FF14 Endwalker Best Healer Revealed (Ranked Good To Best)

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The healers in FFXIV who always help to keep their allies alive.

Healers have always been a staple of JRPGs and MMORPGs, and Final Fantasy XIV was no exception. Healers have played a significant role in Eorzea's warfare system since the beginning of A Realm Reborn. They are required to keep the party alive and to raise those who have fallen in battle.

A healer's role in a group, as the name suggests, is to heal the members of the party. Healers, on the other hand, must manage their rotation so that they do not overheal while also dealing damage to the enemy. In fact, if the healer does not deal any damage in high-end raids, the team as a whole will be unable to defeat the boss's anger.

This is why, especially for those who are new to healing in FFXIV, selecting the appropriate healer can be critical. This article will outline the healers' strengths as well as the type of player that each healer is best suited for.


4. White Mage

The White Mage is the first pure healer in the game, who is really strong in their heals.

White Mage is the only healer that may be played from the start of the game in character creation, beginning as a Conjurer in Gridania and progressing to a White Mage at level 30.

What White Mage Excels in:

  • Very strong pure healing. White Mages are very good healers when it comes to healing the party member who is low in HP, and want to quickly recover them back to full health before the next raidwide.
  • Benediction, White Mage’s strongest healing ability, can instantly cure any party member’s health to full instantly, which is great for Tank Busters.
  • Medica II is a very strong AoE healing spell that will also put regen on the party members, which can heal them over time quickly.
  • Liturgy of the Bell grants stacks of Liturgy Bell which will heal all party members when they get hit with a whopping 400 cure potency, and the remaining stacks that aren't used up will also heal up the party member for 200 cure potency.
  • High DPS damage. Afflatus Misery is a very strong single and AoE attack that deals insane damage to mobs and bosses. On top of that, a White Mage’s normal AoE attack, Holy, will also stun the mobs and allow the rest of the party members to hit them without being worried about getting hit for a certain period of time.

White Mage Usefulness Score: 90/100


3. Sage

The Sage is the newest Shield Healer introduced in the Endwalker expansion.

Sage is the game's newest healer, joining the Reaper fight role in the Endwalker expansion. Players will be able to play the Sage at level 70 after earning the fight job, decreasing the amount of grinding required.

What Sage Excels in:

Have a lot of regen as well as shields that can help heal the allies and shield them from taking more damage.

  • A lot of their healing abilities can be instantly casted, which is very good to instantly put shields on everyone before a raidwide, or trying to heal up their dying party members quickly.
  • Strong single target and AoE healing skills. Kardia, Soteria, Krasis, Taurochole, and Haima are very good spells and abilities that can be instantly casted between weaves of spells to heal the Tanks quickly.
  • Their AoE heals and shields such as Holos, Panhaima, Physis can be instantly casted which will be able to heal up and shield the Sage’s party members quickly.
  • Very high DPS, for both single and AoE. Their AoE skills that can also deal large damage to the enemies, such as Toxikon and Phlegma, as well as Pneuma, which also do massive AoE damage, are also very strong and can help turn the tides of battle.

Sage Usefulness Score: 92/100


2. Scholar

The Scholar is the first Shield healer in the game before the arrival of the Sage.

Scholar, like the White Mage, is a healer who has been around since the days of A Realm Reborn. They must, however, begin as an Arcanist, a DPS class, before progressing to Scholar at level 30.

What Scholar Excels in:

  • Very strong Shields that can help shield their party members from damage. Their shields are the strongest compared to other healers, and can soak up more damage.
  • Expedient grants the ability for all party members to be able to walk quickly and reduce their damage taken by 10%. While walking quickly may seem useless at first glance, it is extremely useful in high-end raids where party members need to get their spots quickly in order to solve mechanics.
  • A lot of healing shields that can be instantly casted, similar to the Sage. This allows a Scholar to be able to put shields quickly on their allies, such as Fey Illumination, Lustrate, Sacred Soil, Fey Blessing, Summon Seraph, and many more.
  • Chain Stratagem is also a party utility provided by Scholars that will put a debuff on the boss and will allow party members to have increased critical rate and will allow more critical damage to the boss, increasing the damage taken by them.

Scholar Usefulness Score: 94/100


1. Astrologian

The stunning Limit Break 3 of the Astrologian.

Astrologian is the first healer released after the main game's release, notably in the Heavensward expansion, which makes three of these healers available to all free trial players except Sage.

What Astrologian Excels in:

  • Astrologian is a very strong regen healer that has a lot of utility and abilities that greatly separate them from the rest of the healers. Their card system can be complicated for beginners and has a high ceiling skill, which makes Astrologian a job that is hard to master, but is extremely rewarding when one successfully does so.
  • All of Astrologian’s cards give damage buffs to their party members, with The Ballance, The Arrow, and The Spear better suited for Melee DPS and Tanks, and The Bole, The Ewer, and The Spire is better for Ranged DPS and Healers.
  • Divination boosts the party’s damage dealt significantly, and Astrodyne also grants the Astrologian many abilities based on the cards they have played and how many Arcana seals they have. Astrodyne can allow an Astrologian to cast faster and heal more.
  • Extremely strong healing capabilities. Neutral Sect increases the healing potency by 20% and also allows an Astrologian to grant both regen and shield with one Aspected Helios, which can help heal and shield the party in one quick spell.
  • Macrocosmos deals damage to all enemies and will also heal up all party members according to the damage they have taken during the Macrocosmos buff. This will allow an Astrologian to cheese a lot of mechanics which require extremely hard healing checks, such as in P3S’s Death Toll.
  • Earthly Star is a massive healing field that can cover up literally the whole raid field and will heal up the party members and also deal damage to all enemies inside the field with Stellar Detonation.

Astrologian Usefulness Score:98 /100

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