FF14 Most Fun Class (Top 3)

FF14 Most Fun Class
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What Are The Most Fun Jobs in FFXIV?

You guys totally meant to send out the invitation… right? …It got lost by those lazy Moogles? Oh… Ok…

There’s no point in playing a game if you’re not having fun. Granted, that could be a whole other issue. Let's not get into that. Let's get into this. If you’re ready to have a lot of fun while you’re playing Square Enix’s flagship MMORPG, FFXIV, then come on; take a look at these three jobs that have been assembled for your pleasure.

3. Scholar

Here a young Scholar is looking up the definition of “fun”. Don’t miss your duty queue!

The Scholar evolves from the Arcanist starting job, and while it may have started out as DPS, the Scholar’s ability to do a bit both does not detract from its usefulness.

In fact, despite what the somewhat snooze of a name might entail, the Scholar is actually quite fun. You’ll have a variety of abilities (damage and shielding) to tackle any task, as well as some lively fairies to help you with whatever you need in a fight.

In short, you will find yourself smiling at any challenge that comes your way in FFXIV.

Why it’s Fun:

You can literally dab on your haters with the help of your fairies. Nobody dies on your watch, and nothing will get away if you have anything to do with it! (Somebody ask for a haste buff?)

Do you like saving your group with amazing, godlike shields? Or maybe you just like having a couple of fairies adventuring with you and aiding your party? If you like being known as the reliable jack-of-all-trades to bring to any encounter, then the Scholar will be your kind of party.

2. Dark Knight

Why do we exist? Just to tank? Ugh, oh well. Time for beast mode.

Hands down the most brooding, and edgiest of the jobs in FFXIV--if that’s your cup of tea--the Dark Knight provides that dark, Monster Hunter vibe to the game. As a Tank, your duty will be at the frontline, soaking up all the attention and damage while your party focuses on taking down the targets.

Why it’s Fun:

The Dark Knight is just a badass.

Why? Did I happen to mention that you literally wield the power of darkness? Your abilities make that lightsaber ‘swoosh’ sound? That you get stronger as more targets lock onto you? It's not hard to imagine this Tank running in and just getting all the enemies and taking them out in one fell swoop solo.  (Don’t try this… or do?)

1. Black Mage

Above: rare image of a Black Mage not casting or admiring a ginormous explosion

 Explosions galore! One of the most powerful, if not the strongest, damage dealers in the game as of Patch 4.4, the Black Mage will provide endless amounts of fun through its high damage output alone. Black Mages find themselves most at home at the back of the party, dishing out explosion after explosion upon the enemy while the rest of the party protects them.

Why it’s Fun:

Well the Black Mage is pretty good at blowing things up. Well, actually… the Black Mage is really good at blowing things up.

Did I mention explosions? Huge Explosions. Huge Numbers. One button. Now obviously, it’s not exactly a press one button and go to sleep sort of job, there’s nothing really like that in FFXIV (in fact, messing up your rotation with Black Mage can really hurt your damage output) but I’ll be darned; there is no better feeling that setting off that big ol’ explosion and watching health bars disappear!

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