Final Fantasy XIV Best Race for Black Mage

Final Fantasy 14 Best Race for Black Mage
You might see a real-life Black Mage soon.

1. Lalafell

A haunting Lalafell Black Mage.

Lalafell is without a doubt the best choice of race for individuals who enjoy playing Black Mages in their games. The reason for this is that the Thaumaturge's guild is dominated by the Black Mages in and of itself. Even the later Black Mage quests are brimming with Lalafells that have succumbed to the dark side of their nature.

Because of their diminutive stature, posing as a Lalafell while playing Black Mage can also provide a sense of security to the player. However, when they begin unleashing powerful and damaging spells the very next second, this will come as a surprise to everyone.


2. Au Ra

A Black Mage Au Ra.

The scales of Au Ra are an excellent match for the work of the Black Mages. It is their scaly tails that work well in conjunction with the powerful spells that they can cast. Many Au Ra in the game are also skilled in magic, making them a fantastic choice for any Black Mages out there looking for a new race to join.

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