[Top 5] FF14 Endwalker Best Dungeon Sets And How To Get Them

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Ktisis Hyperboreia is one of the coolest dungeons in the game, one of the non-spoilery

A new expansion for a game, especially an MMORPG, always means a lot of content for players to access. This is, of course, always a good thing, especially for both long-time and new players who have been eagerly awaiting the release of Endwalker.

Final Fantasy XIV, like many other MMORPGs, has implemented the Dungeon System into their game in the new expansion, both for Combat Gameplay and for the Main Story Questline.

In FFXIV, completing a dungeon is extremely beneficial. Aside from completing a large number of dungeons in order to progress through their Main Scenario Questline, Dungeons will also drop a large number of items, such as Materia, Minion, and Gear, which will help players progress through the levels before they can purchase endgame gear.

Endwalker gives players access to eight new dungeons that they can explore. Of course, the dungeons in Endwalker, like all previous expansions, provide players with a lot of benefits for completing them, primarily experience points to help a player's battle job level up, as well as a lot of Gear that players can use before reaching level 90, the current max level cap.

Endwalker's dungeons can now be entered in two simple ways, similar to the previous expansion, Shadowbringers. The first option is to go with other players by entering a Queue as a battle job you want to play in. The second option is to enter them with NPCs–commonly referred to as the Trust System.

This article will investigate and determine which dungeon sets are good, ranking them from good to best, as well as listing other benefits that players can obtain by going through the dungeons.

It's also worth noting that all Dungeon Sets are Market Prohibited, which means that players must run through these dungeons to get the gear they want, whether for gearing up or for their character's glamour, because they can't be bought or sold on the Market Board.


5. Manusya Armour Set

The gorgeous Manusya Armour Set of Healing, suitable for the fanciest of healers!

The Manusya Dungeon Armour Set is the first dungeon set listed in this article. This Armour Set is obtained by completing the first dungeon in the Endwalker expansion, The Tower of Zot.

Some benefits of running through the Tower of Zot:

  • It is the first dungeon that players can unlock rather quickly upon entering the Endwalker expansion, meaning that players can get to this dungeon relatively quickly.
  • Because it is a level 81 dungeon, it helps players who recently levelled up their level 80 battle jobs to 81 to be able to go to this dungeon to get experience points.
  • Aside from earning the gear for a glamour option, players can also get the gear from this dungeon to be able to quickly gear up their battle jobs, especially for players who have not geared their level 80 battle jobs previously.
  • This dungeon can also drop a cute Minion, the Wind Up Magus-Sisters, which players can use for themselves or sell in the Market Board.


4. Imperial Armour Set 

The warm coat to protect the Garleans from the biting cold.

The Garleans have been a big part of Final Fantasy XIV since the beginning of 1.0, and have consistently become a big part of the Main Scenario Questline, which is why the Imperial Armour Set is a good one.

This Armour set can be farmed in The Tower of Babil, the second dungeon that players can unlock in the Endwalker Main Scenario Questline.

Other advantages of running through The Tower of Babil:

  • A much easier and faster dungeon as compared to Zot, which makes levelling alt battle jobs a much less painful grind if one likes to spam dungeons in doing it.
  • A good dungeon for players to spam through from level 83 to 85 or even above.
  • Drops the Imperial Armour Set, which is a good Armour Set to upgrade from the Manusya Armour Set, which makes leveling or going through the MSQ faster with better gear.
  • It is also a good glam for players to wear, as it resembles the armour that Garlemald people wear, and can finally be wearable for players.
  • This dungeon also drops a unique Wind-Up Anima minion, a fan favorite minion for any players who’ve ever played Final Fantasy X.


3. Palaka Armour Set

The intricate design of the Palaka Armour Set from Vanaspati.

Radz-at-han, Thavnair, and the surrounding areas have very unique gear and design, similar to Ala Mhigan in Stormblood but also very different and unique in their own right. Players who enjoy the aesthetic and design of Thavnair will return to Vanaspati, the third dungeon unlocked in Endwalker's Main Scenario Questline.

