[Top 10] FF14 Endwalker Best Weapons (And How To Get Them)

FF14 Endwalker Best Weapons (And How To Get Them)
The stunning look from Endwalker raid gears!

Weapons contribute highly to your overall average iLevel, so it is essential to keep your weapon updated!

Other than contributing to your average iLevel, weapons also contribute to the amount of Limit Break you can deal. Yup! If you haven't noticed, Limit breaks are determined by your weapon damage! These are the ten weapons with the highest up to 6.08 patch! What are they, and where to find them?

10. Manganese Weapon (iLevel 539)

Manganese weapon looks.

The requirement of this weapon is level 86, and you can get this weapon for free by doing the quest "Return to the Crystarium" Main Scenario. The quest will give you "Ironwood Weapon Coffer", just like Bismuth; change to the desired class to get the weapon for the job you want. This weapon is available for craft or buys from the Market Board.

9. Ktisis Hyperboreia Weapon (iLevel 542)

The dungeon Ktsis Hyperboreia do drops weapons. It is the only dungeon in Enwalker so far that have these drops. The iLevel of this item is 542 and the dungeon itself is accessible at Main Scenario Quest level 87 “Caging the Messenger”. Unfortunately, they are not dye-able or tradeable.

8. Chondrite Weapon (iLevel 545)

Chondrite weapon looks like.

If you like Magitek, you will probably like this weapon. The Main Scenario Quest "As the Heavens Burns" will give you the "Chondrite Weapon Coffer" use the chosen class when opening the coffer so you will get the weapon for that class. Like the formers, this level 88 weapon is available to craft or buy from the Market Board.

7. Endwalker Artifact Weapons (iLevel 560)

Where else can you get your Artifact weapons than from yours truly, Tataru Taru? Yup, after completing the Main Scenario Quest, "A Bold Decision," speak to Vasarudh in Old Sharlayan (11.8, 9.9), and you can get all weapon Artifacts for free! You can get it from nowhere else! The requirement to equip is level 89; all weapons and gears for all classes are available from Tataru's vendor.

6. Moonward Weapons (iLevel 570)

You can get these from doing dailies like Expert roulette or other daily roulette with level 90 jobs. Each weapon cost 500 Allagan Tomestone of Aphorism. You will need to reach level 90 to be able to equip them. Also, you can trade them in Radz-at-Han, with the NPC Cihanti (10.8, 10.4).

5. Divine Light Weapons (iLevel 580)

These weapons you get by completing T2 (Trial Extreme 2). You can either win the loot or complete the trial ten times and trade ten umbral totems for one weapon. Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han is your NPC for trade-off (10.5, 10.1).

4. Classical Weapons (iLevel 580)

If luck is not on your side and you are tired of going in and out of Extreme Trial 2, worry not; you can still get a 580 item iLevel. Classical Weapons are the ones that can be crafted and bought on Market Board. To craft these weapons you will need Master Crafting Book IX of the Disciple of Hand required to make that weapon. If you happened to neglect all the crafting, you can always hit the Market Board.

3. Radiant Weapons (iLevel 590)

We are talking about the top 3, and it won't be easy! Similar to Moonward Weapons, you can get the currency from doing daily. You will need 500 Allagan Tomestone of Astronomy and 1 Discal Tomestone to get 1 Radiant weapon from Cihanti. To get Discal Tomestone, you must complete "Asphodelos: The Second Circle [Savage]." Or, you can complete "Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle" 7 times to get 7 "Unsung Blade of Asphodelos" and trade it with one Discal Tomestone at Radz-at-Han with the NPC Djole (10.3, 9.6). It is a guaranteed drop, but good luck completing it!

2. Augmented Radiant Weapons (iLevel 600)

This is the augmented version of Radiant Weapon, they have the same look, only higher iLevel (and status) plus dye-able.

To Augment your Radiant Weapon, you will need the Corresponding Radiant Weapon, plus 1 Radiant Roborant. To get 1 Radiant Roborant, you will need to complete "Asphodelos: The Third Circle [Savage]" 4 times (you will need 4 Asphodelos Mythos III), and Djole will be waiting for you at Radz-at-Han to upgrade your radiant weapon.

1. Asphodelos Weapons (iLevel 605)

Now for number one on the list. You can either get the weapon from "Asphodelos Weapon Coffer," which is loot from the raid "Asphodelos The Four Circle [Savage]". Using the Weapon coffer will turn into a weapon corresponding to the player's current job. But if you are not so lucky in terms of loot, you will have to farm 8 Asphodelos Mythos IV. Yup, complete it eight times and bring it to Djole, and the NPC will hand you the weapon you want.

Now you know where to get all of these weapons! Which one is your favorite? And are you going to glam them all? I'm not a big weapon collector, but I fancy one or two! I do love the Divine Light Weapons vibe!

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