit is a big feature in this particular battle job. As a DPS, Dragoon is able to deal a lot of damage to their enemies using their skills and abilities. Boosting their hits even further with Savage Aim Materia will help the Dragoons deal more damage through their Critical Hits.
  • Heavens’ Eye Materia X / Savage Might Materia X
    • After melding Critical Hit in all available spaces, Dragoon can fill in the remaining Meld slots with either Determination or Direct Hit to even further out boost the damage dealt by them to the enemies.Never leave an empty meld space after getting your high-end gear.


11. Ninja

Ninja is the battle job that hides in the shadows and strikes a brutal attack when their enemies are unaware.

Ninja, Monk, and Dragoon are all melee battle jobs introduced in Final Fantasy XIV's base game, A Realm Reborn. It is a Ninja's job to help their allies by buffing them while dealing damage to their enemies with their skilled Ninjutsu.

Best Materia for Ninja:

  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • As a Ninja, melding Critical Hit stat boosters into their gear will significantly help them deal more damage to the enemies, especially through their heavy-hitting attacks such as Ten-Chi-Jin. 
  • Savage Might Materia X / Heavens’ Eye Materia X
    • As Ninja is one of the busiest Melee DPS out there, Skill Speed is not needed to further complicate the job. Instead, Ninjas can boost their damage even further by melding Determination or Direct Hit Materia to their empty meld slots, allowing them to deal bigger numbers per attack.


12. Samurai

Samurai, a job that came from the Far East and ready to strike their enemies with skillful sword arts.

Samurai is yet another Melee battle job introduced in Stormblood, the game's second expansion after Heavensward. Samurai must maintain their Iaijutsu and Kenki while dealing with a wide range of skills and variations.

Best Materia for Samurai:

  • Quickarm Materia X
    • As a Samurai, being able to deal more attacks will always be ideal in order to speed up their rotation and being able to evolve their Iaijutsu and Kenki gauge faster. Therefore, melding Skill Speed until the recommended tier is always the first priority for all Samurai.
  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • After Samurais have increased their skill speed into an ideal speed, they can further out increase the damage dealt by them by melding Critical Hit, allowing them to be able to deal more damage, especially on heavy-hitting attacks like Meikyo Shisui.


13. Reaper

Reaper, the newest Melee job that establishes a connection with the void to deal massive damage to their enemies.

Reaper is the most well-known Melee DPS right now, owing to the fact that it is the newest battle job introduced in Endwalker, as well as the insane damage they can deal to the party.

Best Materia for Reaper:

  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • As a Reaper is a killing machine that can deal a lot of damage to their enemies, melding Critical Hit damage boost into their gear is the first priority for new Reaper mains. This allows a Reaper to deal more damage every time their hit crits, and therefore killing the boss much faster.
  • Savage Might Materia X / Heavens’ Eye Materia X
    • After melding Savage Aim Materia to boost their critical hit up, Reapers can then meld Determination and Direct Hit onto the remaining spaces to further enhance the numbers they can deal every time they strike an attack to the heart of their enemies.


14. Bard

Bard is the newest, most famous Physical Ranged DPS after the job changes in Endwalker.

Bard is another battle job that underwent a significant change following Endwalker, elevating the job to one of the most popular Physical Ranges today. With fewer procs and RNG to contend with, as well as the ability to boost their own damage rather than just that of their party members, Bard can now become a battle monster.

Best Materia for Bard:

  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • Similar to other jobs already listed above, Bard is another DPS battle job that will receive a significant boost if players meld Critical Hit materia onto their gear. This will allow Bard’s critical hit attacks to deal much more damage to the enemies.
  • Savage Might Materia X
    • Savage Might Materia melds will help boost a bard’s Determination, a status that boosts the regular damage dealt by Bards. Melding Determination into the remaining slots will help the Bards out there deal heavier attacks on the enemies.


15. Machinist

Machinist, the Physical Ranged job that deals with guns, machina, and automatons.

Machinist is also known as the killing machine, a Ranged Physical DPS who does not have to deal with RNG. This is due to the fact that, of the three Ranged DPS available to play at the moment, only Machinist has no skills related to RNG or Procs.

