[Top 5] FF14 Best Ways to Farm Diremite Web

FF14 Best Ways to Farm Diremite Web
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Final Fantasy XIV is more than just a battle royale title. FFXIV's crafting and gathering systems are just as complex and comprehensive as the game's combat system. In actuality, a player can choose from eight different crafting jobs and three different gathering jobs, each with their own leveling system that necessitates leveling up each one individually rather than all at once.

Final Fantasy XIV's crafting and gathering system's popularity stems largely from the game's complexity. Players must follow a strict rotation for both crafters and gatherers, and crafting and gathering have their own unique set of obstacles and problems by the time they reach the end game. Crafting and gathering goods across Eorzea can also bring in a good amount of Gil, therefore both vocations are in high demand for leveling and enjoyment across the game world.

The Diremite Web is now one of these materials with a resale value of quite a bit. Crafting Dew Thread from this particular resource is necessary for many different kinds of crafting, including job quests for crafters, weapons and armour, even glitz and furnishings. The greatest strategies to farm Eorzea's Diremite Web will be discussed in this post.


5. Banemite

A video on how to farm Diremite Web through Banemite.

Banemites are one of the five ways a player can quickly farm Diremite Webs. Here is how this method works:

  • Banemite can be found in North Shroud (X: 16.0 Y: 26.6). It is a fairly low level mob, ranging from level 25 to 27.
  • Players can quickly kill Banemites with a level 50 battle job and above.
  • Banemite has a high chance of dropping a Diremite Web upon killing them.
  • Players can then sell these Diremite webs, or craft them into Dew Thread to sell them for a higher price, or use them for crafting.


4. Heavy Banemite

A video on how to farm Diremite Web through Heavy Banemite.

Similar to the previous method, this other type of Banemites can also drop Diremite Webs. here is how this method works:

  • Heavy Banemite can be found all over North Shroud as well, specifically in (X: 16.1 Y: 27.8).
  • They are also pretty low-leveled, with most of them being at level 29, so players can also easily kill them with a higher-leveled battle job.
  • They can drop Diremite Webs, and players can also sell them for a decent amount of Gil in the Market Board.
  • Alternatively, they can also be crafted into Dew Thread for crafting materials or higher selling rates.


3. Miteling

A video on how to farm Diremite Webs through Miteling.

Mitelings are also another alternative to gain Diremite Web. How it works:

  • Mitelings can also be found in North Shroud, (X: 24.3 Y: 27.5)
  • They are mostly low-leveled monsters, mainly at level 26. Some FATEs may also spawn some Mitelings that players can kill easily with their battle jobs.
  • They will be able to drop Diremite Webs upon killing them.
  • Similarly, players can sell or craft them for Gil and other crafting material necessities.


2. Banemite Straggler

A video on how to farm Diremite Webs with killing Banemite Straggler.

Banemite Straggler is also another enemy that can be killed for Diremite Web. How it works:

  • They can be found in Coerthas Central Highlands,  (X: 30.9 Y: 15.6)
  • Compared to the other 3 mobs from above, this one is a bit higher-leveled, at level 40.
  • It is a good idea to use higher-level battle jobs to kill them faster.
  • They will be able to drop a lot of Diremite Webs, and they are found all over Coerthas Central Highlands so players can alternate their movements to kill them quickly.
  • Players may then sell or craft their Diremite Webs for crafting materials or Gil.


1. Miteling Straggler

A video on how to farm Diremite Webs with Miteling Straggler.

How this particular method works:

  • The final way to be able to obtain Diremite Webs quickly in FFXIV
  • Players can also easily find this mob in  Coerthas Central Highlands, at (X: 30.8 Y: 16.3)
  • As these mobs spawn near the Banemite Straggler, players can alternate between killing Miteling Straggler and Banemite Straggler to get the most amount of Diremite Webs.
  • Similar to the Banemite Straggler, they are around level 40, which makes it more ideal for players to farm it with a higher-leveled Battle Job.
  • Players can then sell the Diremite Webs they have farmed, or craft them into Dew Thread with a Weaver crafter job.

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