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Empyreum, the newest housing district available soon in Ishgard.

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG with many different elements, not just battles and intense raiding communities, though those are a big part of what makes the game what it is. In a broader sense, however, Final Fantasy XIV is a large socializing game with extensive housing features and designs for players to tinker with.

Aside from personal and FC housing, players who cannot afford their own house due to the large amount of Gil required or the limited amount of housing available can go to the apartments available in any housing ward, which is a cheaper and easier alternative to a house.

While players could not do outdoor gardening or exterior house design, apartments still allow them to design their indoor housing in any way they want, as well as gain access to personal NPCs such as the Mender, an item shop, and direct and close access to the Market Board without having to travel to one of the game's major cities.

This article aims to promote the existence of apartments to fellow FFXIV players and demonstrate their potential by displaying some of the designs and interiors created by the players. All videos in this article are credited to the YouTube link source and the owner of all image captures.


1. Aeneyes’ Hingan Apartment

Aeneyes' apartment design, which they have uploaded to their YouTube channel, is the first to be featured in this article. It is designed in a Hingan, Japanese style.

Reasons why it is great:

  • Japanese style which looks nice and suits the place where the apartment is, which is in Shirogane, located in Kugane.
  • Cosy and comfortable, the best place to come home to after a long day adventuring outside the cities.
  • Filled with nice earthy colours, which are always a delight to the eyes.
  • Includes a small hot tub which is a nice place to relax one’s muscles.


2. Gran Designs’ Apartment

Gran Designs' Apartment is the second apartment on this list, and their design is also available on their YouTube channel. This apartment's main theme is a nice, Amaurotine Apartment.

Reasons why this apartment is great:

  • It has an Amaurotine theme, which is a really important place in the Shadowbringers expansion.
  • Because of the same reason above, this place can also feel nostalgic and evoke emotions in the players.
  • It is also a nice home to come back to, especially since it is also equipped with an extensive kitchen where players can cook their meals.


3. ToastedBabyBuns’ Apartment

ToastedBabyBuns' Apartment design, which they also upload to their YouTube channel, is the third apartment featured in this article.

Some reasons why this apartment is great:

  • It optimises the 100 item limit count in apartments very well.
  • The library-like open windows design is really stunning and extremely pleasing to the eye.
  • A nice place to come and relax after a long day, just for characters to grab a book and read in a nook and corner.
  • There is an upstairs area filled with a bed and also a wardrobe, where the players can relax and sleep after a long day.


4. Yui Sami’s Modern Attic Apartment

Following that is a design by Yui Sami, a YouTuber known for their apartment designs and how-to guides.

Reasons why this apartment is great:

  • Has a full guide on how to build the apartment, which is very good for players who also want to decorate and design their own apartment.
  • This video also has a preview on the finished apartment at the start, which makes it easy for players to imagine the final product before they decide to try out Yui’s tutorial on designing their apartment.
  • The modern, cosy look of the apartment also makes the place look spacious and nice even without a large housing plot.


5. Kage Satsuki’s Apartment

Following that is Kage Satsuki's Apartment, which is a nice, academia-like apartment that is ideal for all bookwords and academicians alike.

Reasons why this apartment is great:

  • The perfect place for a bookworm to live in, as it is filled with many bookshelves and even a nice corner to lay down to either read or sleep.
  • The dark tone of the colours of the room make the apartment has a Dark Academia-like theme, which is a very unique take on an apartment design with its limited capacity on furniture.
  • With the addition of the large city Old Sharlayan in Endwalker expansion, this apartment becomes even more relevant since Old Sharlayan is a city filled with many academicians.


6. Brooke’s Apartment

Brooke's apartment is the next one to be featured in this article, and it has a garden theme as well as a spa and a library.

Why this apartment is great:

  • A mix of many themes, which makes this place a suitable residence for a great many numbers of people with differing opinions and likes.
  • The green, and pinkish colours of the apartment makes it look cosy but also lively and vibrant at the same time.
  • The open windows adorning the place makes it look bright and open, welcoming all those who want to come in and relax beside the fireplace.


7. Xuannie Rafaela’s Apartment

Xuannie Rafaela's apartment is a prime example of how simple design can look good and cozy in Final Fantasy XIV.

Some reasons why it is great:

  • Simple but great, an amazing apartment for the Warrior of Light to come back to after slaying monsters and gods alike.
  • Very spacious as an apartment, with a two-floor design with the first floor being a cosy family room and the second floor being a nice bedroom, complete with a wardrobe.
  • Also includes a hot tub and a makeup space, perfect for all players who like to prepare themselves before a long day outside.


8. Samazkma’s Apartment

Samazkma's Apartment design, which they upload to their YouTube channel, is ideal for both players and citizens.

Why Samazkma’s Apartment is a great apartment:

  • Very spacious and fits many furniture that a human needs inside a small apartment.
  • Has nice, bright and vivid colours enunciating the whole apartment, making it look open and warm.
  • Includes a kitchen and a dining room, perfect for those who like to cook and invite their friends over to eat.
  • Also include a warm bed and a bathroom for your daily needs.


9. ShinyWindows’ Apartment

ShinyWindows' Apartment is a nice, homey-like apartment that they uploaded to their YouTube Channel.

Some reasons why this apartment is great:

  • The video itself is complete with humorous captions that the players can laugh along with as ShinyWindows show their apartment.
  • It is very spacious, a two-floor design with a cosy, hingan-style bedroom on the second floor.
  • The Slanted Windows design makes the apartment look bright with warm, earthy colours of the furniture.
  • Many miscellaneous items around the apartment makes it look even cosier and lived-in, a nice little hut for the characters to live in.


10. Ahdee’s Apartment

Last but not least, there's Ahdee's Apartment, which you can see and watch in the YouTube link above.

Why Ahdee’s apartment is great:

  • It has a Hingan / Doman / Japanese theme surrounding the apartment, a perfect choice for those who adore the Japanese culture and theme of the country.
  • The windows and the sliding doors as well as the NPCs make the vibe of the apartment even more Japanese, which suits the overall theme of the apartment really well.
  • There is also a dining room overlooking a small, green garden, makes the place feels even more zen. 

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