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Heaven-on-High, one of the Two Deep Dungeons available in FFXIV.

Final Fantasy XIV is a game that offers players a plethora of content that they can explore and clear at their own pace. In this game, players can explore expansive dungeons, extraordinary raids, and thrilling trials as they progress through their Main Story Questline.

Deep Dungeons are one of the many battle contents available for players to play through in this MMORPG. As of now, there are two Deep Dungeons available in the game, which are Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High. 

Palace of the Dead can be unlocked early on in a player's journey. It only requires a player to finish the level 17 Main Story Questline 'Into a Copper Hell.' After that, they can take the blue quest 'The House that Death Built' in New Gridania to unlock the Palace of the Dead.

Heaven-on-High is the second deep dungeon available in the game that can only be unlocked once a player reaches level 61 in any battle job and has arrived in the Stormblood Main Story Questline. In addition, players must also finish through the first 30 levels of Palace of the Dead to unlock Heaven-on-High. After fulfilling both criteria, players can unlock this second Deep Dungeon by completing the blue quest 'Knocking on Heaven's Door' in The Ruby Sea.

Inside these two Deep Dungeons, a player will experience a different leveling and gearing system from usual. They will enter as a level 1 battle job upon starting Palace of the Dead and level 60 in Heaven-on-High. They will then easily acquire levels inside as they kill monsters and bosses. 

However, these level-ups won't be brought outside the Deep Dungeon. A player can be a level 60 Monk inside Palace of the Dead and be a level 25 Monk in general in the game.

In addition, the status from a player's gear won't translate inside the dungeon as well. Whether a player enters the Deep Dungeon buck naked or fully geared will not matter inside.

Instead, these Deep Dungeons have a unique gearing system, which is through the Aetherpool Gear. A player can see their Aetherpool Gear level upon entering the Deep Dungeons. The higher level their Aetherpool gear, the stronger they will be inside. Both Aetherpool weapons and armor can be leveled up all the way until level 99.

The main reason why Aetherpool gear is essential is that it allows a player to quickly kill mobs and bosses inside the Deep Dungeons. It is instrumental for players who want to level their alt battle jobs through Deep Dungeons or just simply wanting to clear the Deep Dungeons all the way to level 200 and 100 for Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High, respectively.

Players who want to get the scarce titles for clearing these two Deep Dungeons solo will also need to maximize their Aetherpool gear to solo through these contents quickly.

Not to mention, a player's Aetherpool gear levels can also be exchanged for a shiny, excellent weapon exclusive to these Deep Dungeons. 

For those reasons, this article will detail some of the best ways to level up your Aetherpool Gear level in these two Deep Dungeons!


5. Play Solo

This video explains the advantages on going solo in Deep Dungeons.

Gaining Aetherpool through playing Deep Dungeons solo is one of the best ways currently. 

  • The first main reason playing solo is good is that players can explore each level however they want it.
  • This is because when a player matches up with random players through queueing it in a random match, players may find other players who just want to breeze through the Deep Dungeons quickly.
  • This might not be ideal for players who specifically want to increase the levels of their Aetherpool gear, as they need to open silver chests that can be found at random places at each level for a chance to raise the level of either their Aetherpool weapon or armor.
  • Many players in a matched Duty Finder may want to skip exploring the levels to quickly finish their run, so players might not be able to find the Silver Chests needed to level their gear up. For this reason, it is good to go through the Deep Dungeons solo to find the silver chests by themselves.
  • Doing Deep Dungeons solo will take a way longer time as compared to doing it in a group. However, a player can also play through it solo to practice doing it alone if they want the super rare titles of clearing Deep Dungeons all by themselves.


4. Find a Party Finder

This video explains a tutorial on how to create a party finder in FFXIV.

Another option to gain Aetherpool levels in Deep Dungeons is by creating a Party Finder specifically for that reason. A player can open their own Party Finder for either one of the two Deep Dungeons and recruit fellow players who want to increase their Aetherpool level gear.

