[Top 5] FF14 Best Zones Players Love!

FF14 Best Zones
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Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG that features many different areas and cities that a player can explore. Not to mention, these areas also often vary between one another, with different landscapes, fauna, and flora.

This article will feature five of the best field areas and zones that many players love the most. While opinions between one another may vary, this article will try to feature different kinds of zones that many players in Eorzea love.


5) The Sea of Clouds

A Zone where a player can see all that which the skies have to offer.

The Sea of Clouds is a field zone introduced in the first expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, Heavensward. It is a land that is composed of different floating islands in one area.

It is a beautiful area that is also the house of the Vanu Vanus. In this zone, after unlocking flying in this area, players can fully immerse themselves in a zone where everything seems to be floating in many different heights.

As a whole, The Sea of Clouds is one of the most unique areas that a player can explore, especially with its many rocks and small islands floating around in the seas.


4) Costa del SolEnjoying the sunset at Costa del Sol.

Costa del Sol is an area that is beloved by many Final Fantasy XIV players for several reasons. First of all, it is an area that features a large ocean and beachfront and many beach houses. Players who love the look of sunsets and sunrises on beach fronts will definitely love this area.

Next, this area also houses most of the Summer Events that Final Fantasy XIV has, making it a hot spot for whenever Summer comes along.

It is also a place with beautiful flora, palm trees, and greenery. Not to mention, seeing the lighthouse and the boats floating around from Limsa Lominsa is a sight to behold, especially during sunset.


3) Amh Araeng

The coldness of Amh Araeng’s desert areas.

Introduced in the latest expansion of Final Fantasy XIV before Endwalker comes, Shadowbringers, Amh Araeng is a zone that is beloved by many players.

The first reason is that the zone has beautiful music that can make a player stay for hours in the area without getting bored to death. Gatherers also tend to enjoy gathering in this area for its beautiful and haunting music.

It is also a desert area that looks unique because of the backgrounds and sightseeing of the pale, white mountains, as shown in the picture. This area also has a lot of nostalgia and story-driven reasons why it looks the way it is now


2) The Azim Steppe

The beautiful landscape of The Azim Steppe.

The Azim Steppe is a map that is unlocked when a player journeys through the game's second expansion, which is Stormblood. It is the house of the Xaelas, and a player will go through fun and fierce field wars and uniting the map and people together.

It is a map that is beloved by many players for its songs and beautiful landscape. The mountains and stone landscapes make The Azim Steppe a place that looks like a place that is a home for many adventurers.


1. The Tempest

Amaurot, The home of the Ancients.

The Tempest is another place featured in this article from the latest Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Shadowbringers. It is the last area that a player can unlock currently and is very beloved by many players for many different reasons.

The first one is how important the place is in the story of Shadowbringers as a whole. As the place that houses Amaurot, the home of the Ancients, The Tempest is a haunting, beautiful area that a player often visits to feel nostalgia and longing.

Not to mention, The Tempest also has some of the best field songs in the game, such as Neath Dark Waters. It is a very calming song that many players like, and many players also often stop by The Tempest just to chill and listen to the music.

In addition, the zone itself looks very beautiful and stunning. With the color palette of blue, green, and black, and its tall, imposing but beautiful buildings, The Tempest has become one of the best-looking places that a player can find from all over the game.


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