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The newest Trust member that players can use in the Endwalker expansion.

The Shadowbringers expansion introduces a new system called the Trust System. It enables players to enter dungeons with NPCs rather than other players. Although for the time being, the only supported dungeons that can use this system are those from both the Shadowbringers and Endwalker expansions, the developers intend to expand the Trust System to include dungeons from all previous expansions, making the game more accessible for players who simply want to enjoy the story without having to queue for dungeons or interact with the multiplayer aspect of the game.

With the Trust System becoming more heavily integrated into the core dungeon system of the game, this article aims to discuss some of the best Trust party members that players can use, as well as the main reasons why.

The developers of Endwalker have added the 'Scenario' and 'Avatar' systems to Trust. The 'Avatar' system allows players to select their Trust members when entering the dungeon, and these Avatars can be leveled up to level 90, where players can gain exclusive benefits and rewards such as achievements, unique titles, and the ability to change the glamour for the related party member.

The Scenario System, on the other hand, allows a player to enter dungeons with the NPCs that are physically available at the time the story takes place, but to be able to repeat it in the future and easily enter dungeons to level alt battle jobs without having to bother leveling their Trust NPCs up to the required level of the dungeon. This system also allows players to re-enter the dungeon with NPCs who are not available in the Avatar System.

Because Trust is a system that integrates NPCs into the player's gameplay, this article will contain major spoilers for Endwalker, and players who have not completed the Main Scenario Quest for Endwalker are advised not to read this article until they have completed the entire Main Scenario Quest for Endwalker.


5. Best First DPS

Estinien, the Azure Dragoon who is the favourite character of many players out there.

Given that many of the Trust members that players can bring into dungeons are Casters, it is no surprise that the new kid on the block, Estinien, has earned the title of one of the best DPS as well as one of the DPS that is most frequently chosen to participate in the Trust Dungeon System.

What Makes Estinien great:

  • With Ryne not being available to be chosen in the Endwalker dungeons, there is no more Melee battle jobs that can be chosen in Trust dungeons
  • Being the only Melee battle job trust member that can be chosen by players to participate in Endwalker dungeons, Estinien has become a very popular choice, especially among those who also play Casters in Trust Dungeons, and prefer to go with a different battle job on the trust party roster.
  • Estinien can deal a lot of damage to the enemies as a Dragoon, which can help quicken the Trust dungeons a lot more as compared with using double casters.
  • Estinien can also give you special buffs that a Dragoon or even exclusive skills he owns, which can help boost your damage up as well.
  • Big AoE attacks, which is a very good change as compared to several other NPCs who refuse to use them, or only use them sparingly.

Estinien details:

  • Estinien is available to be chosen in Trust Dungeons in Endwalker since the very first dungeon that the player unlocked in the Endwalker Main Scenario Questline.
  • Estinien can be chosen in all Endwalker dungeons for Main Scenario Questline (Scenario System), except for Ktisis Hyperboreia, the level 87 dungeon.
  • Estinien’s avatar can be chosen to participate in all dungeons in Endwalker after the player has unlocked the Avatar Trust system.
  • He is also among the many NPCs that players can bring into the second Endwalker trial.
  • He has very high HP and defence, making him a bit similar to a 2nd Tank.


4. Best Second DPS

Y’shtola, the favourite character among many players in FFXIV.

Y'shtola is an NPC that players have encountered since the beginning of their journey, particularly when they chose Limsa Lominsa as their starting point. She begins as a Conjurer and a White Mage, serving as the healer who replenishes everyone's health, before becoming a Black Mage during the Shadowbringers era.

What Makes Y’shtola great:

  • If she is your favourite character among many others, then being able to bring her into the party with you is always a plus point.
  • As she is already an NPC you can bring into Trust Dungeons since Shadowbringers, you may have her levelled if you use Trust before to level up alt jobs.
  • If this is the case, it will be much easier to choose her and level her up in the Avatar System rather than choosing Scenario System as a way to level up alt battle jobs. 
  • The reason why this is a better choice is because levelling up all Trust NPCs to max level will earn the player a rare achievement and title to brag for.
  • She also has minor AoE splash damage, as contrary to many other Trust NPCs who do not use any AoE skills as a DPS. While not as much as Estinien, it is better than some others.

Y’shtola details:

  • In Ktisis Hyperboreia, you can follow Y’shtola during the first boss mechanic since she will be able to tell the mechanic very easily.
  • If the healer you have chosen for the Trust dungeon is dead, she will be taking over healing and try to salvage the party by casting healing spells.
  • She doesn’t try to use the Limit Break as soon as the gauge is filled like many other Trust NPCs, such as Estinien or Alisaie.
  • She is one of three NPCs that can be a Black Mage in Trust Dungeon system, although she is the only one among the three that does not have another battle job that players can choose for her.


3. Best Tank

Everyone’s best catboy, G’raha Tia.

If Y'shtola is the best catgirl in the playerbase, G'raha Tia is the best catboy in the playerbase. G'raha Tia has gained a lot of fame as one of, if not, the most popular NPC in the Shadowbringers era, and he brings back his tearful moment that has been planned since A Realm Reborn years and years ago.

What Makes G’raha Tia a good Tank:

  • In the Trust dungeon system, G’raha can actually be an omni-battle job, meaning he can be a Tank, Healer, or a DPS. However, players most often use him as a Tank.
  • After completing Reflections in Crystal, a Main Scenario Questline in Shadowbringers era, players will be able to unlock G’raha as a Trust party member and he immediately starts at level 80, saving the time for players from levelling him up from level 71.
  • He can use any skills and abilities related to the job he’s playing, although he may not have the required level for said skill, making him extremely effective when levelling up alt jobs in lower level dungeons.
  • As a Paladin, he can use Clemency in case of emergencies on himself or party members, which can save the party from a wipe.
  • On top of that, if he’s dying and at low health, he can also use Hallowed Ground and make him invulnerable to any attack.

