[Top 10] FF14 Best Reaper Skills That Are Powerful

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The soul-reaping Melee DPS job that can wreak darkness onto their enemies.

Reaper is the newest DPS battle job introduced in Final Fantasy XIV through the Endwalker expansion, along with Sage, the newest shield healer. 

As a newer battle job, Reaper can deal a lot of damage with their skills, and their skills also have beautifully dark animation that is unique to that of a soul reaper.

On top of that, Reaper is also quite a simple battle job to learn, especially compared with other Melee Battle DPS jobs. Because of this, Reaper is one of the best beginner jobs.

For that reason, this article aims to show ten of the best Reaper's skills for a different variety of reasons, whether they have high DPS, party utility, and many more.


10. Harvest Moon

A video describing how to play Reaper as a beginner. See Harvest Moon in action at 5:00.

Harvest Moon is the first skill to be featured in this article. It is a very strong skill, but cannot be used often is its main disadvantage.

Why Harvest Moon is Great:

  • Harvest Moon is a really powerful skill that can only be used when the Reaper is under the effect of Soulsow, which can be triggered using the Soulsow skill.
  • It will deal a whopping 600 damage potency for the first enemy and 50% less for remaining enemies. 
  • Because of this, it makes Harvest Moon a skill that is useful when facing against a horde of enemies because it's a strong AoE attack, as well as facing a single boss because the skill has a high potency.

Harvest Moon details


9. Soul Slice

A video demonstrating the Reaper’s skills. See Soul Slice in action at 4:05.

Soul Slice is the second attack skill to be featured in this article. 

Why Soul Slice is Great:

  • Soul Slice will deal 460 damage potency to their enemy, which is quite a bit high. 
  • On top of that, Soul Slice will also increase 50 Soul Gauge, which is needed to be able to use some of the Reaper's other skills.
  • In addition, Reapers will have two charges of Soul Slice, with each charge refilling every 30 second, making Soul Slice an offensive skill that the Reaper can often use.

Soul Slice details


8. Plentiful Harvest

A video demonstrating the Plentiful Harvest skill.

Plentiful Harvest is the third skill to be featured in this article. Just like the previous two, Plentiful Harvest is also an attack skill.

Why Plentiful Harvest is Great:

  • Plentiful Harvest will deliver an attack of 520 potency for the first enemy and 60% less for all remaining enemies. 
  • When the Reaper has additional Immortal Sacrifice stack, it will help increase the Plentiful Harvest attack up to 800 potency.
  • Additionally, it will also increase the Shroud Gauge by 50, another gauge needed to execute some higher-level skills.

Plentiful Harvest details


7. Regress

A video describing Reaper’s skills. See Regress in action at 20:55.

Regress is the fourth skill to be featured in this article. Unlike the previous ones, Regress is more of a support or mobility ability skill instead of an offensive one.

Why Regress is Great:

  • Regress is a very good skill as it will allow the Reaper to return back to their original position after using either Hell's Ingress or Hell's Egress.
  • Hell's Ingress will let the Reaper dash 15 yalm forward, while Egress will let the Reaper dash 15 yalm backward, allowing them to quickly avoid AoEs or solve mechanics.
  • With Regress, Reaper will be able to dodge AoEs with Hell's Ingress or Egress and then go back to their position to attack the enemies or boss without having to waste time to walk all the way back.

Regress details


6. Shadow of Death

A video describing how to play Reaper. See Shadow of Death in action at 5:15.

Shadow of Death is the fifth skill to be introduced in this article. It is one of the Reaper's most important skills.

Why Shadow of Death is Great:

  • Shadow of Death will deliver an attack with 300 damage potency to the targeted enemy.
  • In addition, Shadow of Death afflicts target with Death's Design, which will increase the Reaper's damage dealt towards it by 10% for 30 seconds, up to a maximum of 60 seconds.
  • Additionally, Shadow of Death will grant 10 Soul Gauge if the targeted player with Death's Design is defeated before the effect is expired.

Shadow of Death details


5. Arcane Crest

A video describing why Reaper is a good Melee DPS. See Arcane Crest in action at 3:10.

Arcane Crest is the first real support ability skill that Reaper has. It also serves as a party utility.

Why Arcane Crest is Great:

  • Arcane Crest will grant Crest of Time Borrowed to the Reaper, which will create a Barrier that will nullify damage up to 10% of the Reaper's maximum HP for 5 seconds.
  • Crest of Time Returned will be granted to the Reaper and their party members once the barrier is completely absorbed by damage taken from enemies.
  • This buff will grant a regen of 50 cure potency for 15 seconds to all party members, helping them heal up from taken damage from raidwides.

Arcane Crest details. 


4. Gluttony

A video demonstrating Reaper’s opener with Gluttony.

Gluttony is the next skill to be introduced in this article, and is also an offensive skill that is quite strong.

Why Gluttony is Great:

  • Gluttony will summon the Reaper's avatar to deal 500 damage for the first enemy and 25% less for all remaining enemies.
  • Because of its quite high attack and AoE capabilities, Gluttony becomes a skill that is powerful to be used in dungeons against mobs of enemies and against a boss.
  • Additionally, using Gluttony will also grant 2 stacks of Soul Reaver for 30 seconds. 

Gluttony details


3. Enshroud

A video demonstrating the Enshroud skill.

Enshroud is the next offensive skill to be featured in this article. It is a powerful skill that can be used to access new skills.

Why Enshroud is Great:

  • Enshroud will take 50 Shroud Gauge. It will offer the Reaper's flesh to their avatar to gain maximum stacks of Lemure Shroud for 30 seconds.
  • Playing host as an avatar will grant the Reaper access to new skills, such as Void Reaping, Cross Reaping, Grim Reaping.
  • Reaper will be able to access these skills through the stacks of Lemure Shroud granted by the Enshrouded skill.

Enshroud details


2. Arcane Circle

A video demonstrating Reaper’s opener with Arcane Circle.

Arcane Circle is the next support skill to be featured in this skill. It is a very useful and powerful party utility ability skill.

Why Arcane Circle is Great:

  • Arcane Circle will incresase damage dealt by the Reaper and their party members by 3% for 20 seconds.
  • Additionally, it will also grant Circle of Sacrifice to reaper and their party members. This will grant Bloodsown Circle to self, allowing a Reaper to collect Immortal Sacrifice stack with each successful attack the party members did under the effect of Circle of Sacrifice, up to a total of 8 stacks.
  • These stacks of immortal Sacrifice can be used to execute Plentiful Harvest, a powerful AoE attack, and the more stacks the Reaper has, the more damage Plentiful Harvest will do.

Arcane Circle details


1. Communio

A video describing what a Reaper can do. See Communio in action at 3:35.

Communio is the last skill to be featured in this article and is also coincidentally the last skill to be learnt as a Reaper at level 90.

Why Communio is Great:

  • As a level 90 skill, Communio is a powerful skill that will deal a whopping 1,000 damage potency for the first enemy and 60% less for the remaining enemies.
  • This makes Communio a very powerful AoE attack that is suitable to be executed against a group of mobs and enemies in a dungeon or on a boss in a raid setting.
  • It is also the most powerful skill of Reaper's right now, with a glaringly beautiful and flashy animation, making it suitable to the finisher of the Reaper's rotation combo set.

Communio details

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