FF14 Best Items To Craft For Each Crafting Job

Best Items To Craft For Each Crafting Job
All the Crafters in FF14

FF14 isn’t just about fighting enemies, running Savages and glams. There are eight different crafting jobs that you can level to make new gear, items to help you level, glams, furniture and more. So in this article, we’ll be going through all of the crafting jobs and giving a brief description of what they do before describing some of the best recipes for each job! 

For reference, all prices will be taken from the Light DC, I recommend visiting Universalis at https://universalis.app/ to check the prices on your DC/Server.


8. Alchemist

An Alchemist mid-crafting by a pond

The alchemist mainly focuses on stuff like draughts, potions and reagents among other things. Out of all the crafting classes, it’s probably the easiest, so there are no flashy things available with this class.

However, your earning threshold opens a lot earlier, since you’re on the supply end of crafting more than the final product. If you want to maximize your profits, you want to use your Botanist class to get all the materials you need for free.

Best Items To Craft for Alchemist:

  • Craftsman’s Alkahest - Since a lot of crafters might not have made the new Indigator’s Crafting set yet, if you do have it and can make this, you will make a solid 20k+ gil on Light DC. If you have the current Indigator gathering gear too you can get it for free.
  • Grade 8 Alkahests - Your main ones to go for are Dexterity, Strength and Intelligence. These alkahests will go for around 7-10k gil each pre-tax. And considering you can quite easily get these materials from vendors, aetherial reduction and more, your profits will be incredibly high for a reasonably low investment of mainly purple scrips (which you can farm anyway).
  • Reagents - Your mid to high-level reagents are what you are looking for. Starch Glue sells quite well, around 1-2k per item. Another good one is Enchanted Manganese Ink. Since this is used in mid to high 80s gear, people will be buying it to get themselves across the line to 90 on their alt jobs.


7. Armorer

The Armorer in their typical Clothes

As an armorer, most of your recipes will be… you guessed it, armor. The type of gear that your tanks and melee DPS wear. But also some things that you might not think of, for example, Culinarian’s Frypans and Alchemist’s Alembics. So there is definitely some money to be made in these areas.

You won’t want to focus on a lot of the gear, as some of the lower level things won’t sell for much. However, the lower level crafting tools will always sell as new people enter the world of crafting for the first time.

Best Items To Craft for Armorer: 

  • Frypans - Since Culinarians are in demand because of the food they can craft, making their main tool will easily get you money. The Indagator’s Frypan will net you 200k gil alone.
  • Alembics - Similar to the Item above, making the Indagator’s Alembic will get you a cool 100-150k gil. Considering most of the items for these recipes are gathered or bought with tomestones/scrips, you can keep costs nigh on zero.
  • Armour - Your main armour pieces to craft will be Maiming, Aiming and Fending. For example, the Diadochos Halfgloves of Fending which are the 640 arms for tanks, go for 145k gil at minimum, maybe even more depending on your server.
  • Smaller Water Otter Fountain Hardware - A bit of a specific, and left-field one but one that can make a lot of money. The housing and furniture market never stops and this hardware goes into making water features. Because of this, it can sell for 200k gil or more.


6. Blacksmith

 A blacksmith with Hammer in Hand

The blacksmith’s crafting list is a lot more open than their armorer friends. And so because of that, you have more options at your disposal to make gil. A lot of the Blacksmith’s recipes revolve around weapons for Disciple of War classes, as well as a large number of Secondary tools for Crafters. 

There are also some primary tools and other things like hardware, wall-mounted furniture and stuff, but your main ones are the weapons for classes and Secondary Crafters’ tools. The mid to high-level crafting tools will always sell since you will find new crafters, but only the high-level weapons will get you that gil. So it’s best to focus on those two, with maybe a small dip into the furnishing side of things.

Best Items To Craft for Blacksmith:

  • Disciple of War weapons - These will always sell at high levels since the endgame content runners will want to optimize their loadouts. So for example making a pair of the Diadochos Chakrams for the Dancer can earn you anywhere from 250 to 350k gil pre-tax.
  • Crafters Tools - You can make a ton of Secondary, and some Primary, tools as a Blacksmith for Crafters. You will need the most recent crafting gear but if you have that then you can really make the funds. The Indagator’s Knife for the Leatherworker goes for around 110k gil at minimum and the Indagators Claw Hammer which is the Secondary Carpenter tool goes for 160k.
  • Disciple of the Land Tools - A niche one, but the Blacksmith makes all the tools for Botanist and Miner, so if you want to tap into that market you can. The Pickaxe for Miner easily goes for over 200k gil and the Hatchet goes for even more, so there’s good money to be made.


5. Carpenter

A Carpenter in the Firmament Helping Restore Ishgard.

Now then, the Carpenter is the main class who deals with housing. They make all the furnishings and lumber for people to use in recipes. But they also deal with necklaces,  bracelets and rings for Combat Jobs and also some weapons such as bows, staffs and such.

So if you want to make the money in FF14, then going for furnishings will be your main aim as a carpenter. The lumber that you make goes into other recipes which other crafters and they can, and will, pay a premium for it. And you are a happy Carpenter.


