[Top 15] FF14 Best Weapons (And How To Get Them)

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The Weapon’s Refrain, the first Ultimate Raid in the game which also gives a shining blue weapon that can be exchanged with the totem earned from the clear.

Weapons have always been an important aspect for many players and gamers who enjoy playing the game. This is undoubtedly true in FFXIV, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with millions of players worldwide.

The reasons why a character's weapon is so important in the game may differ from person to person. Some players want the best ultimate stats they can get for a specific job, while many more want to look cool and amazing with the weapon they're wearing.

In fact, in Final Fantasy XIV, your weapon represents your efforts and accomplishments. Ultimate weapons, for example, can only be obtained by players who have completed at least one of the game's three most difficult raids.

Meanwhile, Zeta weapons can only be obtained by players who are dedicated to hardcore grinding, as Zodiac Relic Weapons are notorious for the grindfest that players must endure in order to obtain their weapon.

Weapons in FFXIV can also be glamoured, which is a nice feature because it allows players to wear their favorite weapon with pride without having to worry about the weapon's stats. Any player can easily enter Limsa Lominsa and find a Dark Knight flaunting their gleaming Greatsword for all to see.

For these reasons, this article aims to compile a list of fifteen of the best weapons currently available in the game via various methods. While opinions on which one is the best will differ from person to person, this list can assist newbie players who are looking for their first shiny weapon to purchase in the game.


15. Hyperconductive Anima Weapons

A beautiful, shiny Hyperconductive Hvergelmir for the Black Mages.

The Anima Weapon is one of the Relic Weapons introduced in the Heavensward expansion, the game's first major expansion following the release of A Realm Reborn. Relic weapons are a questline in which players will do a lot of grinding to upgrade their Relic weapon, which in this case is the Anima Relic weapon.

Instead of only looking good at the top tier, many Relic weapons, such as the Anima Weapon, have a unique shine that makes them look good and amazing even at the middle stages. The fourth step of the Anima Relic weapon quest, which requires a player to upgrade their Relic weapon with 5 Aether Oils, is to obtain Hyperconductive Anima weapons.

What makes Hyperconductive Weapons great:

  • It does not require crazy grinding as compared to other relic weapons.
  • Suitable for new players who want a nice-looking weapon without too much effort.
  • Not too difficult to get, as players are not required to complete any hard content such as Savage or Ultimate raids.
  • Free trial players can also acquire this weapon as it is introduced in the Heavensward expansion.

A video explaining how to get Hyperconductive Anima Weapons.

Hyperconductive Anima Weapon details.


14. Resistance Augmented Law’s Order Relic Weapons

A beautiful red, shiny Augmented Law’s Order Rapier for the Red Mages.

The Augmented Law's Order Weapons quest is part of the Resistance Weapon Relic quest, which is part of the Relic Weapons introduced in Shadowbringers, the game's third major expansion.

Augmented Law's Order Weapon is the fifth and final stage of the Resistance Weapon Relic questline. When these weapons are first released, the grind to obtain them is extremely difficult and time-consuming. However, the game has now nerfed the process, and players can now progress much faster through their Resistance Relic weapon.

What Augmented Law’s Order Weapons great:

  • As they are still newly released, not a lot of people have them for every job.
  • The nerfing process makes this weapon easier to get compared to when it first launched.
  • Progressing through this relic weapon can be done through Bozja, which is also a great place to level battle jobs from 71 to 85 or even above.

How to Get Augmented Law's Order Weapons: 

Augmented Law’s Order Weapon Details.


13. Resistance Blade’s Weapons

A unique, crystal-like gunblade for the gunbreakers.

Resistance's Blade Weapon, like the previous point on the list, is part of the Resistance Relic Weapon quest in Shadowbringers. In fact, it is also the questline's final step, requiring the player to upgrade their Augmented Law's Order Weapon into a Resistance Blade Weapon.

What makes Resistance’s Blade Weapon Great:

  • It looks unique compared to other shiny Relic Weapons, with a Crystal-like design that make it extremely distinctive.
  • The requirement to upgrade an Augmented Law’s Order Weapon into a Resistance Blade Weapon is not heavy and doesn’t require too much time.
  • Similarly, players can grind this last step weapon through Bozja content, which allow players to level their alt jobs as well as gain access to many mounts and minions exclusive to Bozja.

How to Get Resistance Blade’s Weapon:

Resistance Blade’s Weapon details.


12. Hades Ex Trial Weapons

A beautiful, shining dark gem of an Augmented Zelotupia for the Dancers.

Hades' Auracite is a rare drop from Shadowbringers' extreme trial, specifically The Minstrel's Ballad: Hades' Elegy. This rare drop can later be crafted into a one-of-a-kind shiny weapon with a beautiful purple glow.

