[Top 10] FF14 Best Astrologian Spells That Are Powerful

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Astrologian is the third healer introduced in the game through the first expansion Heavensward

Astrologian is first introduced in the Heavensward expansion, and players can begin this healer at level 30 rather than level 1. While Astrologian was originally a jack-of-all-trades healer who could be both a shield and a regen healer, with the Endwalker expansion and the introduction of the Sage healer job, Astrologian is now mostly used as a regen healer, though they still have some shield spells.

Astrologian is an arcane master who provides great utility buffs to the entire party. They can draw cards and buff their chosen party members whenever they play them, and they have access to several skills that can increase their own and their party members' stats.

Astrologian, with a large number of spells and cards under its job, is the most difficult healer to master, as they have a complicated list of buffs and Arcane cards that players may not understand when first unlocking the job.

However, in the long run, it can be extremely rewarding. As a result, this article exists to provide ten of the best Astrologian spells to any players who want to learn this amazing healer!


10. Collective Unconscious

A video describing Collective Unconscious. See Collective Unconscious in action at 00:01.

Collective Unconscious is the first healing spell to be introduced in this article. It is a level 58 spell that will summon a large dome underneath themselves and can cover the party members underneath it with several effects.

Why Collective Unconscious is Great:

  • It will create a celestial dome around the Astrologian casting the spell, and all party members standing within the dome, including themselves, will receive a buff that reduces damage taken by 10% for 18 seconds.
  • It will also grant the Wheel of Fortune, which grants a health regeneration of 100 cure potency for 15 seconds.
  • It is an excellent spell to use before a large raidwide so that players take less damage from the boss's attacks while also providing them with regen to recover from the damage.

Collective Unconscious details.


9. Essential Dignity

A video describing how to play Astrologian. See Essential Dignity in action at 01:10.

Essential Dignity is the second spell introduced in this article and is also a very low-level spell, and players will have this spell right away when unlocking the Astrologian healer job.

Why Essential Dignity is Great:

  • They have two stacks ready to use, so Astrologians can save one stack for emergencies or use both to heal from Tankbusters and other enemies.
  • It will restore the health of the chosen party member by 400 cure potency, and the cure potency will also increase up to 900 cure potency the lower the HP of the targeted party member, reaching its maximum value when their HP is less than 30% of their maximum health.
  • It can also be instantly cast and weaved between other healing or offensive spells, making it an excellent spell for resurrecting a dying party member, whether from the boss' attack or from standing in a bad spot.

Essential Dignity details.


8. Lightspeed

A video describing how to do Astrologian's opener. See Lightspeed in action at 01:08.

Lightspeed is the third spell introduced in this list, and unlike the previous two, it is more of a support ability rather than a healing one, and is a very powerful one at that.

Why Lightspeed is Great:

  • When used, Lightspeed reduces spell cast times by 2.5 seconds for 15 seconds.
  • This means that Astrologians can cast any healing or offensive spells in less than 2.5 seconds for 15 seconds in a row, which is a huge help, especially during the opener when Astrologians are playing a lot of cards and building for their Astrodyne.
  • It can also be used when an Astrologian needs to move around a lot during a battle and still cast offensive and healing spells while walking leisurely.

Lightspeed details.


7. Earthly Star

A video describing Earthly Star. See Earthly Star in action at 00:01.

Earthly Star is one of the spells that receive a major boost in Endwalker expansion, and now they can cover the entirety of the Raid Floor by themselves.

Why Earthly Star is Great:

  • The Endwalker expansion update makes Earthly Star easier to access because it covers a large area.
  • After placing Earthly Star and waiting 10 seconds, it will transform into Giant Dominance, which, when popped (manually or automatically), will deal 310 damage to all enemies in its area.
  • Not to mention that it has a 720 cure potency and will heal all party members within its area. Because Earthly Star can be cast instantly, it is a good spell to use in advance of a large raidwide.

Earthly Star details.


6. Horoscope

A video describing how to play Astrologian as a beginner. See Horoscope in action at 08:50.

Horoscope is another healing spell introduced in this article, and is a very useful and strong one at that.

Why Horoscope is Great:

  • It will grant the Horoscope buff to all party members, and once popped it will be able to heal all the party members with a 200 cure potency.
  • Casting Aspected Helios or Helios under the effect of Horoscope will upgrade Horoscope to Horoscope Helios with a 30 second cooldown instead of 10, so it can be used in preparation of future attacks.
  • Horoscope Helios will heal all party members with a 400 cure potency instead of 200, and with its duration of 30 seconds, Astrologian can easily prepare Horoscope Helios during downtime in preparation of future attack.

