[Top 10] FF14 Best DPS For Max Damage (patch 6.4)

FF14 Best DPS For Max Damage
What's the secret to making FF14 easy? Hit harder.

If you’re new to FF14, you might be wondering how your job compares to others of its kind. The last thing you want is to spend hours of your life investing in a job that struggles to compete.

The good news is that jobs in FF14 are all very well balanced. So before we go any further, let’s get this out of the way right now: all jobs can clear all content. 

But if all jobs are perfectly viable, why is it still important to rank them?

For many groups, it in’t. If all you want is to see as much content with your friends as you can, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to clear. 

On the other hand, there’s a massive difference between being able to clear content and being able to clear content quickly.

Even if you’re not interested in clearing a raid tier the first week it’s out, it can still take months to get all of your best-in-slot gear. The faster your group clears, the faster they go from progging three nights a week to farming one night a week.

It’s also worth mentioning that FF14 is a mechanics-heavy MMORPG and that boss fights are scripted. Without getting too technical, the faster you can clear a fight, the less time your group has to spend jumping through mechanical hoops. 

Bottom line? DPS is a win-win-win… win… situation. 

Be in the know. Your healers will thank you for it later.


10. Red Mage

Can't decide what to play? Howabout trying a job that does everything?

Affectionately dubbed “Rez Mage”, this spell-slinging fencer is known for its job-defining trait, Dualcast. Whenever this mage casts any spell, Dualcast is triggered, and its next spell is cast instantly. 

Armed with a rapier and skilled in the use of both damage and healing magic, this caster DPS boasts arguably the most flexible kit in the game. While they struggle to compete with the highest DPS jobs, their game-changing utility earns them a spot in learning parties.

Even though Red Mage DPS is on the low side, having a Red Mage in your group is still worth it, and here’s why:

  • Dualcast allows Red Mages to instantly revive fallen teammates, often in rapid succession
  • While a Red Mage can’t flat-out replace a healer, they can often sustain a tank in a pinch (talk about clutch!)
  • In addition to contributing respectable damage, Red Mages can also buff a group’s offense and defense
  • The Red Mage’s flexible rotation makes it easier for them to maintain damage regardless of whether they are up close, at range, or on the move
  • The Red Mage rotation is relatively simple, but a skilled player that learns to optimize could easily elevate this job to a higher rank

Those interested in taking a closer look at Red Mage can find comprehensive guides for optimization on The Balance or Icy Veins.

DPS Power Score: 87.1/100


9. Bard

A music job that plays like a rhythm game? Yes please!

Bard is a classic in RPG Land, and it’s the OG physical ranged DPS for FF14. Wielding a bow like a harp, Bards use music to enhance their party’s overall performance. 

The Bard's rotation is dominated by maintaining damage over time skills and reacting to procs that trigger off of those DoTs. To add even more complexity, every song in their repertoire modifies the types of procs they must react to.

Bard DPS is a little on the low end, but its ease of play and constant buffing make up for that somewhat. The ability to attack while moving could be considered a net gain for a group’s total damage since DPS loss is more commonly attributed to failing mechanics. 

Their fast-paced rotation takes practice but isn’t super challenging, making Bard an excellent choice if you are new to endgame content in FF14.

Consider these reasons for playing Bard in your raid group:

  • Bard abilities are cast instantly, which means they benefit from unrestricted movement (definitely a plus in a mechanics-heavy game such as FF14)
  • Bards attack from range, so they can maintain DPS from anywhere
  • Bards cycle through buffs as a result of their DPS rotation, but they are still constantly buffing their teammates at all times
  • Bard defensive buffs improve healing received and mitigation, which can lead to some fun, albeit nuanced, combinations with tanks and healers
  • The Bard's rotation is extremely fast-paced, making it a great fit for players that get bored easily

You can learn how to optimize and build your Bard properly with these expert job guides: Bard Fundamentals and Bard Job Guide.

DPS Power Score: 87.3/100


8. Summoner

A Summoner is more than just pet class. It's a legacy.

