[Top 5] FF14 Endwalker Best Classes - What Should You Play?

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A beautiful Viera having fun relaxing in the new gleaming city of Old Sharlayan.

After the developers finally released the latest expansion, Endwalker, in December 2021, Final Fantasy XIV has undergone a lot of changes. The game has received numerous regular updates, fixes, and adjustments to the graphics and battle jobs.

During these updates, many battle jobs received nerfs as well as buffs, adding even more variety to the ever-changing list of most-played battle jobs in 2022. People are preparing to embrace the second raid tier as well as the new Ultimate Raid, which may be added to the game soon, especially with the first savage raid tier coming to an end soon.

Choosing the right battle job to play, on the other hand, is a challenge not only for high-end raiders, but also for casual players. Even though FFXIV is an awesome game that allows players to play all available battle jobs on a single character without the need to create an alt, as many other MMORPGs require their players to do, leveling, learning, and gearing up a battle job takes time, and many people may not have the time to do so.

As a result, the purpose of this article is to assist all players who are looking for the best battle job to play, either for high-end raiders or for casual players, by listing the reasons why said battle job is good right now, as well as what kind of playstyle such battle job is suited for.


5. Bard

A fancy Bard with his shiny, eye-catching Anima Weapon Bow.

Bards were widely regarded as one of the worst DPS among the three Physical Ranged DPS in Shadowbringers, FFXIV's expansion prior to the release of Endwalker, in terms of damage dealt as well as team and buff compatibility with other battle jobs.

The developers most likely heard what the players had to say about Bard, and now the rank of Bards has been drastically increased, from the worst Physical Ranged DPS to the most-preferred Physical Ranged DPS.

What Bard Excels in:

  • Boosted songs, which are a Bard’s main buffs and attack rotation, have seen a large boost in Endwalker. 
  • The first major boost is the adjustment towards Bard’s procs and make them more consistent and stable, therefore making the job itself more systematic.
  • Boosted damage to a lot of skills, which will allow Bard to be able to deal much more damage to the boss.
  • Powerful Damage Over Time (DoTs). Especially since the updates in Endwalker have increased the duration for Bard’s DoTs from 30 seconds to 45 seconds. 
  • Better AoE attacks with Endwalker’s update. Now Bard’s AoE attack deals more damage as well as reaching a longer range. AoE attacks can also now trigger procs.

Pick Bard if:

  • You like playing Physical Ranged DPS, who do not have to worry about having to stay on Melee Range nor Casting time.
  • You want to play a Battle Job which can easily dodge enemies’ attacks without having to sacrifice uptime or DPS.
  • You want to play a Battle Job with many beautiful and shiny weapons, as Bards have one of the best weapon glams in FFXIV.
  • You want to play a Battle Job with a lot of buffs to give to your teammates throughout the whole fight, but are able to also deal decent damage to the boss.
  • You’ve always liked playing a battle job with a bow and an arrow.

Link to bard details.


4. Black Mage

A cute Lalafell with the power to burn down buildings.

Black Mage is always one of the best Mages with high DPS since A Realm Reborn, and this fact still stays true in Endwalker, when they are always seen at the top ranks.

What Black Mage Excels in:

  • Biggest damage. Currently, it consistently stays on rank one or two as the highest damage-dealing DPS battle job.
  • Various fire, thunder, and ice skills which make a very interesting rotation.
  • Have different playstyles unlike many battle jobs where players have to stick through similar play styles to be able to do optimal damage.
  • Players can choose between being a Spell-Speed Black Mage or a Critical-Hit Black Mage.

Pick Black Mage if:

  • You like playing a Caster that can deal tremendous damage to the enemies.
  • You like playing a Caster which has different varieties in Combo and Rotation.
  • You like playing a Caster which has control over the power of the elements, like Fire, Ice, and Thunder.
  • You like playing a battle job that keeps getting stronger and flashier spells as they level up.

Link to details for Black Mages


3. Warrior 

The powerful Warrior wielding his axe.

Warrior has been dubbed the "fifth healer" since they received a major overhaul in the Endwalker update, along with many other battle jobs. This title is also not without reason, as more and more people are seeing videos and clips of a Warrior clearing a lot of content solo even when the healer dies on them.

