[Top 5] FF14 Best Solo Class - What's the Best Job For Solo?

[Top 5] FF14 Best Solo Class
The Warrior of Light and his allies bringing a storm of change.

Final Fantasy XIV has a variety of battle jobs that a player can play. Even better, one player can play all battle jobs available in the game, instead of having to choose only one of them. 

Despite being an MMORPG, some players who play FFXIV might still have a preference to playing solo, whether sometimes, or maybe even all the time. As the game itself provides a lot of solo content for players to wade through, a question comes to mind, what are the best jobs to beat solo content?

These solo content can range from deep dungeons, to even tackling dungeons, trials, and raids for glamour and new weapons. Unsyncing old trials and raids can even earn a player shiny mounts and minions.


5) White Mage

A White Mage wielding his staff on a fierce battle.

White Mage is one of the three healers available to be played in FFXIV right now, aside from Scholar and Astrologian. Despite being a healer, White Mage deals a lot of damage to the enemies, comparable even to some of the tanks. White Mage deals the most personal DPS compared to the other healers, making them great for solo content.

Why White Mage is good for solo content:

  • Their AoE spell, Holy, can stun enemies. This is a very great skill that stops the mobs from attacking the player for seconds, allowing them to deal more damage without worrying about taking any.
  • As a healer, they can heal themselves consistently, allowing them to breeze through solo content without the fear of dying.
  • High DPS output even as a healer. White Mage has the highest personal DPS out of the three healers in expense of no utility to the party, making it one of the best jobs for solo content.
  • Regen. White Mages can insta-cast a Regen on themselves before they continue to attack the enemies so that they would be able to heal through any damage taken.
  • Benediction. Can heal themselves at a crisis back to full HP, allowing them to escape death easily.

Pick White Mage if:

  • You like to play healer, but want to try solo content.
  • You like to play it safe while playing solo content, as White Mage has a lot of healing and emergency spells in their disposal.
  • Being able to play solo content safely while still doing decent damage to the enemies.


4) Gunbreaker

A Gunbreaker ready to jump into battle underneath the sunset.

Gunbreaker is one of the four tanks available to be played in Final Fantasy XIV right now. In addition, it also has the most personal DPS output among the four tanks, making it easy to breeze through solo content with their high DPS that is comparable to some of the DPS classes.

Why Gunbreaker is great for solo content:

  • High HP. As a Tank, Gunbreaker has higher HP than DPS and Healer classes, allowing them to survive longer.
  • Mitigations. Gunbreaker has many personal mitigations, allowing them to be able to survive through a barrage of attacks much longer.
  • High DPS. Even as a tank, Gunbreaker can deal a lot of damage if played correctly, allowing them to defeat the enemies in solo content much easier compared to other tanks.
  • Have a regen (Aurora), that allows them to recover some of their HP whilst in a crisis.
  • Has two damage over time (DoTs), that can help make the enemies and bosses bleed and die easier.
  • Has a more complicated combo and rotation compared to other tanks, making it more fun to play solo.

Pick Gunbreaker if:

  • You want to survive longer in solo content, as a tank won’t die easily due to their high HP as well as a myriad of mitigation skills.
  • You like to deal a lot of damage while still surviving most of the enemy’s attacks.
  • You want to learn a more complicated class that have varieties of combos and rotations during solo content, improving your skills further in the game.


3) Paladin

A Paladin ready to conquer the moon.

Paladin is another tank that is great for solo content aside from Gunbreaker. The main reason for this is because they have a healing spell, clemency, that can allow them to survive longer under the siege of even the worst of the enemies.