  • Doing a Party Finder might be tricky. A player has to do it in an hour where the game is crowded with many other players, as opening a Party Finder when the game is primarily empty would mostly not be successful.
  • It might also take a bit long for a player to wait for other players to join in. They can also help link their Party Finder in shout chat in South Shroud for Palace of the Dead or The Ruby Sea for Heaven-on-High to make players who want to access these Deep Dungeons notice the Party Finder.
  • If a player can find a 4-man party this way, farming Aetherpool gear in the Deep Dungeon will be much faster than doing it solo. 
  • The party may also split up to cover different areas of each level to progress through the ranks quickly while still opening all the Silver chests in each level to upgrade their Aetherpool gear.
  • In addition, with a party, players can also progress through the Deep Dungeons' levels much quicker, which is also a significant advantage for them. 
  • Opening Silver Chests in higher-level floors have a higher probability of increasing their Aetherpool gear level than opening the Silver Chests in lower levels.


3. Spamming Specific Levels

This video gives a brief overview on both Deep Dungeons on how repeating certain levels in either Deep Dungeon work.

  • In both Deep Dungeons, players will be able to have two save files maximum. These save files will remember what job or class the player enters the Deep Dungeon with, whether they go with a fixed or matched party, and what level they are currently in. 
  • When starting a new save, players will have to start all the way from level 1 when they go solo, with a new party, or when changing their job.
  • However, this is not always the case. Except for when a player wants to go solo, after clearing floors 50 and 30 in Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High, respectively, as well as clearing the blue quests that came with clearing those floors, the player will have the option to enter in level 51 and 21 in Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High respectively when starting a new save.
  • Many players often queue up for these two levels, mainly because these two floors will give much higher experience points upon clearing it than starting out from level 1. 
  • Many players will choose to enter level 51 and level 21 in PoTD and HoH, clear it all the way up to level 60 and 30, respectively, then delete the save file before going into level 51 again.
  • This method is very suitable for players who do not like to wait for long queues, as higher and some lower-level floors in Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High can take quite a long time. 
  • It is also suitable for players who do not want to bother searching for a fixed party to go with them every time or do a Party Finder.
  • Of course, a lot of people that spam these levels may want to rush it, and a player might end up missing a lot of silver chests scattered around the levels. 
  • However, the fast queues and fast clears may make up for it, as players will still be able to encounter some silver chests here and there, even in short runs.


2. Join a Deep Dungeon Discord

Here is the link to join the Deep Dungeon Discord.

The next option on farming Aetherpool in either Deep Dungeons is joining the Discord that is special to discuss all Deep Dungeon things in FFXIV. 

  • In this Discord, there may be players recruiting for other players to go tackle Deep Dungeons together throughout the weeks. 
  • In addition, players can also recruit or look for a group special to farm Aetherpool in this Discord. 
  • Players can get a team to farm Aetherpool inside this Discord more successfully than Party Finder, as a player can see Discord recruitment anytime without needing to log in into the game first.


1. Create a Deep Dungeon Static

This video is a guide on how to form a proper static in FFXIV.

The last and most effective way to farm Aetherpool in Deep Dungeons is creating a static special for tackling Deep Dungeons. 

  • This static can also be made through the Deep Dungeon discord, where players search for like-minded players who also want to do Deep Dungeons and farm Aetherpool, either for status so they can run through it solo or make shiny weapons that are exclusive to Deep Dungeons and can be acquired through exchanging Aetherpool levels.
  • In addition, this static can also become something more, probably a party that tries to clear the entirety of either Palace of the Dead or Heaven-on-High to level 200 or 100 respectively, or try to farm the rare mount that a player can get in either Deep Dungeon at higher levels.
  • A Static is the most effective way to do it as there would be a fixed, constant schedule where the party would meet up in-game and do Deep Dungeon content, so the party will be able to breeze through Deep Dungeons with other players consistently.

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