[Top 5] FF14 Best Ways to Level Chocobo

FF14 Best Ways to Level Chocobo
Two Chocobos chilling together in the field.

If you start playing Final Fantasy XIV early enough, you can receive a lifetime companion, a Chocobo, who will accompany you on your journey through Eorzea.

After finishing the game's Main Scenario Quest Line at level 20, a player will be able to join one of the three major Grand Companies of Eorzea and obtain the chocobo. The blue quest My Little Chocobo will be available to them in their respective Grand Companies after that.

A Gysahl Greens, which can be purchased from NPCs with 36 gil each, allows a player to call their Chocobo out into the field at any time. Players can summon a Chocobo for a total of 30 minutes with a single Gysahl Green, or use two Gysahl Greens at once for a total of 60 minutes with the Chocobo.

As a player advances through the battle jobs, so does his or her chocobo level. The Chocobo Rank, on the other hand, has a different leveling system that is independent of the player's level.

Chocobos can be ranked up to level 20, at which point a player can access all of the chocobo's abilities, including those of a Tank, DPS, and Healer. Chocobos rank up manually in the first ten levels, primarily through killing enemies in the field. A player must feed their Chocobo a Thavnairian Onion for each rank to unlock the experience bar for the next one on the last ten levels.

Here are the greatest ways to level up a player's Chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV right now, so they can move through the game's field content much faster.


5. Summoning it in MSQ

A guide on how to level your chocobo

In Final Fantasy XIV, completing the Main Story Quest Line is critical since it unlocks a plethora of new areas and features for the player to discover.

Here's how it all works:

  • In Main Story Questline, players will require themselves to kill a lot of mobs in the field.
  • As a Chocobo can earn experience through killing mobs in the field, summoning it throughout the player’s journey of doing MSQ is a good idea
  • It will be killing two birds with one stone. Players will be able to kill the mobs required for the Main Story Questline faster, and their chocobo will be able to earn experience to rank up.


4. Mob Farming

A guide on how to level chocobo through Mob Farming.

Farming mobs of the same level as the player's chocobo increases the chocobo's level swiftly.

Here's how it all works:

  • For example, killing level 49 mobs when the player is at level 50. 
  • This is because, killing mobs on the field that are in similar level to the player will give a bigger experience points for the Chocobo upon the death of the mobs.
  • Some tips on how to do this is find a place where it is swarmed by mobs, so that players will not need to run and cover a lot of areas in order to search for more mobs, which will save a lot of time for them while doing mob farming.


3. Chocobo Stable

A guide on how to level Chocobo through the Chocobo Stable Training

This is the quickest way to level a player's chocobo, but it's also the simplest and most straightforward.

The way it works is as follows:

  • A player can stable their chocobo in front of any apartments, in big major cities, in their FC house (most FC houses will have a Chocobo Stable), and buy your own Chocobo Stable if you have a house and put it in your house.
  • Buy or plant feed that is required to train the Chocobo. This includes Krakka Root, Curiel Root, Sylkis Bud, Mimett Gourd, Tantalplant, and Pahsana Fruit. Each food gives a different effect to the Chocobo. Look at more information about the feed here.
  • Player can then train their chocobo using the feed the player has earned to their chocobo for experience
  • Players can only train their chocobo once every hour


2. Fate Farming

A video on how to level your chocobo through Fate Farm

Another method for fast raising their Chocobo's rank is Fate Farming.

The way it works is as follows:

  • Fate Farm in areas where the FATE level is similar to the player’s level
  • This is because FATEs that are in similar levels with the player will give the Chocobo more experience.
  • Some players who have already unlocked relic weapons can do this to level up their Chocobo while earning materials needed for their relic weapon, mainly the Zodiac, Anima, and Resistance Relic Weapon.
  • Players can also FATE farm in Shadowbringer’s area to earn Bicolored Gems and raise their Shared Fate level for each region.


1. Weekly Logs

A video on how to level your chocobo with weekly logs

A small amount of effort every week in the form of weekly logs rewards the Chocobo with significant experience.

The way it works is as follows:

  • Weekly logs are weekly quests that a player can complete, and will refresh every Tuesday 5pm JST.
  • There are two weekly logs that can increase a Chocobo’s rank quickly, which are Bosom Buddies 1 and Bosom Buddies II.
  • These require a player to kill 20 and 100 mobs respectively, and the mobs should be similar to the player’s level.
  • Upon completing these two logs, players will earn a lot of experience points for their Chocobo, which are vital to ranking up their Chocobo’s rank.

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