[Top 2] FF14 Best Ways to Farm Timeworn Artifacts

FF14 Best Ways to Farm Timeworn Artifacts
Shadowbringer’s relic weapon’s final step for Dark Knight, Blade’s Justice.

Final Fantasy XIV is a game that implements the system of relic weapons closely into the game’s design. Relic weapons are the most powerful weapon of each expansion when a player finally completes the whole questline. In addition, a lot of Relic weapons are also shiny and look fantastic, which can make it a good weapon glamour for a lot of players.

In this current expansion of Shadowbringers, players may grind for their own unique relic weapon through Bozja, the contents they can access after finishing the Shadowbringer’s Main Story Questline, as well as the Stormblood’s Alliance Raid questline.

After accessing Bozja, players will start grinding for their Relic weapon for a specific job. In the fifth step on grinding this relic, players will be asked to submit 15 Timeworn Artifacts to augment their Law Order’s relic. This article will give the players some best ways to grind Timeworn Artifacts to get the relic weapon of their dream.


2. Palace of the Dead

This video by Cole Evyx describes how fast a player can farm Timeworn Artifacts in Palace of the Dead when compared to the other method, Delubrum Reginae.

Grinding out the Palace of the Dead for Timeworn Artifacts is one of the two ways available right now in the game to obtain these materials required to augment a player’s Law Order’s relic. 

  • Palace of the Dead is one of the two available Deep Dungeons that a player can do currently, aside from Heaven-on-High. 
  • Palace of the Dead can be unlocked easily at a low level, so players who are currently grinding their Shadowbringers relic weapon must already have this unlocked, and they can enter Palace of the Dead in Quarymill at South Shroud.
  • However, grinding it through the Palace of the Dead can be time-consuming, as it is not a guaranteed drop, especially on the lower levels. 
  • Players who have unlocked higher levels of Palace of the Dead can quickly grind Timeworn Artifacts through this way as the drop chance is increased significantly on clearing level 100 and above of Palace of the Dead.
  • Doing Palace of the Dead is also a suitable way for players who want to quickly level their other battle jobs through this deep dungeon-like Palace of the Dead is also an ideal place for players to level their alt battle jobs swiftly.
  • This is also a suitable option for players looking to clear Palace of the Dead until level 200, either with a group or solo, for the rare titles it can get the players. 
  • In addition, grinding out the Palace of the Dead can also allow players to get only shiny weapons from this content, so it will be ideal for players who want multiple cool weapons with grinding only one range.


1. Delubrum Reginae

This video by Jud-nak Gaming describes how a player can quickly get all 15 Timeworn Artifacts through Delubrum Reginae in one hour.

Why Delubrum Reginae is effective to farm Timeworn Artifacts:

  • Delubrum Reginae is the other option a player can choose to quickly get their Timeworn Artifacts. It is a 24-man duty that is also a part of Bozja’s content that a player can access upon high enough Mettle in Bozja and complete all the blue story questline in Bozja.
  • A player must unlock Delubrum Reginae before they can progress through their Relic Weapon quests, so players aiming to augment their Law Order’s Relic weapon must already have this content unlocked.
  • Delubrum Reginae can be quite long to clear, which may averagely take 20 to 40 minutes per clear, depending on what Lost Actions and Lost Find’s items every player uses and brings with them.
  • However, clearing Delubrum Reginae will guarantee a drop of three Timeworn Artifacts per run, so players will only need to do five Delubrum Reginae to augment their Law Order’s resistance relic weapon.
  • This is the optimal way for players who just want to quickly get their relic done without wanting to bother with leveling their alt battle jobs or getting another shiny weapon or rare title in Palace of the Dead. 


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