G’raha Tia details:

  • If you choose to assign him a healer position, he will become a White Mage.
  • On the other hand, if you assign him the DPS position, he will become a Black Mage. While he has similar skills to Y’shtola, he sacrifices AoE damage to burst single target damage, which is ideal for boss fights but not for trash mob fights.


2. Best Healer 

Urianger, the healer who is strong on his speech skills.

Urianger is the only Astrologian NPC available to players. Urianger is an interesting NPC who has been known since A Realm Reborn and may add some flair to his skills as well as his speech.

What Makes Urianger a great healer:

  • He might cast Death on occasion to help insta-kill mobs on the field, making the dungeon much faster to clear.
  • Like Astrologians in general, Urianger will also provide damage up buffs for all the DPS in the party, which helps with the party’s damage output and help quicken the rate on how fast the dungeon can be cleared.
  • He also might use Gravity, Astrologian’s AoE skill, and his Gravity will also be able to inflict heavy and slow to the enemies, which helps quicken the dungeon’s rate much faster,
  • As a Regen healer, Urianger can also help recover the Tank’s HP up rather quickly.
  • He will be able to draw cards and give them to the players, which can help boost the player’s damage, especially when they’re playing a DPS job.

Urianger details:

  • In the second trial of Endwalker, if players choose to run it with the Trust party members and the player is a healer, Urianger will become a Lithomancer, which acts similarly as pre-Endwalker Summoner.
  • The second trial Scenario run is also the only run where Urianger will have another battle job he can change into.


In case you might have missed the Spoiler Warning from before, it is very highly advised that you continue reading only if you have completed the Main Scenario Questline for Endwalker, as the last point will introduce a lot of spoilers to the party.


1. Ktisis Hyperboreia Scenario Trust

Ktisis Hyperboreia, one of the best dungeons that has ever been introduced in the game purely because of its Scenario Trust System.

This dungeon is most likely the main reason why the developers implemented two different Trust systems in Endwalker, which include the Avatar System, in which players can level up the NPC's Avatar, and the Scenario System, in which players can bring in the original NPCs related to the Main Scenario Questline even after the player has completed the entire Questline.

Ktisis Hyperboreia is the only dungeon in the game where the NPCs from Scenario Mode and Avatar Mode are completely different, with no similarities. This unique dungeon will allow the player to enter and clear it with the Ascians, a notable enemy race that the player has been hunting since A Realm Reborn.

Emet-Selch, the main antagonist and the final boss of the Shadowbringers expansion, is also among the party. The other two are Hythlodaeus, the kind Ascian ghost whom the player has met in Amaurot and again in Mare Lamentorum, and Venat, Hydaelyn's original persona.

What Makes Ktisis Hyperboreia’s Scenario Mode great:

  • Being able to clear a dungeon with notable NPCs that has been a huge part of the player’s Main Scenario Questline is already a big plus in of itself.
  • Ktisis Hyperboreia is objectively a fast dungeon compared to Vanaspati or even Aitiascope, which makes it an ideal dungeon to grind for levels between 87 and 90.
  • Very ideal for players who do not want to bother leveling up their Trust Party Members’ Avatars, as Scenario Mode will automatically sync the NPC’s level to the dungeon level.
  • As immortal Ascians, this dungeon’s Trust NPCs are objectively stronger than your usual Scion.
  • Every NPC in this dungeon’s Scenario Mode can resurrect each other instantly regardless of job restrictions.
  • Hythlodaeus and Venat has very strong healing abilities which can instantly recover a party member’s or even the whole party’s HP to full.
  • Emet-Selch as a Tank has very strong mitigations and attack,
  • Venat as a DPS will be able to provide regular buffs for the party as a whole, as well as True Bravery on the player, which can boost their damage even more.

Ktisis Hyperboreia Scenario Mode details:

Hythlodaeus is the only party member which cannot switch to any other job, and he is only usable as a Bard.

  • However, Hythlodaeus has strong AoE skills which can burn down enemies, as well as access to True Benediction, which can instantly fully restore the target’s HP when they’re dangerously low.
  • Hythlodaeus can also use True Raise on Emet-Selch or Venat if they are defeated.
  • Emet-Selch can either be a Tank as a Dark Knight, or a DPS, as a Black Mage, making him the 3rd Black Mage Trust Member NPC as a DPS.
  • As a Dark Knight he can use high-damage attacks when he is at low health, as well as use Katabasis, which essentially functions as an invulnerability skill like Living Dead.
  • He can use Anabasis, which will resurrect either Hythlodaeus or Venat.
  • He will try to use limit breaks as soon as possible, just like Alisaie. Unlike Hythlodaeus who will let the player Limit Break if the player is on the DPS role, Emet-Selch will still try to Limit Break as soon as possible.
  • Venat can fill in any missing role required. She can be a Tank as a Paladin, a White Mage healer, and a Dancer DPS.
  • She is very strong as a healer specifically, where she regularly cast True Stoneskin, a party mitigation ability.
  • As a Paladin, she will be able to Clemency herself, as well as use True Hallowed Ground on very low HP and even heal herself to full using True Renew. She is an ideal Tank to choose if players want to level up their healer job without much effort.
  • True Renew will also instantly fill up the whole party’s HP and MP, acting as a party-wide Benediction with a plus on MP recovery too.
  • Similar to the other two, she can also resurrect Emet-Selch and Hythlodaeus using True Arise, regardless of which job she is on currently.


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