[Top 5] FF14 Best PvP Class That Are Powerful!

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The arena of the newest PVP in FFXIV, Crystalline Conflict.

5. Scholar

Scholar, who utilises healing with the power of their fairies.

Scholars are the first barrier healers introduced in the game since the beginning of A Realm Reborn. They can defend their allies in both PvE and PvP by using the fairies' power.

Why Scholar is one of the best PvP Class:

  • First, Scholar’s DoT actually does damage and can chip in the health of the enemies and can get them killed easily with more attacks from the Scholars or other party members.
  • Biolysis does a lot of damage especially since they are AoE damages.
  • Scholars can also survive for a while especially when it’s only against one player, as they can heal themselves while dealing damage to the enemies.
  • Their limit break in Crystalline Conflict allows Scholars to heal and shield their allies from damage, allowing them to be able to be protected for a while.


4. Samurai

Samurai, the fierce battle job with a Katana.

Samurai is the newest Melee Battle Job introduced in the Stormblood expansion, along with their flashy Katana skills.

Why Samurai is one of the best PvP Class:

  • Samurai’s Limit Break in Crystalline Conflict can kill off a whole party or block their advance, especially if their player has it ready.
  • The Limit Break is not dodgeable especially when used in the right timing.
  • While it might be harder to learn, it can be a very efficient killing machine when the Samurai is being played properly.
  • Their defensive values are really high, which makes them not as easy to kill, especially when they are facing the enemies head-on with their melee skills.


3. Red Mage

Red Mage, who wields both the white and dark mana.

Red Mage is the game's newest caster, introduced in the Stormblood expansion. Their ability to use both melee combos and spells makes them one of the most versatile jobs in Final Fantasy XIV.

Why Red Mage is one of the best PvP Class:

  • Verstone/Verthunder and Veraero/Verfire combo allows a Red Mage to cast Verstone/Verthunder and insta-cast Veraero/Verfire in order to deal damage to the enemies.
  • Their Melee Combos did an insane amount of damage to the enemy they are targeting, especially since they can be instantly executed and require no casting.
  • Their finisher for their Melee Combo, Verholy and Verflare, deals a lot of damage in an AoE pattern, allowing them to hit multiple enemies at once.
  • They have a lot of skills that can Debuff the enemies and make them easier to kill, such as Frazzle, which will increase the damage taken by enemies and reduce the healing potency they will receive.


2. Warrior

Warrior, the battle job with an axe to help tank the damage.

Warrior is one of the first battle jobs introduced in the game, as well as the first Tank Job available in A Realm Reborn, alongside Paladin. Warrior is a powerful Tank who survives on the battlefield by using devastating attacks and high healing skills.

Why Warrior is one of the best PvP Class:

  • Primal Rend is a very strong AoE attack in Crystalline Conflict, and will also inflict Stun to whoever gets hit with the skill.
  • Onslaught and Orogeny will cause the enemy that get hit by the skill to suffer from a 10 second debuff that will cause them to receive 10% of more damage taken, which will allow the team to kill the enemy easily.
  • Bloodwhetting will allow a Warrior to heal themselves up when dealing damage to the enemies, as well as putting a Shield on themselves to help absorb damage taken for 10 seconds.
  • Their Limit Break will grant Inner Release, which will put a whopping seven debuffs such as Sleep, Stun, Heavy, Deep Freeze, and many more for 15 seconds, basically forcing the enemy to not be able to do anything unless the debuffs get cleansed in time before they die.


1. White Mage

The pure healer with strong healing capabilities.

White Mage was the first pure healer introduced in A Realm Reborn, with players initially starting as Conjurers. Even now, they are one of the most powerful pure healers in PvP.

Why White Mage is one of the best PvP Class:

  • Their Limit Break in Crystalline Conflict is very strong and can heal up their party almost immediately, saving them from certain death. 
  • The Limit Break, Afflatus Purgation is a really strong attack with high potency that can also stun the enemies and heal their allies.
  • White Mages are also very hard to kill, as they have a lot of instant healing spells under their belt that allows them to live through a lot of damage.
  • Afflatus Misery is a really strong attack with low cooldown in Crystalline Conflict, allowing them to deal massive amounts of damage to the enemies, especially since it’s an AoE attack.
  • Miracle of Nature is a transformation skill that cannot be purified and force the enemies to be transformed to a diminutive creature that cannot use any of their skills, allowing the party to be able to kill them easily.

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