Final Fantasy XIV Best Race for Dragoon

ff14 Best Race for Dragoon
The lean Dragoon who likes to jump at their enemies.

1. Elezen

Estinien with an unknown dragon in the Endwalker trailer.

A large number of Dragoons are stationed in Ishgard to destroy dragons; a large number of these Dragoons are of the Elezen race, including Estinien, the Azure Dragoon, who is one among them. Despite the fact that Estinien is one of the most beloved and revered NPCs among other NPCs and even among players, this alone is sufficient justification for Elezen being the finest race for a Dragoon.


2. Viera

An Ironclad Viera as a Dragoon.

Vieras are nimble and swift on their feet, which is essential for the work of a Dragoon because they must move quickly and accurately. Because of this, Viera has become another of the best races for the battle job of a Dragoon, and it is the primary reason for this. In addition to bringing devastation into the hearts of their adversaries, their lithe and tall body also serves as an exceedingly alluring allure when they are performing their skills.

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