[Top 5] FF14 Best Job For Beginners - What's the Best Job to Play? (2022 Edition)

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Mare Lamentorum, also known as the moon, the new field area available in Endwalker.

Final Fantasy XIV has received an influx of new and returning players to the game as a game that has recently been very well received in the MMO community, so much so that the servers were constantly congested and the game's sales had to be temporarily halted.

Now that sales have resumed, and with the arrival of the new Oceania Data Centre, it is unsurprising that the player base has grown once more, with newer players finally able to purchase the game for themselves.

One of the main reasons that many players enjoy FFXIV is that a single character can play all of the available battle jobs in the game, in addition to all of the available gathering and crafting classes. Many people have been drawn into Eorzea by the fact that they do not need to create multiple characters in order to try all of the available battle jobs.

However, while this is undeniably a useful feature that saves a lot of players' time and money, the fact that there are so many battle job options in the game can be intimidating, especially for newer players who don't have much time to try out every single battle job in existence.

As a result, this article will assist newer players by listing five of the best battle jobs for beginners or starter players who are looking forward to their grand adventure as a Warrior of Light in Eorzea. Of course, this list will include at least one tank, one healer, and one DPS to accommodate all players' game preferences.


5. White Mage 

White Mage, the pure healer in Final Fantasy XIV.

White Mage is unquestionably the best option for ambitious healers who like assisting your companions and keeping their group alive with strong heals and spells. As a new player, White Mage is also the only healer they may begin with by selecting the Conjurer class, which will eventually become a White Mage after finishing the level 30 Conjurer Class Quest.

Currently, other healers in the game would require them to first start out as a DPS (Arcanist to Scholar), or reach certain levels in order to unlock them (Astrologian at 30, and Sage at 70). 

Why White Mage is great:

  • Can start out the game as a Healer from the start.
  • Quick queue as a Healer, can clear content much faster.
  • Straightforward and can heal Tanks and party members up very quickly by their healing spells.
  • Powerful offensive attack that deals significant numbers to the enemies.
  • Holy, their AoE skills stun the mobs and cause them to not be able to deal damage to the tank or other party members for a while.
  • Has one of the most powerful single-target healing skills, Benediction, which is able to heal up any dying party member from 1 to full HP.

Choose White Mage if:

  • You like healing, especially in other MMORPGs and games and want to start out as a healer in FFXIV.
  • You like a healer that has straightforward and powerful healing spells that are able to get your party up in no time.
  • You want to play a healer that still does decent damage even when compared with DPS battle jobs.
  • You like playing a healer that is easy to learn.


4. Warrior

Warriors channelling their inner rage and demons.

Warrior, along with Paladin, is one of the two tanks available to play at the start of A Realm Reborn. Starting off as a Marauder, Warrior eventually has the ability to harness their inner wrath in order to deliver massive damage to foes, as well as extraordinary regenerative abilities that have earned them the title of Endwalker's "fifth healer."

Why Warrior is great:

  • Pretty straightforward and simple rotation, which is ideal for newbie players or players with bad ping/connection.
  • Has strong mitigation skills that can withstand a lot of Tankbusters.
  • Has the shortest Invulnerability skill compared to other tanks, making them be able to handle more deadly attacks.
  • Has very strong regeneration skills that are able to heal themselves to full even without the healer’s help, making them more likely to survive even when the healer is dead.
  • Little to no weaves needed in their offensive attacks rotation, making it a job that is beginner and ping friendly.

Choose Warrior if:

  • You like to tank and lead your party through a lot of dungeons and many other battle content.
  • You like to be able to survive longer in a battle through your various mitigation skills as well as your invulnerability skill.
  • You want to play a Tank that can save themselves when you make a mistake or when the healer is unable to heal you.
  • You want to try out a Tank that has simple and straightforward rotation that is easy to learn.


3. Red Mage

Red Mage, the caster that has a powerful Melee Combo as a part of their rotation.

Red Mage is a Caster DPS Battle Job introduced in the Stormblood expansion, Final Fantasy XIV's second major expansion. In contrast to the Summoner and Black Mage, the Red Mage is a Caster DPS profession that uses a rapier to slash their adversaries with a melee combination in addition to weaving and chanting spells.

Why Red Mage is great:

  • The combo rotation for Red mages are fairly straightforward and not as complicated as a Black Mage’s.
  • Red Mage’s Dualcast allows for higher mobility, as this allows them to be able to instant-cast their second spell every time.
  • They have powerful attack skills, both AoE and single target alike.
  • Their powerful Melee Combo allows them to deal a lot of damage as well as provide a long period of mobility

Choose Red Mage if:

  • You want to play a Caster that still has high mobility and interesting rotation.
  • You want to play a mix between a Caster and a Melee battle DPS.
  • You want to be able to help the party since Red Mages have Resurrection skill that allows them to insta cast it with their Dual Cast.
  • You want to deal a lot of damage to the enemies with easy to understand rotation.


2. Reaper

Reaper, the newest Melee DPS job with insane damage and straightforward rotation.

Reaper is the newest Melee Battle DPS released in the Endwalker expansion. Reaper has less talents than other Melee Jobs, however this does not imply that they are weak.

Why Reaper is great:

  • Fairly beginner-friendly, as the combo rotation is straightforward and easy to understand., with only 2 skills that require positionals.
  • Doesn’t require a lot of double weaving unlike some other Melee battle jobs.
  • Very strong attack skills for both single-target and AoE skills, and Reaper is topping the DPS chart right now.
  • A lot of party utility, such as damage up buff for the whole party, as well as a shield that can regenerate the party’s health when broken.

Choose Reaper if:

  • You want to play a Melee battle job that is quite straightforward and easier to understand.
  • You want to play a Melee battle job with only a few skills that need positionals.
  • You want to play a battle job that deals insane damage to the enemies.
  • You want to play a DPS that still brings utility to the party as a whole aside from damage.


1. Summoner

Summoner has become one of the simplest DPS after the revamp in Endwalker, as opposed to one of the most complicated jobs to master in Shadowbringers.

Summoner is often regarded as one of the most difficult occupations in Shadowbringers, since it requires a lengthy cycle that may be difficult to memorize and optimize. The Summoner, on the other hand, has undergone significant changes in Endwalker, making it much easier to use.

Why Summoner is great:

  • Very simple rotation that is suitable for beginners and easy to understand.
  • No more Damage Over Time (DoT) management, making the job less of a hassle to optimise. 
  • Requires much less weaving between each GCD, making the job feel easier to do as a beginner.
  • Has a lot of instant-cast skills in certain parts of the rotation, making the job extremely mobile and able to dodge a lot of deadly attacks easily.

Choose Summoner if:

  • You want to play a caster that gets help from their summons as well as has a simple and straightforward rotation.
  • You want to play a caster that still has many chances to move and be mobile on the battle arena.
  • You want to play a Caster with minimum oGCD and requires less weaving to accommodate bad internet or ping.
  • You want to play a DPS job that is fairly easy to understand but still deals a lot of damage to the enemies.

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