What Hades’ Extreme Weapon Great:

  • The aesthetic of the weapon is suitable for the Shadowbringers expansion. 
  • Eye-catching and glamorous glam that is not too hard to grind, as players just need to spam the extreme trials repeatedly.
  • Alternatively, players can buy the Auracite in the Market Board or even the weapon itself with Gil.

A guide for Hades Extreme trial:

Hades’ Extreme Weapons details.


11. Zodiac Nexus Relic Weapons

Dragoon’s eye-catching Gae Bolg Nexus.

The Zodiac Relic is the game's first Relic questline, which debuted in A Realm Reborn. However, the Zodiac Relic is still regarded as one of the most difficult grinds that players must endure in order to obtain the desired relic.

While the grind may deter many players from embarking on the Zodiac questline, the rarity may entice some players who desire a rarer weapon for their characters.

What makes Zodiac Nexus great:

  • Not a lot of players have the Zodiac relic, making it unique and one-of-a-kind.
  • Nexus isn’t the last step for the Zodiac relic quest, but rather the sixth, which makes it less of a grind as compared to the last phase relic.
  • Even though it is not yet “finished”, Zodiac Nexus relic weapons still look shiny and eye-catching.

How to Get Zodiac Nexus Relic:

Zodiac Nexus Relic Weapon details.


10. Eureka Physeos Weapons

The red pair of Kasasagi Physeos daggers for the awesome Ninja.

Eureka is an instance as well as a Relic weapon questline introduced in the Stormblood expansion, the game's second expansion after Heavensward.

Eureka introduces a unique content and leveling system reminiscent of old school MMORPGs, in which players must slay mobs indefinitely in order to rank up and become stronger.

What makes Eureka Physeos great:

  • Not a lot of people do Eureka because of the separate leveling system, and therefore the Eureka Relic weapon is rare.
  • Doing Eureka can also yield rare items that can sell for millions in the Market Board, such as the minions.
  • Completing the final raid in Eureka will also grant a player an exclusive mount reward, Demi-Ozma.

A Video on How to Start Eureka.

Eureka Physeos Details.


9. Sharpened Anima Weapons

The elegant Sharpened Cane of the White Tsar for all White Mages out there.

Sharpened Anima Weapons, like Hyperconductive Anima Weapons, are part of the Anima Weapon Relic. Players can obtain the Sharpened Anima Weapon by reselling their Reconditioned Anima Weapon with 18 Singing Clusters.

What makes Sharpened Anima Weapons great:

  • Similar to the Hyperconductive Anima Weapons, Sharpened Anima Weapons are not too hard of a grind to get as compared to other Relic Weapons.
  • Only need two additional steps to get Sharpened Anima Weapon from Hyperconductive Anima Weapons.
  • Can be done over the weekly quest instead of a different and hard grind.

How to Get Sharpened Anima Weapon:

Sharpened Anima Weapon Details.


8. Recollection Resistance Weapons

The intricately designed Espiritus Recollection for the Summoners.

Resistance Weapons Recollection is also a part of the Resistance Weapons Relic introduced in Shadowbringers. What distinguishes this Recollection Weapons from the two previous Resistance Weapon Relic entries is that it is only the third step in the Relic Weapon questline, and the look for this Relic weapon is adored by all.

What makes  Recollection Resistance Weapon great:

  • The shiny weapon look of Recollection Resistance Weapon is good for almost every battle job in the game.
  • The grind is not too bad as compared to the later versions of the Resistance Relic Weapon, with the bitter memories obtainable from doing Leveling Roulette once everyday.
  • The weapons are dyeable, so players can adjust the look based on their own preferences.

How to Get Recollection Resistance Weapon:

Recollection Resistance Weapon details.


7. Eureka Pyros Weapons

The flaming Pyros Blade of the Samurai.

The Eureka Pyros weapon, as the name suggests, is also a part of the Eureka instance and Relic Weapon questline in Stormblood. Pyros is ranked higher than Physeos because it requires less grinding and looks better.

What makes Eureka Pyros Weapons great:

  • A unique, flaming look for all the Eureka Pyros Relic Weapons. It is distinctive and unique.
  • Requires less grind than Physeos, as players only need the first 3 instance of Eureka, up to Pyros, instead of having to unlock Hydatos as well, the last instance of Eureka is also the hardest.
  • Eureka is also a great instance to fill out your Weekly Challenge Logs.

How to Get Eureka Pyros Weapon:

Eureka Pyros Weapon details.


6. Complete Anima Weapons

The stunning Terpander bow of the Bard.