Best Materia for Machinist:

  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • Just like the Bards, it is important for all Machinists out there to prioritise melding Savage Aim Materia into their gear in order to boost the amount of critical hits they deal to the enemies. With the Reassemble skill, this becomes even more important for them.
  • Savage Might Materia X
    • After Endwalker boosted the Determination stat, Savage Might Materia has become one of the priorities for many battle jobs currently, including Machinist. Considering Machinist is a battle job that is able to deal a lot of skills at a short time, Savage Might Materia is a good Materia option.
    • After melding all available Critical Hits melds, Machinist can further increase their damage dealt by melding Savage Might Materia, as Determination allows their skills to deal much more damage.


16. Dancer

Dancer is the newest Physical Ranged job introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion.

While Dancer is the most well-known Physical Ranged DPS in Shadowbringers, the number of Dancer main players in Endwalker has decreased due to changes made to this specific job. However, this does not imply that the job is unplayable or undesirable. Dancer is still primarily a DPS who can assist their party in a variety of ways.

Best Materia for Dancer:

  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • Like the other two Physical Ranged DPS in this list, Dancers should also prioritise Critical Hit melds in order to deal optimal damage to the enemies using their skills.
  • Savage Might Materia X
    • Also similar to Machinist and Bard, melding Determination onto the remaining meld spots will also help Dancers deal more damage to the enemies. When a Dancer has a good Dance Partner, melding both of these Materia will also help boost a Dancer’s damage.


17. Black Mage

Black Mage deals insane damage to the enemies through their spellcraft of Fire, Thunder, and Ice.

Black Mage is a classic Magical DPS that has been known since old Final Fantasy titles, dealing damage to their enemies with powerful spells and casting.

Best Materia for Black Mages:

  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • Different from other battle jobs listed, Black Mages has two variations on how players can use this job. The first one is most often known as “Critical Black Mages”.
    • Critical Black Mages prioritise bigger damage over comfort and mobility, and therefore melding Savage Aim Materia to boost their critical hit to allow them to deal the biggest damage they can. This set will allow a Black Mage to deal massive amounts of damage but have much less mobility, risking their lives or their rotation.
  • Quicktongue Materia X
    • The other set a Black Mage can choose to wear is the “Spell Speed Black Mage”, which utilises the Quicktongue Materia X instead of Savage Aim Materia X. 
      • While they may do less damage because they will have lower critical hit, they will be able to cast faster, which allows them to deal more spells and move more frequently, allowing more mobility and flexibility.


18. Summoner

Summoner, the battle job that went through the most changes in the Endwalker expansion.

Summoners and Black Mages were the first two Caster DPS battle jobs introduced at the start of the game in A Realm Reborn. As a Summoner, they have the ability to summon Primals they have previously fought to assist them in battle.

Best Materia for Summoner:

  • Quicktongue Materia X
    • As the Summoner has undergone massive changes in Endwalker that cause the job to have little to none oGCDs over long periods of battle, melding Quicktongue Materia for quicker Spell Speed is the way to go so that Summoners can deal more damage with less delay between each GCD.
  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • After melding the requisite Quicktongue Materia to get the Spell Speed ideal to deal more damage as a Summoner, players can then meld Critical Hit materia into the remaining slots to be able to deal more damage with their spells.


19. Red Mage

Red Mage got a major boost after the update of the battle jobs in Endwalker.

Red Mage is the most recent Caster DPS in the game, having been introduced alongside Samurai in the Stormblood expansion. As a Red Mage, players can cast powerful spells and use a Melee Combo to deal damage to their enemies as part of their rotation.

Best Materia for Red Mage:

  • Savage Aim Materia X
    • As a Red Mage, spell speed is irrelevant as they have dual cast and are able to insta-cast their second spell every time. Not to mention, they also have their powerful melee combo that does not take note of their Spell Speed.
    • Therefore, melding Critical Hit melds into their gear is the biggest priority for all Red Mages. With Critical Hit Melds, they will be able to deal more damage both with their spells and their Melee Combos.
  • Savage Might Materia X
    • After melding Savage Aim Materia into all slots, Red Mages can then fill in the remaining Meld slots with Savage Might Materia to increase their Determination, further out increasing the damage they can deal with each and every attack they deal to the enemies.


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