[Top 5] FF14 Best Burst DPS That Wreck Hard!

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The upcoming Healer battle job, Sage, is expected to have high burst DPS.

Final Fantasy XIV is a game that incorporates many types of battle jobs that players can play in a variety of ways.

All battle jobs have a 'burst phase,' which is a time when the player can do the greatest damage with a certain collection of skills and buffs. This frequently occurs just at the commencement of the combat, which is referred to as the 'openers.'

Burst DPS damage is essential for clearing an intense trial, a savage raid, and especially ultimate raids. This is due to the fact that certain instances have bosses that will cast 'Enrage,' a spell that will wipe the whole party upon execution.

This post will go over five DPS battle occupations that offer the best burst DPS damage that damages the boss and are also a lot of fun to play.


5. Ninja

The Ninja job class with its many Ninjutsu skills.

While Ninja may be difficult to learn, especially for beginners, this profession really rewards players who have learned the job and can execute the moves flawlessly.

Why using Ninja's burst phase is satisfying:

  • Using different varieties of Ninjutsu and Tenchijin.
  • Using Trick Attack to add vulnerability to the boss so the Ninja and the rest of the party can deal more damage.
  • Fast shadow and assassination attacks that looks just like out of an action movie.

Choose Ninja if:

  • You like playing Melee DPS.
  • You like to use a variety of skills to deal with your enemies.
  • You like to have very fast skill speed.


4. Summoner

A Summoner with their pet Carbuncle.

A Summoner is a fighting job that defeats adversaries by calling their pets to assist them in attacking the enemies during a battle. Summoners have many summons that can be used against various types of foes.

Why Summoner has a good burst phase:

  • Their summons and attacks can be changed according to their needs as well as the flow of the battle.
  • Bahamut and Firebird deal a massive amount of damage during their phase.
  • Summoners can deal lots of damage to both bosses and groups of enemies.

Choose Summoner if:

  • You like to use summons to help you in battle.
  • You like to have flashy skills and summons that also deal devastating damage to the enemies.
  • You like to optimize your summons to match your needs, enemies, as well as the flow of the battle.


3. Dragoon

Dragoon is a battle job that uses the lance as the main weapon.

Dragoon is a melee fighting job that appears significantly in Heavensward, Final Fantasy XIV's first expansion following A Realm Reborn. It is a job that requires them to puncture their adversaries with a lance while also channeling the power of the dragons into their blood.

Why Dragoon has a good burst DPS:

  • They have many jump skills and abilities that are exciting and fun to use, and also require a lot of practice to master.
  • They have many personal and several party buffs that can enhance their damage up quite significantly.
  • They can channel the power of the dragons to deal even more devastating damage to the enemies.

Choose Dragoon if:

  • You like to often jump in and out of battle with your skills.
  • You want to make use of the power of the dragons to aid you in battle.
  • You like to have many different buffs that can enhance your damage even more.


2. Black Mage

A Black Mage often gives off an imposing, cold aura.

Black Mage is a Caster DPS that is simple to learn but extremely difficult to master. However, skilled players of this battle job can wreak havoc on the battlefield with explosive spells and freezing harm.

Why Black Mage has amazing burst DPS:

  • They have extremely high potency for damage in their spells, especially their Fire spells, as well as specific spells that use the Polyglot.
  • While they may have longer cast times compared to the other Caster DPS like Red Mage and Summoner, they can deal much more damage in comparison if done correctly.
  • Satisfying and powerful combo rotation once mastered.

Choose Black Mage if:

  • You like to stay still in one place to cast, but also have the ability to dodge mechanics accordingly.
  • Know the mechanics of the game, or is willing to learn. This is because the power of the Black Mages can only be truly unleashed when players know when exactly they should move.
  • You like to cast destructive spells that also have amazing visuals.


1. Samurai

Samurai are the melee DPS that use the Katana.

The Samurai is a melee fighting job introduced in the Stormblood expansion. It slashes the enemy with the Katana and creates stunning images throughout their attacks.

Why Samurai has high burst DPS:

  • They can deal a whole lot of damage when used correctly.
  • They have a lot of skills, utilities, and resources that can be used to enhance their damage.
  • They have skills with very high potential of attack.
  • They have an ongoing permanent buff to increase their damage as long as a player does their combos properly.

Choose Samurai if:

  • You like to play a battle job that has many skills.
  • You want to play a DPS that can deal a lot of damage and can feel very satisfying.
  • You want to pop off in battle and look cool doing it with your katana.

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