[Top 10] FF14 Best White Mage Spells That Are Powerful

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The White Mage is the pure healer of Final Fantasy XIV.

White Mage is the first pure healer available in Final Fantasy XIV, and the only healer players can begin with when they begin as Conjurers.

As a pure healer, White Mage relies on their regeneration abilities and powerful healing spells to save and heal their party members.

White Mage is also one of the easiest healers to learn because they have powerful healing spells that can save you from immediate danger and a simple rotation that does not require much weaving, unlike Astrologian, and does not require any pet management, unlike Scholar.

As a result, this article will list ten of the best White Mage spells for any aspiring or learning White Mages out there.


10. Afflatus Rapture

The first spell introduced in this article is Afflatus Rapture, a level 76 healing spell.

Why Afflatus Rapture is Great:

  • First, Afflatus Rapture can be cast instantly, allowing the White Mage to walk around while casting it.
  • It will also cost one lily to heal this spell, as well as one lily to nourish the Blood Lily, which is required to cast Afflatus Misery.
  • It is also an AoE heal with 400 healing potency that can instantly heal all party members within a close radius of the White Mage.

Afflatus Rapture details: https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Afflatus_Rapture


9. Plenary Indulgence

Plenary Indulgence is the second spell to be featured in this article, and is a buff that can strengthen healing spells.

Why Plenary Indulgence is Great:

  • It is a buff that increases the effectiveness of AoE healing spells like Medica, Medica II, Cure III, and Afflatus Rapture.
  • These spells will gain an additional effect of 200 cure potency when cast, increasing the amount of HP restored by these spells.
  • It can also be cast instantly and weaved in between abilities when the White Mage is attacking enemies to prepare them for healing spells.

Plenary Indulgence details: https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Plenary_Indulgence


8. Asylum

Asylum is the third spell to be introduced in this article, and it is a giant dome healing spell.

Why Asylum is Great:

  • Asylum has a healing dome where any player who walks into it will regenerate HP over time, allowing a White Mage to easily do passive healing.
  • They will grant the White Mage a passive regeneration with 100 cure potency for 24 seconds, saving him the trouble of casting another healing spell.
  • Asylum will also boost HP recovery via healing actions for all party members under its dome by 10%, allowing the White Mage to easily perform additional bonus healing when needed.

Asylum details: https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Asylum


7. Holy III

Holy III is an upgrade from Holy, introduced in the Endwalker expansion and the first offensive spell introduced in this article.

Why Holy III is Great:

  • When entering a dungeon, Holy will deal unaspected damage of 150 to all nearby enemies, which will deal massive damage to mobs.
  • Furthermore, enemies hit by Holy will be stunned, allowing White Mage to leisurely spam the spell to stun them and prevent them from attacking their allies.
  • It is also an AoE spell that does not require a target to be cast, allowing White Mages to cast these spells before the enemies approach them, without having to target a specific enemy.

Holy III details: https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Holy_III


6. Thin Air

Thin Air is a must-have spell for any White Mages out there since it can help their mana management easily.

Why Thin Air is Great:

  • Thin air can be cast instantly and weaved between other spells, allowing White Mages to cast it while attacking or healing.
  • Thin Air allows the White Mage to cast their next spell with no MP cost, saving a significant amount of Mana, especially when performing massive healing spells.
  • It will also come in handy when resurrecting someone, as Raise costs a whopping 2400 MP to cast.

Thin Air details: https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Thin_Air


5. Assize

Assize is the next offensive spell to be listed in this article after Holy, but it also has a very notable difference.

Why Assize is Great :

  • Assize is an AoE attack that deals 400 attack potency to all nearby enemies, quickly reducing the mobs' HP and being useful even during a boss fight.
  • It will also restore the HP of all party members with a cure potency of 400, making this skill twice as effective.
  • Using assize also restores 5% of a White Mage's maximum MP, allowing White Mages to cast more spells with more MP.
  • Best of all, it can be cast instantly between spell weaves, making it a very useful spell that can attack, heal, and restore the White Mage's MP.

Assize details: https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Assize


4. Temperance

Temperance is a level 80 White Mage spell that is not only extremely useful, but also looks stunning as it spawns a pair of wings.

Why Temperance is Great:

  • Temperance is a spell that can be cast instantly in between weaves of attack or heal, making it simple for the White Mage to use.
  • Temperance increases healing magic potency by 20% for 20 seconds, making it easier for the White Mage and their co-healer to heal their party member back to full health.
  • It will also grant a buff that reduces damage taken by all party members by 10% for 20 seconds, making it easier for them to stay alive.

Temperance details: https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Temperance_(Ability)


3. Afflatus Misery

Afflatus Misery is the next and last offensive spell to be introduced in this article, and the strongest among them all.

Why Afflatus Misery is Great:

  • It is the most powerful spell available to White Mages, capable of dealing more damage than some Tanks and even DPS.
  • It is also an AoE attack with a whopping 1240 damage potency for the first enemy and 50% less for the remaining enemies. This makes this spell suitable for both dungeon and boss fights.
  • They can also be cast instantly and do not require any mana, but they require a full bloom lily, which can be bloomed by using Afflatus Rapture and Afflatus Solace.

Afflatus Misery details: https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Afflatus_Misery


2. Benediction

Benediction is the strongest spell that a White Mage can have, and can be learned at the low level of 50.

Why Benediction is Great:

  • It is learned early on and is a lifesaver in an emergency, the trump card for all White Mages.
  • It can also be cast instantly in between attacks and spells, easily weaving it in so that no special GCD is required to cast it.
  • It will immediately restore the selected party member's HP to full, which is useful for Tankbusters, where Tanks can drop as low as 1 HP to survive the Tankbusters.

Benediction details: https://finalfantsy.fandom.com/wiki/Benediction_(Final_Fantasy_XIV)


1. Liturgy of the Bell

Liturgy of the Bell is the last spell that is featured on this list, and is also coincidentally the last spell to be learned by the White Mages at level 90.

Why Liturgy of the Bell is Great:

  • Liturgy of the Bell will place a healing blossom, granting the White Mage Liturgy of the Bell stacks.
  • When the White Mage takes damage, it will use the Liturgy of the Bell stack to instantly heal all party members within 20 yalms for 400 cure potency.
  • The remaining stacks that are not popped by damage will trigger an additional healing effect with a potency of 200.
  • It is a very useful spell to cast before a raidwide attack that deals multiple times.

Liturgy of the Bell details: https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Liturgy_of_the_Bell

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