Why Paladin is great for solo content:

  • Clemency. Paladin is the only tank that can consistently heal themselves throughout a barrage of enemies, provided they have the mana necessary to cast it.
  • As a tank, Paladin also has higher HP and lots of mitigations to survive longer, just like a Gunbreaker.
  • Hallowed Ground. Paladin has the best invulnerable skill out of the four tanks. When using Hallowed Ground, a Paladin will stay at maximum HP while being invulnerable to any attack from the enemies for 10 seconds.
  • Has a consistent damage over time skill (DoT) that can be applied whenever necessary without any cooldowns, allowing them to burn through the boss much easier.
  • Beginner-friendly. Paladin has a fairly easy and straightforward rotation.

Pick Paladin if:

  • You like to play the contents safely. With the help of mitigations, Hallowed Ground, as well as Clemency, Paladin is the tank that can survive the longest in any solo content.
  • You are an amateur trying to tank solo content. As Paladin have a fairly easy rotation as well as high survivability, it is very compatible for beginners.


2) Red Mage

A Red Mage learning new skills through the Soul Stone.

Red Mage is one of the most versatile jobs out there. As a caster, they can deal a lot of devastating damage to the enemies. However, they also have the most powerful healing spell compared to the other DPS jobs, making them able to survive in solo content much longer.

Why Red Mage is great for solo content:

  • They have a variety of powerful single as well as AoE spells, making them capable of tackling mobs as well as a powerful boss.
  • Dualcast. Red Mages can instant-cast their second spell after every spell casted, making them a very mobile job even as a caster. This makes it much easier for them to move to dodge mechanics and weave in oGCD skills.
  • Beginner-friendly. Red Mages has a quite simplistic rotation compared to other casters, making it an easier job to play.
  • Ping-friendly. Because of Dualcast and simple rotation, it makes it easy for players with lower internet connections to play a Red Mage compared to other casters.
  • Vercure. A Red Mage can heal themselves indefinitely, as long as they have enough mana to do so. This makes them survive much longer in solo content compared to other DPS classes.

Pick Red Mage if:

  • You are a beginner trying to play a DPS in solo content.
  • You want to deal a lot of damage to the enemies to make the solo content run much faster.
  • You want to have the skills necessary to heal yourselves when finding yourself in a bad situation. 
  • You have a mediocre internet connection that doesn’t allow you to play some of the other DPS easily.


1) Blue Mage

A Blue Mage has the power to learn their enemies' skills and spells.

Blue Mage is a limited job that comes with many limitations, but undoubtedly the most powerful job for solo content. While a player could not bring a Blue Mage to the most recent content as their level is capped at 70 currently, they can tackle older contents to get glamour, mounts, and minions much faster with a Blue Mage.

Why Blue Mage is the best job for solo content:

  • It has 104 spells in total, and a player can fit in 24 spells to be used in their hotbar, and can change it out of combat anytime. This makes the player able to adjust the spells needed for specific fights.
  • Has fun, various rotations that can be adjusted to each fight, making each solo content incredibly fun to play through.
  • Is VERY versatile. Can adjust their spells accordingly to become a tank, dps, or even a healer, or a combination of the three.
  • Has many life-saving spells like Diamondback (able to mitigate up to 90% of damage taken), White Wind (heal themselves), and much more.
  • Able to deal out a lot of DPS with the right spells and combinations. Even one-shotting bosses in unsynced trials is not impossible.
  • Can insta-kill mobs with Ultravibration / Level 5 Death, and even some dungeon bosses with Tail Screw / Missile.
  • The only class that can kill themselves while dealing a LOT of damage to the boss.

Pick Blue Mage if:

  • You like the idea of collecting the spells you would use yourself, as Blue Mage needs to collect all necessary spells before being able to use it.
  • You are a creative person who tries to find the correct spells and combinations for specific fights.
  • You want an excitable job that can run through solo content easily.
  • You want to kill the enemies and bosses fast while still having life-saving skills in case things go south.
  • You want to play a class that has different rotations and spell combinations.
  • You don’t mind running through older contents, or have finished all current content and is looking to beat the older contents.


Those are the five jobs best suited for solo content. Which one are you willing to try out?



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