[Top 15] FF14 Best Sidequests (And Why You Should Do Them)

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The newest raid on the block, the Pandaemonium Raid.

Aside from the main story questline, there are numerous side quests in Final Fantasy XIV. These side quests can unlock a wealth of new content for players to explore, as well as an enchanting story that will live long in the memory.

As a result, this article will list fifteen of the best side quests in Final Fantasy XIV for a variety of reasons.


15. The Greatest Story Never Told

The Greatest Story Never Told is the first side quest to be featured in this article, and it is a side quest available since the early days of A Realm Reborn

Why this quest Is Great:

  • The quest chain has a very interesting secret to reveal.
  • One of the few quests that does not guide the players and requires them to solve the riddle on their own.
  • The quest can be completed at level one in one of the earlier areas that players can unlock, making it accessible to both free trial players and newcomers to the game.
  • Upon completion of the quest, it also unlocks an achievement.


14. The House That Death Build

The House That Death Build is a chain of quest that will unlock the first Deep Dungeon of the game.

Why this quest Is Great:

  • It will grant access to the game's first deep dungeon, Palace of the Dead.
  • It also has a good story that continues one of the game's dungeons, Tam-Tara Deepcroft.
  • Palace of the Dead is also a great place to quickly level alt battle jobs from level 1 to level 10.
  • Palace of the Dead also provides many rewards and achievements that players can unlock as they progress through the stages.


13. Unicorn Power

 Unicorn Power is also another low-level Side Quest that can be accepted in Gridania.

Why this quest Is Great:

  • It is a short side quest that rewards you with a full mount, Unicorn, for completing it.
  • It is also relatively low-leveled, with players only needing to reach level 30 in the Conjurer battle job.
  • It also has an interesting side story involving a Unicorn and the player.


12. Like Cats and Dogs

Like Cats and Dogs is another side quest that is available since the early days of the game, where players can take it in as a free trial player and a new player.

Why this quest Is Great:

  • It is a series of side quests that begin early in the game and can be completed in Western La Noscea at level 15.
  • After completing the quests, players will receive two adorable minions to accompany them on their journey.
  • When the questline is completed, the cat transforms into a cute Wolf Pup and Coeurl Kitten.


11. Scholastice

Scholastice is a very long chain quest line that spans the enterity of Heavensward.

Why this quest Is Great:

  • These quests are available to players who have entered Heavensward, which includes free trial players.
  • The Scholastice side quest has a deep connection to the main story questline for Heavensward, making it very meaningful and interesting.
  • It will take some time to complete the chain quest line, which is beneficial for players who are looking for new content in the game.
  • The Inspector's Glasses and Scholastice Coat will be awarded to players for successfully completing these side quests.
  • For completing all of the quests, players will receive a couple of achievements and a bonus emote.


10. Bojza Southern Front

Bozja Southern Front is a additional content introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion, which is a vast, deep content for players looking for additional content.

Why this quest Is Great:

  • Bozja Southern Front is a great place to level alt jobs from level 71 and up, making it a good content to unlock for all players.
  • Bozja Southern Front also has a very interesting and enjoyable questline that players can watch and enjoy as they advance through the Resistance Rank.
  • Bozja Southern Front also has more difficult content for players who want to push themselves, primarily Delbrum Reginae (Savage).


9. The Burdens We Bear

The Burdens We Bear is a good chain side quests for players who is also tied to the Heavensward expansion.

Why this quest Is Great:

  • The Burdens We Bear is an excellent questline that recalls the Warrior of Light's past experiences in Eorzea.
  • After completing all of the side chain quests, the Burdens We Bear questline will award players with an achievement and a special emote.
  • The final quest of the chain side quests is also similar to The Greatest Story Ever Told in that a player is not given the coordinates of where they need to go and must decipher the text and clues they have received to find the final location to complete the quest's objective.


8. The Little Postmoogle That Could

The Little Postmoogle That Could is a chain side quest that will let the player act as a Postmoogle.

Why this quest Is Great:

  • This quest can be completed by players with a low level, namely level 50, in Limsa Lominsa.
  • Upon completion of the quests, players will also receive a glamour, Postmoogle Cap.
  • It also has a cute and engaging story that players will enjoy, especially since moogle is central to it.


7. All Beast Tribe Quests

Beast Tribes are an additional, optional side content that players can access from low to high level.