What Warrior Excels in:

  • Crazy regeneration at higher levels. Bloodwhetting, a Warrior’s new skill that they can get at level 82, allows them to restore HP with every successful attack. With a whopping 400 cure potency and only 25 seconds of cooldown, this has made Warrior be able to recover from a lot of disasters.
  • Equilibrium is also a skill that will allow a Warrior to be able to restore their lost HP with a 1200 Cure Potency, as well as applying a regen for 15 seconds.
  • Nascent Flash allows a Warrior to be able to apply shields towards a chosen party member, as well as restoring their HP with every successful attack made by the Warrior. Not to mention, Nascent Flash will also heal the Warriors too.
  • Shortest invulnerability skill compared to other Tank jobs. Holmgang, a Warrior’s invulnerability skill, has a short cooldown of 240s, as compared to a Paladin’s 420s cooldown for Hallowed Ground.
  • Shorter invulnerability skill cooldown means that Warriors will be able to solve more Tank-focused mechanics which may require harder cooperation with Tanks who have higher cooldown.

Pick Warrior if:

  • You like to play a Tank who often leads fights in battles for your teammates.
  • You want to play a Tank who can survive a lot of mechanics.
  • You want to play a Tank with powerful Regeneration skills.
  • You want to play a Tank which can help your teammates by healing them and giving them shields.

A detailed information on Warriors.


2. Astrologian

Astrologian looking for the best card to play for their teammates.

Astrologian has always been one of the strongest healers for their many oGCD abilities as well as powerful healing potency, and this has been improved even when they have lost Nocturnal Sect, but now they have strong regeneration and pure healing spells as well as powerful buffs and boons.

What Astrologian excels in:

  • Astrologian is a healer that is equipped with a lot of powerful damage buffs to give for their teammates.
  • A busy healer, which makes it fun to play as opposed to many healer jobs that are more focused on only healing and dealing damage.
  • Fast playing, as Astrologian have to deal with a lot of cards and buffs that can be used on themselves and their teammates.
  • Powerful healing skills, which can solve a lot of difficult mechanics at end-game raids quite easily.
  • Lightspeed allows an Astrologian to be able to instantly cast Malefic and reduce their casting speed for other skills by 2.5s, which allows Astrologian to still be able to deal damage while moving to solve mechanics.

Pick Astrologian if:

  • You want to play an interesting healer with various buffs and resources to manage.
  • You want to play a Healer which is busy and feels rewarding to play.
  • You want to play a Healer with a lot of healing resources under their belt and able to save the party from a lot of wipes.
  • You want to play a Healer with beautiful and aesthetic skills.

A complete guide on Astrologian details.


1. Monk

The Monk opened his Chakra.

The Monk opening their Chakra.

A Monk is one of the hardest Melee Battle jobs in Shadowbringers, but in Endwalker they have cut a lot of positionals from Monk’s skills, which makes it less punishing, especially in end-game raids. This reason alone has drawn a lot of players to playing Monk once more.

What Monk Excels in:

  • Big DPS in Endwalker, even sometimes beating some of the other popular DPS jobs with high DPS like Black Mage, if played properly.
  • Less positionals means that Monks can do a lot of Combos and Damage more accurately and consistently.
  • Better Chakra skills with Masterful Blitz, a new skill that is added in the Endwalker expansion.
  • New powerful skills that deal a lot of damage like Flint Strike and Celestial Revolution, which can be used even before level 80.
  • Powerful skills at higher levels, such as Rising Phoenix and Phantom Rush, which deals a lot of damage to the enemies.
  • Utility in the party through Brotherhood and Mantra, which helps boost the party’s damage as well as HP recovery through healing skills.

Pick Monk if:

  • You like playing a Melee battle job, and do not prefer Casting battle jobs.
  • You want to be able to deal a lot of damage to the enemies.
  • You want to have several skills and buffs that can be used to further enhance your attack skills and even boost your teammates’ skills, meaning that you will have utility in the party as a whole other than damage.
  • You want to play a Melee battle job that does not use any weapon but their fists and kicks.

A detailed guide on Monks.

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