FF XIV: 10 Ways It Can Be Better

FF XIV: 10 Ways It Can Be Better, how to make ff14 better, how to improve ff14
What can be improved from Final Fantasy XIV?

Final Fantasy XIV is a great game! There is no doubt! But even an excellent game could be improved!

As I mentioned earlier, Final Fantasy XIV is undoubtedly an excellent game, but there is still stuff that the developer could do to improve the players' QoL (Quality of Life). These are my 2 cents about what could be improved in Final Fantasy XIV.

10. More Hotbars Availability

Look how full is my hotbars?!

Currently, we can only have up to 10 hotbars. Skills usually take three hotbars, which leaves us with 7. All classes/gear set for quick job change also take 3 hotbars, leaving us with another 4. 2 for HUD change and quick menu drag, leaving us with another 2; this is hardly enough for battle. I use one for command macro and the other for skill macro/indicator; it is barely enough.

9. More HUD Setting Availability

I don't have enough HUD I have to mix for tanks and DPS!

We are currently limited to 4 HUDs. I wasted 1 for class change and menu, 1 for Healer, 1 for tank and DPS, and the last for PVP. I wanted to separate between tank and DPS, but I could not do it because of the limit.

8. Bubble Chat

Bubble chat helps me notice if someone is talking to me. This is an underrated request and has been requested by many players.

7. Battle Attack Indicator

There are 3 types of attack, physical, magic, and unique.

We do not know if something is a magic, physical, or non-elemental attack, though we have the skills to mitigate this attack. Fortunately, the developers are already working on this!

6. Debuff and Buff Time on Teammate Indicator

They are adding it to 6.3!

When we are a healer or tanks, it is essential to be able to see the Buff and Debuff time indicator on party members; unfortunately, this is currently not possible in Final Fantasy XIV. It only shows the buff and debuff but not the countdown, which makes it hard to coordinate, especially if you are not using tools such as Discord. And most of the time, that is the case.

5. Auto Focus Target

It is hard when you are not attacking the boss but adds, and the focus target remains on the boss that is probably not on the map. So, this will be very helpful for tanks and healers especially.

4. Rebalancing Old Raid

Though it is not the majority, a lot of new players want to experience old raid content like how it used to be. Still, due to the downscale that happened on Endwalker expansion, some old contents appear to be unbalanced properly, even impossible to clear.

3. No Daily Limit for Beast Tribe Quest

Limited to 12 quests per day!
To help newbies catch up with the Beast tribe, I think the limit shouldn't be on a daily basis but by each beast tribe. To put it simply, the current system only allows you to take a certain amount of quests with a daily limit regardless of which beast tribe. What I'm suggesting is, what if the quest is not limited by the day but by the beast tribe itself?

2. Different Quest Icons

You may not realize some quests that unlock more emotes!
Different quest icons have already been implemented in Shadowbringer, certain quests that give special items (such as emote) are now in Blue Plus Quest Icons, but it would be nice if they could update for the old ones as well.

1. Reward for Criterion Dungeon

This new dungeon is underrated. Unfortunately, even though it is extremely difficult, there is no reward for clearing this dungeon like the Savage/Ultimate difficulty raid that helps you get your BiS (Best in Slots). I really hope they will give some rewards for challenging content like this too.

Those are the ten things that I wish FFXIV could improve; what do you think? Or do you have better suggestions? I know I didn't include more space for glamour dressers and many more, but I would love to hear your opinion!

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