The Summoner is a magic DPS that enlists special elementals known as egis and simulacra to assist it in combat. Each summon modifies the caster’s magic, giving him access to unique spells and combos by adding their elemental affinity to his. 

Summoners dish out excellent damage, especially given their comically simple rotation. While other mages need to plan their abilities carefully to maintain DPS, the Summoner has an easier time adjusting for mechanics since most of its spells are cast instantly. A group DPS buff and the ability to revive fallen teammates are just the icing on the cake.

Still not sure if Summoner is the job for you? Here’s a list to summarize its many strengths:

  • Although not as effective at group recovery as Red Mage, it can still revive others if needed
  • The Summoner rotation is very straightforward and easy to learn, making it a great choice for new players
  • Summoner spells are almost entirely instant-cast, making it easier for them to adjust for boss mechanics
  • Summoners are able to shield themselves from damage, enhancing their survivability
  • Summoners share a root class with the healing job, Scholar, making it uniquely capable of leveling two jobs simultaneously

Take a look at these guides for more information on how to optimize and build your Summoner properly: Job Fundamentals and this Summoner Job Guide.

DPS Power Score: 88.4/100


7. Machinist

You bring the swords and the spells. We'll bring everything else!

Introduced in Heavensward, the Machinist leverages their expertise with technology to gain the upper hand in combat. This sharpshooter is a walking arsenal, employing a full range of firearms, explosives, and even robotics to see its teammates through to victory.

As a physical ranged DPS, Machinist trades in group buffs for higher personal damage output. While the Bard and Dancer are more concerned with helping their teammates shine, the Machinist focuses on supporting the group with a more direct approach: higher numbers.

Here are some great reasons to give Machinist a closer look:

  • Machinists wield guns, allowing them to attack from any distance
  • Similar to other physical ranged DPS, Machinist abilities are cast instantly, allowing it to adjust for mechanics with relative ease
  • Machinists hit harder than other physical ranged DPS, making it more consistent since they're less dependent on party performance
  • The job’s rotation is extremely fast-paced, which could appeal to players who tend to get bored easily
  • Machinists deploy robots to assist them in combat

If you want to take the Machinist for a spin, check out these guides to help you optimize: Machinist Fundamentals and Machinist Job Guide - Endwalker 6.4.

DPS Power Score 88.5/100


6. Ninja

If you're still breathing, you weren't the target.

Ninjas are the rogues of FF14, dual-wielding daggers and attacking from the shadows. These shadow dancers are more than simple martial artists, however. Mastery of ninjitsu enhances their already potent combat prowess, allowing them to spit fire, summon giant toads, and even conjure shadow clones to aid them in combat. 

Ninjas are a force to be reckoned with. While most ninjas don’t reach quite the same numbers as other melee DPS, the ability to teleport and attack from range makes it easier for them to keep their faces pretty while maintaining DPS uptime.

If you’re still not sure about doubling down on Ninja, consider these strengths:

  • Ninjas are capable of devastating amounts of both single target and AoE DPS
  • Most of their ninjitsu is ranged, giving them more flexibility to adjust for mechanics
  • They can teleport, which also helps them adjust for mechanics (or simply move faster)
  • Ninjas can debuff enemies, causing them to take more damage for a short period of time
  • The Ninja rotation can be difficult to master, which might appeal to players looking for a challenge

Check out these guides if you’re interested in learning how to get the most out of your Ninja: Job Fundamentals and Ninja Job Guide.

DPS Power Score: 92.9/100


5. Reaper

Reapers aren't all that edgy. They're just scythe-ing up the competition.

Reaper is the new kid on the block for melee DPS. Introduced in Endwalker, Reapers tap into the dark spirits of the Void to assist them in battle. Equipped with a scythe and imbued with dark magic, these death dealers mow down their enemies with frightening efficiency.

Reapers are not unlike walking (or running) blenders. In the hands of even a marginally competent player, the Reaper can easily melt enemies out of existence. Reapers can also buff group DPS and come with their own teleport, similar to Ninjas.