Why this quest Is Great:

  • There are numerous beast tribes that players can unlock and level up throughout FFXIV, with new ones added with each expansion. This means that there are beast tribes ranging from A Realm Reborn to Shadowbringers, with Endwalker on the way.
  • Beast Tribe quests can also be completed as daily tasks to level them up and unlock more cool content.
  • When you complete a Beast Tribe quest, you will be rewarded with mounts and minions, as well as orchestrion rolls and furniture.
  • Beast Tribe quests also have intriguing stories that are one-of-a-kind and can be very emotional and heartbreaking.


6. All Alliance Raid Questlines

Alliance Raids are optional content that are also available per expansion, offering a unique 24-man raid experience for every player.

Why this quest Is Great:

  • Alliance Raids are unique and provide interesting fights for all players, especially since they bring together 24 players in a single instance.
  • Alliance Raids also provide unique mechanics and lore that are linked to the Main Story Questline.
  • The story for these Alliance Raids is also captivating and beautiful, spanning three raids per expansion.
  • Some Alliance Raids are also required for other content, such as the Stormblood Alliance Raid for the Bozja Southern Front and obtaining unique materials from specific Alliance Raids to craft Relic weapons.


5. All Raid Questlines

Raids are different from Alliance Raid, as it will only feat eight players on a single team in a single instance. 

Why this quest Is Great:

  • Raids provide very interesting battle fights for both casual and hardcore players, with Savage being served for those who prefer a more difficult fight.
  • Raids are also fairly lengthy, with each expansion offering twelve different raids with an ongoing questline, with the exception of A Realm Reborn's raids, which have thirteen raid instances.
  • These raids provide a very interesting and unique questline that gives players a reason to fight each boss.
  • Savage raids also provide mounts for defeating the final boss of every four raids, allowing players to obtain up to three mounts per expansion.


4. All Gathering Class Quests

Gathering is a side content offered to players who want to have a life in Eorzea outside of battle and the doom and gloom.

Why this quest Is Great:

  • Gathering questlines have unique and interesting stories for each gatherer, which include Miners, Botanists, and Fishers.
  • Gathering is also a very good side content to do when players want to relax and do mindless content, as well as earn a little extra money by selling the items they've gathered to the Market Board.
  • Doing the quests for each gatherer will unlock unique skills that can only be obtained by completing the questline, which will come in handy when gathering specific items on the field.
  • Players will also receive free gear and equipment for completing these quests, implying that free gear can be used to improve stats when leveling up their gatherers.
  • Players can also gain a large amount of experience points by completing quests while leveling up their gatherers, hastening their progress to level 90.



3. All Crafting Class Quests

Crafting, just like Gathering, is another side content offered to players who want a time away from battle in FFXIV.

Why this quest Is Great:

  • Crafting provides interesting side content that can also earn the players a lot of Gil.
  • Crafting quests allow players to unlock crafting skills that can only be obtained by completing the crafter questline, which will be useful for crafters, especially high-leveled ones.
  • Crafters, like gatherers, will be rewarded with free gear, equipment, and experience for completing quests while leveling up their crafters, which will speed up their progress from 1 to 90.
  • Some of the crafters' questlines have very interesting and thoughtful stories that tie in very deeply with each crafter.


2. All Battle Job Quests

Each battle job will have battle job quests surrounding around the lore and story of each battle job, and some of these stories can be absolutely mindblowing, with Dark Knight's story being notably good.

Why this quest Is Great:

  • Each player must complete battle job quests related to each battle job in order to advance from their original A Realm Reborn class to a job with a soul crystal.
  • Players will also unlock unique skills for each battle job by completing their respective battle job quests, as these skills can only be obtained this way.
  • Some of the battle job quests can be extremely interesting and compelling, such as the Dark Knight's quests, which definitely make these quests worthwhile to complete.


1. Hildibrand Questline

Hildibrand's questline is the most popular sidequests to do in Final Fantasy XIV. These quests span from A Realm Reborn all the way to the Endwalker expansion.

Why this quest Is Great:

  • Hildibrand's questline is lengthy and will require many hours of gameplay to complete all of them, which is ideal for FFXIV players looking for more gameplay.
  • The Hildibrand Questline is a lighthearted, anime-style story that is similar to Ace Attorney's story and investigation.
  • As a result, the Hildibrand questline is an excellent choice for players who enjoy anime and enjoy humorous investigation questlines.
  • Players will also receive additional Dungeon, Trial, and Raid rewards, as well as glamour and achievement rewards.


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