[Top 5] FF14 Most Popular Races

FF14 Most Popular Races
We all know Lalafell rule the Final Fantasy XIV world!

In Final Fantasy XIV, you can choose from several races available like in many other games! What are the most famous races in Final Fantasy XIV, you ask?

Before we get into that, let's talk about races in Final Fantasy XIV. The races in Final Fantasy XIV are extraordinary. Not only that, it's the race you can find in other Final Fantasy francais games, but they are also unique in their ways. Every race has its lore; even their randomly generated names are unique to them and have meaning! Yup, that is how deep the story goes in Final Fantasy XIV. Now, which of these races are the most popular, and why?

5. Hyur

What makes you think this isn't human?

The most basic of all races, the human. We are already human in the real world, and we choose to be human in the Fantasy world. But why not? Yes, you can! This race is popular simply because there are people who want to play as a human in a Fantasy world. If you accidentally click being the Hyur because you thought they are not the human race, I'm sorry to break it up for you, but it is the human race. Don't worry, though; you'd get a free Fantasia on level 50 after finishing the ARR MSQ line.

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4. Au Ra

Real dragon lady and gentleman!

We move on to the half-dragon race. This race is cute, being the woman is far shorter than the man. Their characteristic? They have scales and tails. The women of this race look very small and cute, while the man seems very strong and capable. You first encounter this race on Stromblood. They are currently playable on a free trial. Au Ra has unique hair and eyes customization. They are not the rarest, but they are not non-existence too, unlike certain races.

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3. Viera

The buns are back, hotter than ever!

Viera is currently on the hook. This bunny-eared race was first introduced in Stromblood and became playable in Shadowbringer. With the new male introduced in Endwalker, many people want to be the Hare-boy. It took a while for Male Viera to get introduced. The reason is that they are a no-show in any of the Final Fantasy games until XIV. Of course, the lore got something to do with that too. Yes, the race is a dominant female race. If you are a male Viera, you will need to get out of the city and live in the forest. You only come back to the city during mating, and the women rule the government. Gotta show them who's the boss. Now, listen to what your bunny mother has to say. Sadly, this race has some downside; with such big ears, there are not many extra hairstyles they can put on, and most headgears won't show, too; the devs have been working on this problem since Shadowbringer.

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2. Miqo'te

Did someone say "Miaw"? Because it's supposed to be "Nyan!"

If you are not a bun-boy or bun-girl, the chances are you are a Miqo'te. They have the same feature as the Viera, only smaller ears and have a furry tail, and they also don't have the disadvantage Viera have. Yeah, they can use headgear and extra hairstyle just fine. Somehow the two races also have a similar culture where the women are more dominant than the men! Unlike Viera's motherly race, Miqo'te is more of the cute cat race.

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1. Lalafell

Popoto by any other name.

Trust me, it's not because my main character is a Lalafell, but you need to know that Lalafell did not only fill up most of Ul'dah, but they fill up most of the world. Every time you do your daily roulette, you are stuck with at least one of these Popoto races. This cute little dwarf is either your favorite or your most hated race, and there is just no in-between. You have to either love it or hate it; that is just the rule of Lalafell. The perks of being a Lalafell are you will find friends wherever you go, get a free head pat now and then, and just by emoting to another Lalafell, you can be friends! That is how friendship is happening between the Lalas. The only downside of being a Lalafell is that it's hard to find good glamour. All glamour that looks awesome on other races may look like a meh on this little Popoto.

More about Lalafel here!

That concludes the popular races in Final Fantasy XIV. Which one is your favorite? Do you prefer a taller character or a smaller one like the Popoto? Whichever you choose, you know you can always Fantasia to another race; just be careful not to become an addict. It is no secret that's where the developer gets all their money from *cough cough*.

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