[Top 5] FF14 Best Ways to Farm Crystal Sand

FF14 Best Ways to Farm Crystal Sand
An Astrologian’s complete Anima Weapon Relic.

Final Fantasy XIV's weapons are unquestionably a crucial part of the experience. It's also a good idea to give a player's character a sparkling, one-of-a-kind weapon that's both visually appealing and powerful.

For a player's speciality weapon, there is no better choice than a relic. One of the four types of relic weapons available in the game right now is an Anima weapon. It's also the least time-consuming of the four, despite the fact that it still necessitates considerable effort to complete.

Phase three of the Anima Weapon relic stage requires a player to use Umbrite and Crystal Sand to charge their hyperconductive Anima Weapon up to 240 points.

Crystal Sand can be obtained in a variety of ways. This guide will show you how to quickly farm Crystal Sand to level up your relic weapon.


5. ARR Extreme Trials

Video on how to farm Crystal Sand with ARR Extreme Trials.

How this method works:

  • Players can easily unsync ARR Extreme Trials with a level 80 battle job.
  • Players can alternate and spam between the ARR Extreme Trials to earn specific materials, such as Inferno Horn from Bowl of Embers, Crag Heart from The Navel, Diamond Tear from Akh Afah Amphitheatre, Vortex Feather from The Howling Eye, Barb of the Whorl from the Whorleater, and Large Levin Orb from The Striking Tree.
  • These materials can also be bought from the Market Board for players who do not want to spend a lot of time farming ARR Extreme Trials.
  • Players can exchange a total of 1 Inferno Horn, 1 Crag Heart, and 1 Diamond Tear for 2 Crystal Sand.
  • Players can also exchange 1 Vortex Feather, 1 Barb of the Whorl, and 1 Large Levin Orb for 2 Crystal Sand.


4. Grand Company Seals

Video on how to farm Crystal Sand with Grand Company Seals.

How this method works:

  • Players can earn Grand Company Seals through a myriad of ways, from FATEs, Supply and Provisioning Missions, as well as Levequests.
  • Players can then buy 1 Moonstone for 4000 Grand Company Seals each.
  • Players can then exchange 5 Moonstones for 2 Crystal Sands.


3. Level 50-60 Levequests

Video on how to farm Crystal Sand with this method.

The most popular Levequest used for this method is ‘Dance, Magic Dance’ 

  • Can be taken from Eloin in Ishgard
  • Requires a player to kill several mobs in the Dravanian Hinterlands. 
  • However, this method will also work with any level 50-60 Levequests.
  • There is a 20% chance that a chest might drop upon starting the Levequest, which can give a player an ‘Amber-encased Vilekin’ that can be exchanged for two Crystal Sand per Amber-encased Vilekin.
  • In the case that upon starting the Levequest, the chest won’t appear, players can abandon the levequest and retry it again, and repeat this method until a silver chest can appear in the field.


2. Gathering Collectables

Video on how to farm Crystal Sand with this method.

How this method works:

  • A player can gather level 78 and below materials in order to submit them for yellow scrips.
  • The higher the collectability of each item, the more yellow scrips a player can earn.
  • These yellow scrips can then be exchanged for Blue Gatherer’s Scrip Token, for 5 Yellow Scrips each.
  • 5 Gatherer’s Scrip Token can earn 2 Crystal Sand.


1. Crafting Collectables

Video on how to farm Crystal Sand with this method.

How this method works:

  • Similar to the previous method, this method is done by crafting level 78 and below crafting collectables.
  • Level 78 collectables with high collectability will gain the player the most yellow scrips upon submitting it.
  • Players can buy a Blue Crafter’s Scrip Token for 5 Crafter Yellow Scrips each.
  • Players can then exchange 5 Blue Crafter’s Scrip Token for 2 Crystal Sands.

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