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Players can get married under the blessing of The Twelve in Sanctum of the Twelve.

Final Fantasy XIV is set in a world filled with magic, gods, and primals, and every NPC in the game has a very high probability of worshiping a specific being. This custom applies to the player's character as well. When the player creates their character for the first time in the game, they will be allowed to choose one of the Twelve deities revered in Eorzea.

Choosing deities in Final Fantasy XIV has no influence on gameplay, thus players can pick a god depending on their personal preferences. This article will cover the top five deities from which a player can choose. However, these are purely subjective, and players' perspectives may differ.


5. Llymlaen

The statue of Llymlaen, the watcher of the seas and the goddess of navigation.

Llymlaen, the guardian deity of Limsa Lominsa, is the first deity mentioned in this article. This is one of the best deities to choose, especially if a player is starting off in Limsa Lominsa, as this guardian deity may protect players to ensure their safe arrival in the bustling city of Limsa.

Why Llymlaen is one of the best choices for deities:

  • She is the goddess of the Seas and Navigation, which will help people in Eorzea find their way through the fierce ways of the seas and route them to the best plunders and safety.
  • Llymlaen is also a strong fisherwoman, who will help people of Eorzea find the best loot and fish, as well as protect the oceanic life from danger and extinction.
  • A beautiful goddess-like mermaid often depicted with the symbols of the waves, she also is a constant watcher of the seas and ensures that the balance of life in the seas is always kept safe.

Choose Llymlaen if:

  • You love the seas.
  • You love to explore remote places and areas.
  • You start out in Limsa Lominsa, or have spent a lot of time in FFXIV in Limsa Lominsa.


4. Rhalgr

The statue of Rhalgr, the God of Destruction.

Rhalgr is the God of Destruction, commonly known as the world breaker and the guardian deity of Ala Mhigo. Rhalgr is most commonly represented as a magician carrying a bronze staff, with the emblem of the striking meteor.

Why Rhalgr is one of the best deities to worship:

  • He is the god of destruction, and players and characters who love to sow chaos and destruction may be strengthened by their beliefs in Rhalgr.
  • He commands the Lightning, giving his followers the chance to have control over nature itself.
  • A powerful deity that is worshipped by many, especially by the Ala Mhigan.

Choose Rhalgr if:

  • You love destruction and bring havoc into the heart of your enemies.
  • You main a battle job that is often connected with utter destruction, such as Black Mage. Warrior, etc.
  • You like to visit Rhalgr’s Reach and Ala Mhigo.


3. Halone

The statue of Halone in the heart of Ishgard.

Halone is the goddess of war and the protector deity of Ishgard. Her symbol is the three spears, one of the twelve. She is frequently represented as a ferocious warrior wearing armor and wielding a spear and a shield, similar to Athena, the Greek Goddess of War.

Why Halone is one of the best Deities to choose:

  • She is a great warrior, making her the idol of many Ishgardians as well as female warriors who are often prejudiced from her gender.
  • She also has power over the element of ice, and players who have the affinity of ice may like to be under her patronage.

Choose Halone if:

  • You like to visit Ishgard and have a love for this cold city.
  • You have a love for a strong Warrioress.
  • You have an affinity towards Ice, just like Shiva.


2. Nald’thal

The statue of Nald’thal, the God of Commerce.

Nald'thal is the God who is frequently praised by the inhabitants of Ul'dah. This is due to the fact that Nald'thal is the God of business, as well as the overlord of transactions and the underworld. With the people of Ul'dah being so greedy and in love with money, it's no surprise that many seek Nald'thal's advice.

Why Nald’thal is the second best deities to choose:

  • As the overseer of transactions and the God of commerce, many people who seek Nald’thal for his guidance may be blessed with fortune.
  • Nald’thal is also the overseer of the underworld, meaning people who took him as their patron may have guidance after their death.
  • Nald’thal also has power over the element of fire, one of the most famous elements in the game. Players who love to play or cast fire may wish to look upon Nald’thal to increase their mastery over the element.

Choose Nald’thal if:

  • You love to make Gil.
  • You have an interest in the underworld.
  • You have an affinity towards fire, or like to cast fire-based spells.


1. Azeyma

Azeyma, the Goddess of Inquiry.

The final god to be discussed in this article is Azeyma herself. She is the Sun Keeper as well as the Goddess of Inquiry, making her a goddess who is frequently associated with a goddess who likes to travel and study.

Why Azeyma is the best deity to choose:

  • She is the Keeper of the Sun, which connotes the idea that she has the power over the Sun itself.
  • She is also the Goddess of Inquiry, meaning that she might have a lot of knowledge under her belt.
  • Similar to Nald’thal, she also has the power over the element of fire.
  • She may have some connection with a very important character related to the Shadowbringers Main Scenario Questline.

Choose Azeyma if:

  • You adore travel and seeking to find new answers and knowledge.
  • You have affinity with the element of fire, or wield powerful fire spells.
  • You want to have a patron that may have a relation with the Main Scenario Questline.

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