Best Items To Craft for Carpenter:

  • Weapons - As a Carpenter, you can craft weapons for the Black Mage, Dragoon, Bard and White Mage. The Diadochos Bow will earn around 130k gil. The Spear for Dragoon can net you 200k+ if you sell on the right server.
  • Lumber - This is your bread and butter. If you have your botanist levelled to 90 then this is essentially free. Dark Cherry Lumber, which is used in crafting recipes for Blacksmiths and Armorers goes for around 15k per one item, meaning you can make around 1.4m gil per 99 stack.
  • Necklaces, Bracelets and Rings - You will be making all of the high-level rings of casting, fending and so on for all the classes. The 640 Gear Score Fending ring for example will net you a nice 95k gil on the Light DC. 


4. Culinarian

 A Culinarian in their Home Guild in Limsa Lominsa

When you start trying to earn money on Culinarian, your main aim is to make food for raiders. Your options are limited since you can only make food/drink items, but some of these are very much in demand.

Raiders and other endgame content groups will want your food alongside brews made by alchemists so if you have both levelled you can make some serious coin. You will want to level your Botanist for this class, as getting a lot of the spices and materials will be free and only require you to be there at a certain time.

Best Items To Craft for Culinarian:

  • Crafter Foods - Since certain foods will give crafters more Control Points, crafters will want to buy these foods in bulk. If you want to make a certain food, Jhinga Biryani goes for around 3.5k gil per item so a stack of 99 will net you around 345k gil, a tidy profit for little gathering.
  • Combat Class food - SInce most statics and high-level raiding parties want food to help optimize their damage output, you can make good money on the market by making these foods for them. Honeyed Dragon fruit will make you 4k per individual food so a stack of 99 is an easy ~400k gil.


3. Goldsmith

A Goldsmith with their New Tool.

The goldsmith’s main crafting list is a lot more necklaces and bracelets. However, you also work with some weapons for Astrologian, Sages and Red Mages among others.

Your main money will be made from bracelets and necklaces. However, there is some money to be made in other places such as weapons, Crafter tools and some furnishings. So make sure to somewhat spread your bases to earn as much as possible.

Best Items To Craft for Goldsmith:

  • Necklaces - You make all of the high-level necklaces for combat classes and so you can make good money from all the statics that need it. The Diadochos Choker of Aiming goes for around 150k gil alone, 
  • Weapons - You are the main crafter for Astrologian, Red Mage and Sage weapons and all of these can earn you a tidy amount of gil alone. The Diadochos Sage weapon averages around 250k gil with some outliers towards the 320 to 350k mark. However, you can expect to get between 250-300k gil.
  • Furnishings - You can make the Small Otter Water Fountain with the hardware you made earlier and you can also make indoor fountains, baths and more. The Otter Fountain will go for 2m gil pre tax, so that’s a good money maker right there.


2. Leatherworker

 A Leatherworker Standing next to a Guild Member and a Tanned Piece of Leather

Leatherworkers are the main gear makers for FF14, making armours and accessories. This is another situation where your crafting options are rather limited to armours so having another more open crafter might be recommended.

Since you are limited to making armour and accessories, there is a bit of a price war that goes on. You can make some good money on making glamour gear that the Leatherworkers have available to them.

Best Items To Craft for Leatherworker:

  • Armour - You make jackets, boots and other leather-based pieces of armour, which can turn you a tidy profit. Your main aim is the 640 gear, Diadochos and more. The Diadochos Jacket of Aiming goes for around 200-300k gil 
  • Glamour Clothes - With some of the materials found in treasure map dungeons, you can turn them into glamour clothes that will always sell, since glamours are the true endgame of FF14. The Chocobo Pajama Shirt alone goes for 1.9m gil, and the matching slippers go for 2.2m gil, so from those 3 items you make 4.1m gil, which is a huge RoI (return on investment) from the money you spend on treasure maps.
  • Crafting/Gathering Gear - You make the gloves and boots for Crafters as well as the shoes, rings, necklaces and earrings for Gatherers. The Gatherer shoes go for around 200k gil, and the crafting gloves go for upwards of 230k gil. So if you don’t want to make armour and engage in an undercutting battle, then the Hand and Land gear is a good option


1. Weaver

A Weaver creating a new piece of glamour with cloth

When you go to make things for Weaver, your main items are clothes… lots of clothes. And not just combat gear, a lot of glamours as well. You won’t be limited by what clothes you can make as a Weaver.

So you have a wide variety of things to make and you don’t have to worry about. Because you make most of the gear for classes you can tend to set the prices and make the money you want. And again, having a Botanist fully levelled is a huge help here with the cost lowering it gives.

Best Items To Craft for Weaver: 

  • Glamours - This list is endless, since you are the main crafter who makes glamours, you have an open list at your disposal. The Cactuar Pajama Shirt goes for 2m gil and it doesn’t take much to make and the eyemask to match goes for 2.6m gil so that’s some good money relatively easily.
  • Combat Gear - You can make a lot of cloth-based combat gear for classes. For example, the Diadochos gear, specifically the jacket of striking, will earn you 135k gil and it is relatively easy to make
  • Cloth - As a Weaver, you make all of the endgame cloth for other crafters to make gear out of. A single piece of garnet cotton goes for around 26-28k so a full stack gets around 2.6-2.8m gil.

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