The Complete Anima Weapon Relic Questline is similar to the Hyperconductive and Sharpened Anima Weapons questlines. The Complete Anima Weapons, contrary to what the name implies, are the second to last step in the Anima Weapon Questline.

What makes Complete Anima Weapon Great: 

  • Similar to the previous two, Anima Weapon requires less of a grind, even to get it at the last stages.
  • The Complete Anima Weapon is much shinier and more intricately designed than the previous Anima Weapon stages, making it look better and more distinctive.
  • Less people own the complete Anima Weapons as compared to the previous versions as it still requires more grind to do, so it is rarer.

A Video Guide on How to Get Complete Anima Weapon.

Complete Anima Weapon details.


5. Anima Weapons Lux

The complete Anabasis Lux book for the Scholar.

The Complete Anima Weapon Relic Questline is similar to the Hyperconductive and Sharpened Anima Weapon Questlines. Despite its name, the Complete Anima Weapons are not the final step in the Anima Weapon Questline, but rather the second last.

What makes Anima Weapon Lux great:

  • It has a much brighter shine and polish as compared to only completing the Anima Weapon from the previous stage.
  • It doesn’t require a lot of additional grind to upgrade your Complete Anima Weapon to Anima Weapon Lux, especially after having a battle job at level 90, the current max level.
  • Being able to complete the Relic weapon questline in its entirety also gives a lot of additional achievements and allow you to complete another Anima Weapon for other battle jobs.

How to Get Anima Weapon Lux:

Anima Weapon Lux details.


4. Zodiac Relic Zeta

Excalibur Zeta, the ultimate sword and shield for the Paladin.

A Realm Reborn's me. While it has less luster than other last stage Relics from later expansions, it is still intricately designed.

What makes Zodiac Relic Zeta great:

  • It is a very rare weapon in FFXIV as it takes a long and painful grind to be able to acquire the last stage of the Zodiac Relic Zeta weapon.
  • Not only it is rare, completing the whole entirety of Zodiac Relic Weapon also gives many achievements and a special title.
  • The design of Zodiac Relic Zeta is intricate and beautiful, and is very distinctive, making it one of a kind in the game. 

How to Get Zodiac Relic Zeta:

Zodiac Relic Zeta details.


3. The Weapon’s Refrain Weapons

The shining blue gem of the Bravura Ultima for Warriors.

The last three weapons belonged to the game's rarest weapons, which can only be obtained through Ultimate Raids. The first belonged to the game's first Ultimate Raid, The Weapon's Refrain.

What makes The Weapon’s Refrain Weapons great:

  • Among the three ultimate raids, The Weapon’s Refrain is the first Ultimate Raid, which makes it less difficult as compared to the later two.
  • Even so, it still gives a unique and distinctive blue glow that only belongs to The Weapon’s Refrain weapons.
  • Gives a certain prestige of being able to clear one of the three hardest Raids in the game.

A Video Guide on How to Get The Weapon’s Refrain Weapons.

The Weapon’s Refrain details.


2. The Unending Coil of Bahamut’s Weapons

The sharp Ultimate Dreadwyrm Claws for the savage Monks.

The Unending Coil of Bahamut, like The Weapon's Refrain weapons, is the game's second Ultimate Raid, appearing in the Stormblood expansion. Players who complete the raid, also known as UCOB, will receive a totem, which they can exchange for a shiny yellow weapon of their choice.

What makes The Unending Coil of Bahamut’s weapons Great:

  • It gives a yellow glow that is distinctive only to The Unending Coil of Bahamut’s raid weapons.
  • It gives prestige that players have been able to clear the Unending Coil of Bahamut with their party.
  • Clearing UCOB will also give a certain title that will only apply for those who have cleared them.

A Video Guide on How to Get The Unending Coil of Bahamut’s weapons.

 The Unending Coil of Bahamut’s weapon details.


 1. The Epic of Alexander Weapons

Ultimate Nothung, the most stunning weapon for Dark Knights in the game.

The Epic of Alexander is the game's third and most recent Ultimate Raid, and it will be followed by the Dragonsong Ultimate Raid in the upcoming Endwalker 6.1 patch.

What makes The Epic of Alexander’s Weapons Great:

  • It is the latest and currently the hardest Ultimate Raid in the game, which means that less people have this weapon.
  • It’s design for the weapons are very intricate with a shiny glow as well as a rolling, running clock decorating the weapon all over.
  • Wearing this weapon also gives prestige that the players wearing it have cleared The Epic of Alexander, the Ultimate Raid.

How to Get The Epic of Alexander’s Weapons:

The Epic of Alexander’s Weapons details.

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