Horoscope details.


5. Minor Arcana

A video describing how to play Astrologian properly. See Minor Arcana in action at 12:20.

Minor Arcana, just like Lightspeed, is another ability that is not a healing ability. Unlike Lightspeed, however, Minor Arcana can grant healing abilities depending on cards drawn.

Why Minor Arcana is Great:

  • Minor Arcana will allow the Astrologer to draw either the Lord of Crowns or the Lady of Crowns.
  • When Lord of Crowns is used, it deals 250 damage potency to all nearby enemies, and because Minor Arcana and Lord of Crowns can be used instantly, it is essentially free damage that Astrologian has access to.
  • Meanwhile, Lady of Crowns has 400 cure potency and will restore the HP of all nearby party members. It is essentially a free, instant heal that can be cast whenever the Astrologian requires it. Even better, they don't cost any MP to cast or play.

Minor Arcana details.


4. Divination

A video describing what an Astrologian can do. See Divination in action at 03:55.

Divination has now been upgraded in the Endwalker expansion, and does not need different seals of Arcane anymore like in the previous expansion.

Why Divination is Great:

  • Divination is essentially a free buff that the Astrologian can cast both in the opener and when the party uses potions when all of their buffs align.
  • Casting Divination will give all nearby party members a 6% damage boost, allowing them to deal more damage to the enemies.
  • It also lasts for 15 seconds, allowing the party to wear down the enemies' HP faster and achieve victory even faster with higher Divination damage.

Divination details.


3. Astrodyne

A video describing how to use Astrologian's spell in Endwalker.. See Astrodyne in action at 01:10.

Astrodyne has become the spell that replaces Divination in terms that they need three different seals to unlock the highest potency it has.

Why Astrodyne is Great:

  • Astrodyne is mostly based on chance, whether or not the Astrologian can draw cards with different seals, especially during the opener. Even when the Astrologer is unlucky, it is still very useful to use.
  • Having only one sign type grants Harmony of Spirit, which slowly restores the Astrologian's MP. If the Astrologer has two different sign types rather than just one, they will be granted Harmony of Body, which reduces spell-cast time, recast time, and auto attack delay by 10%.
  • Finally, having three different sign types grants them not only the above buffs, but also Harmony of Mind for 15 seconds, which increases the Astrologian's damage dealt by 5%. Overall, those three buffs are extremely beneficial to the Astrologian.

Astrodyne details.


2. Neutral Sect

A video describing how to play Astrologian. See Neutral Sect in action at 16:30.

Neutral Sect is another healing spell to be introduced in this article. However, it will not provide any healing by itself, but rather increase the healing potency of their other spells.

Why Neutral Sect is Great:

  • Neutral Sect is the Astrologian's second most powerful healing spell, providing a 20 percent increase in healing potency.
  • In addition, when casting Aspected Benefic or Aspected Helios, it will erect a Magicked Barrier, with Aspected Benefic's barrier nullifying damage of 250 percent of HP restored and Aspected Helios' barrier nullifying damage of 150 percent of HP restored.
  • The barrier will also last for 30 seconds, effectively granting the Astrologian free barrier as well as regeneration (the original effect of both Aspected Benefic and Aspected Helios), allowing the party members to be protected and healed significantly with only one spell.

Neutral Sect details.


1. Macrocosmos

A video describing Macrocosmos. See Macrocosmos in action at 00:01.

Macrocosmos is the last spell to be introduced in this article and is also coincidentally the last spell that an Astrologian will be able to learn currently, as Macrocosmos is a level 90 spell.

Why Macrocosmos is Great:

  • It is the most powerful healing spell available to Astrologians right now, and its powerful use has the potential to cheese even the most difficult Savage raids.
  • Macrocosmos will initially deal unspecified damage of 250 to the first enemy and 40% less to the others. It will also be changed to Microcosmos after 15 seconds of casting.
  • During this time, half of the astrologian's damage will be accumulated, and when the effect period ends, it will restore a 200 cure potency plus the accumulated damage.
  • With this, players can take damage, such as the P3S' Death Toll, which reduces their health to one, and then recover all damage dealt and even recover their health back to full in no time with the help of Macrocosmos, essentially avoiding death and eliminating the need for the Astrologian and their co-healer to perform panic healing in order to restore all party members' health to full.

Macrocosmos details.


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