[Top 5] FF14 Endwalker Best Ranged DPS Revealed (Ranked Good To Best)

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Final Fantasy XIV has many DPS jobs—including ranged DPS jobs.

Final Fantasy XIV was one of the most successful MMORPGs in 2022, and one of the reasons for its popularity is the fight job system. Players can transfer jobs at any time without the need to create an alt, limiting the grind to a single character for the duration of the game.

As a result, players can choose and switch between fight jobs at any time. This article will highlight some of the strongest physical and magical ranged fighting jobs in Endwalker.


5. Machinist

Machinist is the ranged Physical DPS that uses their gun to shoot down their enemies.

Machinist is a ranged physical fight job that was added to Heavensward's first expansion, which means that free trial players can also play this battle profession.

Machinist Excels in:

  • Quick and fun gameplay that lets a Machinist burst shot after shot and has a lot of weaves, while building the heat gauge to unlock more skills.
  • Has the summon, Automaton Queen, that lets the Machinist deals extra damage as well as detonating the robot before the summon expires.
  • Large AoE damage that can deal a lot of destruction towards the enemies’ ranks, like ChainSaw and Ricochet.
  • It has utilities for the party, such as Tactician, that will reduce the amount of damage taken by the whole party for 10% for 15 seconds.

Machinist Usefulness Score: 88/100


4. Summoner

Summoner is the battle job that utilises the power of their summons to deal damage to their enemies.

Summoner is a caster DPS class that has been accessible from the beginning of A Realm Reborn, beginning as an Arcanist and progressing to Summoner at level 30.

Summoner Excels in:

  • A variety of summons under their arsenal to help deal massive damage to the enemy ranks.
  • Summoners are very easy to learn with straightforward combos, which makes this job very beginner-friendly. Combined with the fact that players can choose this battle job since the start of the game, Summoner is a battle job that is very suitable for newcomers.
  • High damage for both single-target and AoE damage, and can instantly cast a lot of spells, which makes Summoner a very good job for raiding and dungeons, especially since they are very mobile with the fact that they can move while still dealing damage at the same time.
  • Has utility for the party, Phoenix Phase’s rekindle will restore the HP of all party members, while Searing light will increase all damage dealt by all party members by 3% for 30 seconds.

Summoner Usefulness Score: 90/100


3. Bard

Bard is a physical ranged DPS that supports their allies and shoot down their enemies with their bow and arrow.

The first physical ranged DPS accessible in the game is the Bard, which the player can choose from the start by playing as an Archer in Gridania.

Bard excels in:

  • Big AoE damage that can deal a lot of damage to a team of enemies, which can clear dungeons quickly as well as a boss's adds phase.
  • Can support their allies by giving a myriad of positive buffs that can boost their damage and clear the raid and dungeon faster. A bard's songs consistently play throughout the fight and can keep different buffs regularly at different intervals.
  • They also have many different buffs aside from their songs that can give advantages in a fight for their teammates, like Battle Voice and Radiant Finale.
  • They also have Troubadour, which will reduce the damage taken by enemies by 10% for 15 seconds for all party members, which can be very useful to use to absorb the damage taken and protect a Bard's allies.

Bard Usefulness Score: 92/100


2. Black Mage

Black Mage is the master of the arcane and powerful spells that can devastate the enemies and their environment both.

Black Mage Excels in:

  • Very big damage compared to a lot of DPS jobs. They have both large single target and AoE damage, which allows the party to clear a battle content much faster.
  • Have different play styles that can be adapted according to each player's preference. Crit and Spell Speed build allows Black Mages to have different rotation and play style from one another.
  • Aetherial Manipulation and Between the Lines allow you to transfer quickly from one location to another. Aetherial Manipulation allows a Black Mage to quickly teleport to the side of a chosen party member, while Between the Lines returns them to their summoned Leylines. This allows a Black Mage to easily evade AoEs before casting more spells on the Leyline.
  • Triplecast allows a Black Mage to instantly cast any three spells, allowing for mobility while still being able to do damage.

Black Mage Usefulness Score: 94/100


1. Red Mage

Red Mage is the master of both close combat and ranged combat and is a versatile caster DPS.

Red Mage Excels in:

  • Fairly simple rotation compared to Black Mage, and quite easy to learn. Red Mage is also very versatile and has both melee attack and spells.
  • Their Dualcast allows a Red Mage to instantly cast their second spell every time, and allows a Red Mage to be able to move between each spell. Their Melee Combo is also very powerful and allows a Red Mage to move around while dealing damage.
  • Red Mage also has distinct and distinct rotations for both AoE and single target attacks, as well as spells and Melee Combo, allowing a Red Mage to be viable in both dungeons and raids.
  • They also have utility for the party. First, they have Verraise, and with Dualcast,  Red Mage can quickly resurrect all dead party members very quickly without the need to cast the spell.
  • Embolden also gives a damage boost for all party members by 5% for 20 seconds.
  • Lastly, Magick Barrier will reduce the magic damage taken by all party members by 10%, while increasing the amount of HP recovered by healing action by 5% for 10 seconds.

Red Mage Usefulness Score: 95/100

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