A few reasons why Vanaspati is a good dungeon to run:

  • The Palaka Armour Set that can only be earned in Vanaspati, a unique gear set that looks good on every battle job.
  • Offers bright designs that defy the stereotype. No more white robes for healers.
  • Vanaspati is a level 85 dungeon, which offers a player an alternate route to levelling up through dungeons aside from doing Tower of Babil to level 87
  • An interesting dungeon where players might meet some new mechanics and has a higher difficulty rate, which will be a good test for players to practice their combat rotation.


2. Ktiseos Armour Set

The mysterious Ktiseos Armour Set that can be earned in Ktisis Hyperboreia.

Ktisis Hyperboreia is a hidden gem of a dungeon that has quickly become a fan favorite among many FFXIV players.

This is the fourth dungeon that players can unlock in the game, and it is a level 87 dungeon. In this dungeon, players can once again obtain an upgrade to a piece of equipment, this time the Ktiseos Armour Set.

Some reasons why running Ktisis Hyperboreia can be very beneficial for players:

  • Drops the Ktiseos Armour Set, which is a good upgrade for players who were wearing Palaka Armour from level 85 to 87.
  • Seeing as it is a level 87 dungeon gear drop, it is also a good upgrade for players who have geared their level 80 battle jobs in Shadowbringers, since it will bring a huge boost instead of bringing a little or even dropping it which is the case for previous gear dungeons.
  • The last armour set that players can get before they finish Main Scenario Questline, as the other dungeons and trials that players will encounter in the MSQ after this will only drop weapon,
  • It is also a good glamour set, especially for players who like the idea of dressing up as an Ascian, another antagonist which has been very commonly known since the game’s launch, just like the people of Garlemald.
  • Drops a unique minion, Caduceus, an untradable minion. Meaning this minion could not be sold or bought in the Market Board, and players who want to get this minion must get it from the dungeon drop.
  • Has the best Trust party set-up ever which makes replaying it over and over again not boring or slow in the least.


1. “The Last” Accessories Set

The Dead Ends is the last mandatory dungeon that players need to do to complete Endwalker’s Main Scenario Questline.

A fitting name for the dungeon set that currently sits atop the throne, "The Last" accessories set. It is currently the best accessories set that players can obtain in the game through dungeons; however, in order to obtain better gear, players must spend their Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy as well as go through raids and extreme trials in the future.

As a result, "The Last" accessories set has easily become the best dungeon set in the game, as it is a good gear set for players to use before jumping into hard content, particularly if they do not have any Allagan Tomestones ready or do not want to spend money on crafted gear.

How to get “The Last” accessories set:

  • The Dead Ends, a level 90 dungeon which is also the last dungeon that players have to do in order to complete the MSQ.
  • Smileton, an optional dungeon which can be unlocked by picking up the blue quest ‘Cutting the Cheese’ in Mare Lamentorum after finishing the Endwalker Main Scenario Questline.
  • The Stigma Dreamscape, another optional dungeon which players can unlock after finishing Endwalker MSQ and picking up the blue quest ‘Where no Loporrit Has Gone Before’ in Ultima Thule.
  • Expert Roulette, which is accessible after players have unlocked all three dungeons. Players can enter this Roulette with a level 90 battle job and will randomly enter one of the three available dungeons mentioned above. It is also currently the best way to farm these equipment.

Other reasons why running Expert Roulette is good:

  • Randomised dungeon, meaning that players would have more variety in farming these accessories and would not have to stick through with one dungeon continuously.
  • Randomised dungeons also meant that players will be queued into the fastest dungeon available that needs their role (Tank, Healer, or DPS), meaning that players have to deal with less queue.
  • All three dungeons drop the same “The Last” accessories set, so players can get easy loot by doing Expert Roulette at least once a day.
  • Doing Expert Roulette once a day will also give players bonus Gil as well as Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy, which is very useful in gearing up their main battle job for BiS gear, as well as the fastest and easiest way to cap their weekly limit of Astronomy.
  • All three dungeons also drop Materia IX and X, which is also very useful for players to meld their current gear and their future BiS gear for additional battle stats.
  • Additional loot, like minions. The Dead Ends drop Starbird, which is an untradable minion which can only be earned through doing this dungeon. The Stigma Dreamscape drops Optimus Omicron, which players can use for themselves or sell to the Market Board for a decent sum. Similarly, Smileton also drops Prince Lunatender, which can also be sold in the Market Board.

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