[Top 10] FF14 Best Flying Mounts That Look Freakin' Awesome (And How To Get Them)

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FFXIV is a game that features a lot of flying mounts players can ride on.

While it is true that all mounts in Final Fantasy XIV can fly after collecting all Aether Currents in the area, this does not diminish the fact that winged mounts or mounts with machine that can fly look natural with moving wings as they move in the air.

Because many players still want to own a flying, winged mount that can move naturally in the air and look cool doing it, this article exists to list all of the top 10 flying mounts that players must obtain in FFXIV!


10. True Griffin

The flying griffin, with their powerful wings up in the air.

The Flying Griffin is a mount introduced in the Stormblood expansion that has a set of powerful wings that they can use to fly up in the air.

how the Flying Griffin looks awesome and badass:

  • The mount's design makes it very appealing, as it has a set of powerful wings.
  • The mount is very large and imposing, making it one of the largest and coolest mounts in the game.
  • The griffin's colors are pure white, making it appear extremely fluffy and clean, as well as eye-catching.

How to get the Flying Griffin:

  • In Stormblood, unlock the Ananta Beast Tribe and level it up by completing daily quests for them.
  • Collect 18 Ananta Dreamstaff, a collectible obtained by completing daily quests for the Ananta Beast Tribe. Every daily quest grants one Ananta Dreamstaff.
  • Exchange 18 Ananta Dreamstaff to Madhura in Castellum Velodyna for the True Griffin mount.

See Flying Griffin in action:


9. Demi-Phoinix

The Demi-Phoinix, a very beautiful flying mount with four wings.

Demi-Phoinix is a very beautiful and elegant but also fierce and powerful mount that is just newly introduced in the Endwalker expansion.

How the Demi-Phoinix looks awesome and badass:

  • First and foremost, the Demi-Phoinix was introduced in the most recent Endwalker patch, making it one of the rarest mounts in the game right now simply because it is one of the newest mounts in the game.
  • It is also the raid boss for a ferocious raid, Asphodelos: The Third Circle, the newest Pandaemonium raid.
  • Because the mount from Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage) is obtained through a boss raid, it is extremely unique, as players must defeat the boss before they can obtain the mount.

How to get the Demi-Phoinix:

  • Clear the main scenario questline for Endwalker and the normal versions of the raid first to unlock the savage Pandaemonium raid in the recent Endwalker expansion.
  • To obtain the mount, players must complete the last pandaemonium savage raid, Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage).
  • Clearing Savage is a difficult task for players, so it is recommended that they create their own static dedicated to clearing this difficult content.

See Demi-Phoinix in action:


8. Wivre

The newest Wivre mount, a badass-looking guy.

This guy one the list may not have the wings like many of the mounts on this featured list have, but he is still one of the baddest asses in the arena.

How the Wivre looks awesome and badass:

  • It has a massive horn that immediately draws attention to itself. The design of the mount may appear strange at first glance, but it is also the key feature of the mount that makes it extremely appealing.
  • It is also a relatively new mount introduced in the Endwalker expansion, so few people are aware of it and are intrigued whenever they see one in the wild.
  • Not to mention that, of all the new mounts introduced in Endwalker, Wivre is one of the most difficult to obtain, making it even more awesome and badass.

How to get the Wivre:

  • The Shared FATE system, which is unlocked in the Shadowbringers expansion, must first be unlocked.
  • Then, in order to obtain Bicolor Gemstones, players must grind these FATEs in either the Shadowbringers or Endwalker areas.
  • Then players can purchase a total of 500 Bicolor Gemstones, with each Gemstone requiring the purchase of 100 Bicolor Gems.
  • Players can also purchase the Bicolor Gemstones Vouchers from the Market Board.
  • The Wivre mount can then be obtained by exchanging 500 Bicolor Gemstones Vouchers with Edelina in Mor Dhona.

See Wivre in action:


7. Al-iklil

The cute motor-bike like design that can fly in the air flawlessly, Al-iklil.

Al-iklil is a mount introduced in the Shadowbringers era, and it can fit two people inside of it for a ride on the skies!

How the Al-iklil looks awesome and badass:

  • It is one of the few mounts that can hold two people. Most mounts that can do this are paid mounts, but players can obtain this mount for free in-game by grinding!
  • It has a distinct bicycle slash horse-like design that catches the eye right away. Not to mention, the way the mount moves and animates itself while flying in the air draws a lot of attention.
  • Not to mention, despite being introduced during the Shadowbringers era, not many people own this mount, making people curious whenever they see it flying in the air.

How to get the Al-iklil:

  • Complete the Main Scenario Questline up to 5.1 in the Shadowbringers expansion, as well as all Alliance raid quests in the Stormblood expansion, to unlock Bozja Southern Front.
  • Obtain all field records from the three areas: Delubrum Reginae, Bozjan Southern Front, and Zadnor.
  • After completing all three achievements, players will be able to obtain the mount Al-iklil.

See Al-iklil in action:


6. Gabriel Mark III

The beautiful, shining Gabriel Mark III, complete with shiny emerald wings!

The Gabriel Mark III is an amazing mount introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion, which definitely caught the greedy eyes of many!

How the Gabriel Mark III looks awesome and badass:

  • It is a gleaming flying mount that draws attention wherever it goes. It is extremely bright and can be seen even in the darkest parts of Eorzea!
  • It is also a large mount, and the gleaming emerald wings only add to its allure and beauty.
  • When the Gabriel Mark III takes flight, it takes on a completely new, different form, similar to that of an aeroplane, making the mount even cooler.

