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The comparison of heights for all races in FFXIV.

Final Fantasy XIV is a game with a plethora of content that a player can explore, ranging from PVE and PVP content and some fun in the Gold Saucer. Many players might also enjoy glamouring their characters and making them look cool, pretty, or handsome.

As of now, Final Fantasy XIV has eight whole races that a player can choose from. This article will discuss some of the best race animations. It may help some players looking for the best race for them, especially those struggling to choose between some of the best races.


5) Hyur (Midlander)

A Hyur Warrior of Light is most often seen for the game's promotional videos and trailers.

The Hyur race is the “human” race in Final Fantasy XIV. Because of this, many players may choose this race for its simplicity. Players who like their characters to look more realistic instead often choose Hyur as their race.

Despite being a simplistic “human” race that FFXIV released with the day the game was first relaunched, Hyur, especially the Midlander Hyurs, still has one of the best race animations. 

This is a video that can show a Midlander Hyur doing several emotes in FFXIV.

Hyurs looks the most like a human; Hyur’s animations in Final Fantasy XIV look natural and realistic. For this reason, people may be tempted to choose Hyur as there is no extravagance to it. 

Players who prefer a more realistic approach to their characters instead of fantasy would like Hyur’s animations and the race itself for their chosen characters in Eorzea.


4) Hrothgar

A fierce Hrothgar ready for his adventures.

Hrothgar is one of the two new races added in the Shadowbringers expansion and the Viera race. While it is only available for male genders right now, Hrothgar is still one of the races with the best animations, especially considering that it has only been released recently.

Hrothgar is a lion-like character with masculine properties and is suitable for players who prefer that fierce and powerful look. This is a video that highlights the animations of a Hrothgar.

As seen in the video, Hrothgar is a male character who displays a very ferocious look. They also look very cool, and the walking and running animations are very smooth as it is a new race that has just been developed recently.  

Even some of the other emotes available in FFXIV look very smooth when a Hrothgar uses it. The only weakness that the Hrothgar race has is that it is locked behind only a male gender, so players still could not create a female Hrothgar. 

In addition, most animations of Hrothgar characters all look very fierce and beastly. While this race is suitable for players who like a beastly character that looks powerful, it is not ideal for other players who prefer a softer, gentler feelin


3) Miqo'te

A catgirl with her trusted rod in the Endwalker trailer.

Miqo’te is the catboys and catgirls of Eorzea and is one of the most played races out there by many players in Final Fantasy XIV. 

This video showcases the animations of a female Miqo’te, while this video showcases that of the males.

As shown in these videos, Miqo’te is a race that leans more towards the “Fantasy” theme in Final Fantasy. As catboys and catgirls, Miqo’tes have a set of animations that leans toward giving a cuter and more affectionate image, contrary to Hrothgar or even Hyur.

As a race that is a fan favorite of many Final Fantasy XIV players in the world, they have been given some of the best animations in FFXIV, despite being a race that has been launched since A Realm Reborn.

Miqo’tes animations look very smooth and cute, and players who like to play as a catgirl or catboy would definitely love choosing Miqo’te as their character's race.


2) Viera

A female Viera in her homeland in the forests.

Vieras are introduced in Final Fantasy XIV with the drop of the Shadowbringers expansion along with Hrothgar. Contrary to Miqo’tes, Vieras are the bunny girls of Final Fantasy XIV. While only female Vieras can be created, players would be able to create male Vieras when Endwalker drops in November 2021.

Viera ranks much higher than Hrothgar because players would be able to create male Viera in Endwalker, which makes this race no longer gender-locked in two months.

As a race only recently added to the game, Vieras have one of the best-looking animations that the players can enjoy. This video gives a showcase of how Viera’s animation works in the game.

As seen in the video, Viera’s animations are very smooth and collected, giving the character a mature and sexier image. This race is very suitable for players who would like a slender-looking bunny character.


1) Au Ra

Two different types of female Au Ra horns and scales.

Au Ra, as opposed to Miqo’te and Vieras, are the dragon girls and boys of Eorzea. Their scales and tail are their main features, as well as their horns.

This video by Shade’s Game Resource shows an excellent showcase of Au Ra animations. As Au Ra is a race that is added in Heavensward, some of their animations are very smooth and polished, unlike other races created at the start of the game.

Au Ra is a very suitable race for players who would like to go for more fantasy and a different race that is not only human but does not prefer a fluffy-looking character like Miqo’tes or Vieras.

In addition, Au Ra’s horns, scales, and tails can make them a very cool-looking character, which suits their animations very much. As shown in the video, Au Ra’s animations show a subtle gracefulness and authority from being a dragon race.


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