FF14 Best Tanks Revealed (Ranked Good To Best)

FF14 Best Tanks Revealed (Ranked Good To Best)
That tickled. Are you even trying?

Want to know why DPS still matters even when you play tank?

If you’re coming from another MMO, you might have this idea that a tank is just a tank, a healer is just a healer, and a DPS is just a DPS. While this was true once upon a time, it certainly isn’t now - especially in FF14!

And why is that?

FF14 is a mechanics-heavy MMORPG, and the hardest mechanic that all savage raiders must overcome is called The Enrage Timer

This timer is an invisible clock that begins to count down the second a fight begins. If the boss is still alive when the clock reaches zero, he’ll perform a super attack that annihilates your party.

Beating the enrage timer is critical for all groups, and it’s impossible to do if tanks and healers don’t contribute.

With that in mind, here’s our tier list for the best tanks in 6.4 (ranked from good to best).


4. Dark Knight

How do you defeat something that can't die? Run.

Introduced in Heavensward, Dark Knights embrace pain to fight against corruption and injustice. Wielding greatswords, these vigilantes channel their inner darkness to gain the upper hand in combat and to keep their teammates safe from harm.

Dark Knights struggle somewhat in dungeon content because their defensive abilities see more utility in raids. While Dark Knights can boast the highest burst DPS when compared to other tanks, they can’t boast the highest DPS over the course of a long fight. Sadly, this makes for a job that has tremendous potential but falls short of truly standing out.

What sets the Dark Knight apart from other tanks?

  • The Dark Knight job quest line is often regarded as some of the best storytelling in the game
  • Living Dead enables the Dark Knight to delay death, allowing for some interesting group synergies and raid tactics
  • Dark Knights push insane DPS numbers during their burst phase

Tank Usefulness Score: 89.1/100


3. Paladin

Time to play offense. Get ready to applaud!

Paladin has been around since A Realm Reborn launched in 2013, and its development over the years has seen it go from generic sword-and-board fighter to magic-wielding holy avenger.

The Paladin contributes the least in terms of overall DPS but arguably the most in terms of overall group survivability. Between its capacity to spot heal and the wide array of defensive abilities at its disposal, having a Paladin in the mix is a great way to add a much-needed safety net to any group that is struggling.

What sets the Paladin apart from other tanks?

  • Paladins have powerful single target and AoE heals to support healers in a pinch
  • Paladins boast the most defensive skills, making them more flexible in long fights
  • Paladins can use magic to attack from range, making it much easier for them to maintain DPS

Tank Usefulness Score: 89.3/100


2. Warrior

Go ahead; make us angry. We dare you.

Sometimes offense really is the best defense, and this juggernaut proves that it doesn’t really matter what the odds are if you’ve got a Warrior in the group. By tapping into their ferocity and bloodlust, these tanks depend on exactly one thing to overcome adversity: extreme violence.

Warriors are absolute units and the uncontested kings of self-healing. As the Warrior cycles in and out of berserker mode, it regenerates health in proportion to the amount of punishment it dishes out and sustains. 

This self-healing is technically more useful in dungeon content but is still extremely powerful in raids. Because of this, Warriors often end up being the go-to main tank in FF14.

What sets the Warrior apart from other tanks?

  • Warriors boast the best self-healing in the game
  • Warriors make some of the best main tanks in the game because their self-healing directly corresponds with the amount of damage they deal and take
  • Warriors are optimized for all content, making it very easy to add a lot of value to any group

Tank Usefulness Score: 90.9/100


1. Gunbreaker

We are the machine.

Gunbreaker is the relative new kid on the block, having been introduced in the game’s last expansion, Shadowbringer. This gunblade specialist’s fast paced and flashy combat style make it a fan favorite for many players who prefer other roles but enjoy tanking on the side.

Gunbreakers are the hardest-hitting tanks in FF14, making them an attractive option for players who wish to clear raid content as fast as possible. If that wasn’t enough, these gamers come equipped with single target heals and possibly the strongest defensive buff in the entire game.

What sets the Gunbreaker apart from other tanks?

  • Gunbreakers contribute the most DPS when compared to other tank jobs
  • Heart of Corrundum is arguably the strongest single target defensive buff in the entire game
  • While not as effective as Paladin, Gunbreakers can heal party members in a pinch

Tank Usefulness Score: 91.2/100

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