[Top 5] FF14 Best Ore To Sell

FF14 Best Ore To Sell
Miner Y'shtola making everywant wish to be a miner.

So maybe you need some Gil and the way you chose to do that is to be the provider in the market. There are three Disciples of the Land classes available in the game: Miner, Botanist, and Fisher. Botanists usually provide plant materials that Weavers can turn into glamour items or Disciples of Magic classes’ armor. Miners mostly provide stone materials that are processed by the Blacksmiths. Metals processed by Blacksmiths are used by Armorers, Leatherworkers, and Goldsmiths. Fishers provide, well, fish to the Culinarians. In summary, both mining and botany is a good way to provide raw goods to the market.

Choosing Miner as your Disciples of the Land class may be influenced by Y’shtola dressing up as one in A Realm Reborn, that’s a valid choice.

In this guide, the top ores to sell in Final Fantasy 14 are listed according to the Elemental Server’s market board status. Do note that the list may change from time to time, based on the patch and active players.

To be able to gather some items, you may need to pay attention to your stats. To be able to see the item, you need to raise your Perception. To increase the success rate of your gathering, increase your Gathering stat. You may also need some GP to be able to use some skills. 

5. Molybdenum Ore

Like most items in this list, a Molybdenum Ore is used to create ingots crafted by the Blacksmith. A Molybdenum Ingot can be used for roofing, and for blue-colored rare weapons which “glow” when unsheathed. Thus, those weapons are used for glamour by some players, fetching a high price in the market. The ingot mentioned in this number may also be used for some barding for Chocobos, and unique some furniture.

    The ingot from this ore may be purchased from Rhalgar’s Reach for Gil, but some crafters do not look at other sources for their needs other than the Market Board. That’s who you have to cater to. However, gather this at low amounts and just keep it on the side for such opportunities. You may also need to aim for a high-quality (HQ) variation.

Why Molybdenum Ore is great:

  • You can sell to lazy people
  • The prices for this item fluctuate a lot, so you can use your observation skills
  • If you have Disciples of Hand leveled, you may craft your furniture or glowing weapons while providing for yourself

How to get Molybdenum Ore:

  • Level your Miner to at least Lvl 70
  • Gear up to get a Perception stat of at least 690
  • Level 70 gathering nodes can be found on The High Bank in The Lochs: (X11.2, Y16.8), (X9, Y18), (X10, Y15)

4. Bluespirit Ore

Most popular ores are primary ingredients to make ingots. However, this one is used to make a Bluespirit Tile, another item classified as stone, used to make walls and some furniture. The processed item can also be used to craft Primary or Secondary Tools/Weapons.

    Bluespirit is described in the game as an aether-rich mineral. An ore such as this of normal quality currently sells in large stacks in Elemental Data Center, and the market is quite active. A high-quality variation of the item has almost the same type since it is mostly used in housing, so no need to fuss over the quality. 

Why Bluespirit Ore is great:

  • Used to create items needed in housing, crafting, and battle.
  • Retainers may gather this

How to get Bluespirit Ore:

  • Level your Miner to at least Lvl 74
  • Gear up to get a Perception stat of at least 1080
  • Level 75 gathering nodes can be found on the east of Sullen in Lakeland (X26, Y34), (X25, Y37), and (X28, Y37)

3. Titancopper Ore

With Patch 5.2’s release are new housing walls. With that are new materials needed to craft said walls. That’s where Titancopper Ore comes in. A great quantity is needed to craft the housing wall, so you may take this opportunity to farm a lot. 

If you have your Miner at level cap, you might want to consider selling Titancopper Ore. Actively sold in large stacks, you will be able to see your effort’s worth. It may fetch a low price, but an active market is what you’re aiming for.

Take advantage of the fact that other players want to get the new walls, as well as the downtime in the game which gives people time to remodel their homes. The walls look nice, so this may sell for a while.

Why Titancopper Ore is great:

  • Relatively new ore which can be gathered
  • Actively exchanged in the market
  • Can be sold in large stacks
  • May be requested by Grand Company for EXP and seals.

How to get Titancopper Ore:

  • Level your Miner to at least Lvl 77
  • Gear up to get a Perception stat of at least 1166
  • Level 80 gathering node can be found at The Church of the First in Lakeland (X37, Y14), (X35, Y16), (X35, Y12)

2. Dimythrite Ore

Aside from the Titancopper Ore, at level 80 you may also farm some Dimythrite Ore which is also an ingredient used to craft the same housing walls which are popular. Not only that, this item’s post-processed product may also be used to craft some of Patch 5.3’s shiny new furniture. Another use of the ingot from this ore is a few latest tier crafted gears. 

This ore was also used as a collectable in Rowena’s House of Splendors, which is a way to farm EXP or scrips.

Why Dimythrite Ore is great:

  • Actively exchanged in the market
  • Can be gathered as a collectable to farm scrips or to level up
  • Sold in relatively large stacks
  • Retainers may gather this

How to get Dimythrite Ore:

  • Level your Miner to at least Lvl 80
  • Gear up to get a Perception stat of at least 1250
  • Level 80 gathering node can be found at The Church of the First in Lakeland (X37, Y14), (X35, Y16), (X35, Y12)

1. Mythrite Ore

To craft higher types of Mythril Ingot, the base ingredient is the Mythrite Ore. An item that can be processed into three types of ingots, this ore is widely popular. Not to note that you can farm this with your level as low as 53. There may be a chance to be able to farm this at 6 per gathering attempt if you’re at level 80 and well-geared, and you can still use Yield Up skills.

    Sold large stacks, you may spend your time doing other things as you gather on your second monitor then proceed to sell these. 

    Ingots from this ore can be used to craft more weapons classified as rare which exhibit a “glow”, and some housing items which makes this a widely-used material.

Why Mythrite Ore is great:

  • Widely-used
  • Can be sold in large stacks
  • Actively exchanged in the market
  • HQ may not be required
  • Retainers may gather this

How to get Mythrite Ore:

  • Level your Miner to at least Lvl 53
  • Gear up to get a Perception stat of at least 321
  • Level 80 gathering node can be found at Gorgagne Holding in Coerthas Western Highlands (X29, Y12), (X33, Y12), (X32, Y14)

The article was written on March 31, 2021, at 12:18 AM GMT+8. Prices and Market behavior may vary. It is recommended that you do your research as well before gathering. Data used as a basis are from Elemental Data Center’s Market Board prices. Efficient research was done through the use of https://universalis.app/.

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