[Top 5] FF14 Best Ways to Farm MGP

FF14 Best Ways to Farm MGP
The lively scenario of the Gold Saucer in Ul’dah

Final Fantasy XIV's Gold Saucer is one of the various attractions available to players. After completing all of the mini-games and attractions in the Gold Saucer, players earn Manderville Gold Saucer Points, a unique currency (MGP). To obtain extra MGP, users must play and complete the Gold Saucer attractions after getting their first MGP from Gil.

Due to the fact that players may only purchase certain items with MGP, such as mounts and minions, hairstyles, emotes and a wide range of glamours and furniture, MGP is quite valuable in the game.

Final Fantasy XIV's greatest techniques to harvest MGP will be discussed in this article.


5. Gold Saucer Attractions

A Video on how to farm MGP with this method.

How to farm MGP with this method:

  • Players can play any of the attractions available in Gold Saucer to get MGP
  • This range from mini-games such as The Moogle’s Paw and The Finer Miner
  • Players can also do Triple Triad tournaments, open tournaments, and simply fight the NPCs to get a chance for more MGP and cards. In addition, players can get an extra mount for collecting all of the Triple Triad cards,
  • Players can also do Mahjong. Lord of Verminion, and Chocobo Race for more MGP, with a chance to get better rewards upon clearing the achievements related to each attraction.
  • Players also have a chance to complete GATEs, which occur every 20 minutes in the Gold Saucer. 


4. Weekly Challenge Log

A video on how to farm MGP with this method.

While this is partly related to the previous way, this one gives more benefits upon clearing the challenge log. How it works:

  • Players can open their challenge log and go to the Gold Saucer tab.
  • Players can then clear out the requirements for each point in the challenge log for thousands of MGP.
  • Most of these tasks are usually easy, fun, and rewarding to complete. So it is very worth it to complete this Challenge Log.
  • The Challenge Log will reset every Tuesday 8 AM Server Time in Final Fantasy XIV, where a player can then do the Challenge Log again for more MGP.


3. Jumbo Cactpot

A Video on how to farm MGP with this method.

A player can buy a max of three tickets in the Cactpot Board NPC.

  • Players can then input their 4 number digits upon buying the tickets, in the hopes that the next Jumbo Cactpot will have their number.
  • Players can claim their Jumbo Cactpot every Saturday at 12pm Server time.
  • Players will earn an Early Bird bonus upon claiming at Saturday 12pm to Saturday 12.59 Server time.
  • Players can get 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and Consolation Prizes according to the number they’ve input upon buying the tickets. 
  • It should be noted that players will still profit even if they only get Consolation Prizes, so doing Jumbo Cactpot every week is worth it.
  • Players can then buy more tickets upon claiming their previous winnings and wait for the next Saturday to come.


2. Mini Cactpot

Video on how to farm MGP with this method.

How this method works:

  • Players can buy a maximum of three tickets of Mini Cactpot in the main Gold Saucer plaza every day.
  • Players can open a maximum of 3 numbers per ticket in order to predict which line they are going to choose.
  • Players will earn more MGP upon choosing the lines that have the sum of the lowest number, which is 6, and the biggest number, 24.
  • It is very quick and easy to do, and is always profitable. Doing Mini Cactpot daily will fill up the MGP reserves in no time.


1. Weekly Fashion Report

Video on how to farm MGP with this method.

How this method works:

  • Players can do Fashion Report once every week.
  • The game will show the hints of what piece of clothing, accessories, and dyes needed for each Fashion Report on Friday.
  • Players can then submit their look to the Masked Rose in the Gold Saucer from Friday to Tuesday 8 AM before the weekly logs resets.
  • For easy Fashion Report, players can check Kaiyoko Star’s Twitter every Friday in order to find the easiest ways to get high points in Fashion Report. Here is the link to their twitter.
  • Players will earn 10k MGP upon doing a Fashion Report, and an additional 50k MGP upon reaching 80 points. Players will also be able to earn the title ‘Fashion Leader’ upon reaching 100 points once in the Fashion Report.
  • Often, to get 80 points is very easy to do with the help of Kaiyoko Star’s guide, so players will be able to earn a lot of MGP easily every week.

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