How to get the Gabriel Mark III:

  • Purchasing it on the Market Board for 500k to 1 million gil, depending on the server the player is on.
  • Unlocking Bozja and performing Delubrum Reginae in the hopes of finding this mount in one of the chests.

See Gabriel Mark III in action:


5. Landerwaffe

It is a mecha dragon, coming alive!

Landerwaffe is a new mount introduced in a really late patch in Shadowbringers, so it is still considered as somewhat new!

How the Landerwaffe looks awesome and badass:

  • It is still a relatively new mount, and combined with the fact that obtaining it is not easy, not many people have this mount yet, making it even rarer and cooler.
  • It is a massive mecha dragon that draws a lot of attention wherever it goes. Mecha dragons are extremely rare, if any other mount is a mecha dragon at all.
  • It is also a two-seater mount, and players can obtain it to ride with a friend without having to spend real money on Mogstation!

How to get the Landerwaffe:

  • Unlock all extreme trials in Shadowbringers and defeat them repeatedly until you have collected all of the trials' mounts, except for Memoria Misera.
  • Players must obtain the Emerald Gwiber, Ruby Gwiber, Shadow Gwiber, Gwiber of Light, Fae Gwiber, Innocent Gwiber, and Diamond Gwiber in particular.
  • After obtaining all seven Gwibers, complete the quest The Dragon Made in The Lochs to obtain Landerwaffe.

See Landerwaffe in action:


4. Skyslipper

Hop in the car!

A new mount that is also introduced in the previous expansion, the Shadowbringers expansion. Similar to Demi-Phoinix, players get it for clearing the last boss of the first savage tier raid in the expansion.

How the Skyslipper looks awesome and badass:

  • Apart from the limited-time event collaboration with FFXV, it is currently the only mount that can host up to four people on top of the mount!
  • While most multi-seater mounts on the Mogstation can only be purchased with real money, players can obtain this mount for free!
  • The mount is also identical to the mount that NPCs frequently ride in the Shadowbringers expansion, making it an even cooler mount because it has previously existed and has a story behind it.

How to get the Skyslipper:

  • Complete the Shadowbringers main scenario questline to gain access to the Eden raid.
  • To unlock the Savage difficulty, complete the first four Eden raids.
  • Clear the fourth Eden Raid, Eden's Gate: Sepulture (Savage), to receive this mount as a fixed drop upon completion.
  • With level 90, players can also use the Undersized Party option to make the savage raid much easier.

See Skyslipper in action:


3. Eurekan Petrel

The cute and wide Eurekan Petrel mount!

Eureka, a large content introduced in the Stormblood expansion, not only introduces the new relic weapons for the expansion, but also a plethora of mounts players can get, including the Eurekan Petrel!

How the Eurekan Petrel looks awesome and badass:

  • It is a large mount with a cute face, making it one of the few cute mounts available in the game.
  • It also has a unique flying animation that appears to be swimming, which is especially adorable with their large, beautiful blue wings.
  • It is an extremely rare mount that can only be obtained through Eureka. They can also be purchased from the Market Board, but they are very expensive.

How to get the Eurekan Petrel:

  • Complete the Main Scenario Questline in Stormblood to unlock Eureka.
  • Level up your Eureka/Elemental level and complete all of Eureka's side quests until you unlock Eureka Hydatos.
  • This mount can be obtained by visiting one of Eureka Hydatos' happy bunny lockboxes.
  • Alternatively, players who want to avoid the grind can purchase this mount from the Market Board for between 4 and 8 million Gil, depending on the server.

See Eurekan Petrel in action:


2. Pegasus

A very beautiful, elegant mount that is a favorite of many players.

Pegasus is a very beautiful, elegant unicorn with real flying wings, making it a wonder to one’s eyes.

How the Pegasus looks awesome and badass:

  • It is very beautiful and elegant, with pure white coloring and amazing, real wings.
  • The wings also have their own animation when brought into the air, making it even more eye-catching.
  • Players can only obtain this mount through their own efforts because it cannot be sold on the Market Board, making it somewhat uncommon for players who do not wish to go through the grind.

How to get the Pegasus:

  • Complete the main scenario questline in Heavensward to gain access to the Firmament.
  • Craft and gather items, then submit them to the Firmament's NPCs to obtain Skybuilder Scrips. It's also a great way to level up your gatherers and crafters.
  • The Pegasus Mount can then be purchased with 4200 Skybuilders Scrips.

See Pegasus in action:


1. Firebird

The most majestic mount in the game, the Firebird!

Firebird may be an old mount introduced in the Heavensward expansion, but it undoubtedly still won first place simply because of how amazing the mount looks.

How the Firebird looks awesome and badass:

  • It is simply a magnificent mount, with its gleaming wings and body taking the breath away from any player who sees it.
  • It is also very large, drawing attention to them wherever they go.
  • The Firebird's flying animation is also stunning, with their majestic wings flapping in the air to allow them to fly to any location the player desires.

How to get the Firebird:

  • Unlock all of Heavensward's extreme trials and complete them all to obtain the mount from the respective trials.
  • Players can also select the option for a smaller party size to make clearing the extreme trials much easier. At this point in the Endwalker expansion, players can also complete most of the extreme trials alone or with the assistance of only one friend, rather than seven.
  • The Warring Lanner, Demonic Lanner, Sophic Lanner, Dark Lanner, Round Lanner, Rose Lanner, and White Lanner are the seven mounts that players must obtain.
  • After obtaining all seven, players can accept and complete the quest 'Fiery Wings, Fiery Hearts' in Idyllshire to obtain the Firebird.

See Firebird in action:


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