Reapers have a lot going for them, including:

  • Their rotation takes practice but is still pretty easy to learn
  • Reapers can buff party DPS using their ability, Arcane Circle
  • Reapers can teleport, making it easier for them to accommodate mechanics
  • Reaper DPS is very strong and it doesn’t take long to feel like you’re contributing
  • The Reaper rotation is fast and flashy, making it highly addictive to play

Even though Reaper is relatively easy to pick up and play, optimization can go a long way toward bringing your performance to the next level.

Check out these guides for more information on how to get the most out of your Reaper: Reaper Fundamentals and Reaper Job Guide.

DPS Power Score: 92.9/100


4. Samurai

Knock knock. Who's there? Katana be friends?

Samurai is a melee DPS job that was introduced in the game’s second expansion, Stormblood. Often thought of as a “selfish DPS”, this job offers little to no group support whatsoever. In exchange, Samurai boasts some of the best DPS in FF14.

The Samurai’s rotation is comprised of a number of moving parts. Learning each part is simple, but mastering how they fit together is what turns this sword saint into one of the hardest-hitting jobs in the game.

Definitely consider playing Samurai if any of the following tickles your fancy:

  • The Samurai’s rotation is difficult to master, making it an excellent choice for players interested in a challenging
  • Samurai can jump in and out of combat, making it somewhat easier to move around
  • Samurai hits extremely hard, rewarding the player for high performance that’s easy to track
  • Party members love buffing Samurai because of how effective they are at fully utilizing them
  • Playing Samurai can make finding groups easier since most want two melee DPS, one physical ranged DPS and one caster DPS

Check out these guides to learn how to optimize and build your Samurai: Job Fundamentals and Samurai Job Guide.

DPS Power Score: 93.5/100


3. Black Mage

Seriously. Who doesn't like fireworks?

Black Mage is a caster DPS whose volatile magics make them far more akin to natural disasters. Wielding fire, ice, and lightning to cataclysmic effect, these war mages don’t just damage enemies; they delete them.

A well-played Black Mage can easily dominate with the amount of damage they unleash. You’ll notice that this caster is much higher on this list than Summoner and Red Mage. That’s because it trades in game-changing party utility for the right to compete with the strongest DPS jobs in the game. 

Black Mage boasts an extremely high skill ceiling and may not be a great choice for players who are slow to learn mechanics.

Even so, Black Mage is still a great choice for many players, and here’s why:

  • If you’re a caster at heart but want to compete with the hardest-hitting jobs, Black Mage is the job for you
  • Black Mage’s skill ceiling is great for players who want to be challenged; the view from the top makes it well worth the effort
  • Black Mages struggle with movement early on but acquire many skills to mitigate that at higher levels
  • Black Mages can ward themselves against damage, making it surprisingly durable
  • Black Mages can restore their own mana with ice magic

If you’re sold on giving Black Mage a shot and want to know how you can become an Avatar of Destruction, check out these guides to learn how to optimize effectively: Black Mage Job Guide and Job Fundamentals.

DPS Power Score: 93.7/100


2. Dragoon

Trust us: look up. Your helmet won't save you.

Leaping into our #2 spot is Dragoon, a lance-wielding knight trained to emulate and fight dragons. This melee DPS is most known for her ability to launch into the heavens and crash down on her enemies.

The Dragoon is a powerful DPSer with a kit that is as effective as it is difficult. Playing a Dragoon properly is very much an exercise in threading the needle. 

Your rotation is extremely rigid, and, like all melee DPS, you’ll need to pay careful attention to your positioning (front, back, and flank) to get the most out of your attacks. Any deviation from this routine can lead to significant DPS loss. 

But if you can manage that, the Dragoon brings an absurd amount of personal damage to the table in addition to being able to buff its teammates.

Dragoon is a great option for players for these reasons:

  • Dragoons have a high skill ceiling, making them great for players who like a challenge
  • Dragoon DPS is among the highest in the game
  • Dragoons have an easier time finding groups since raiders usually like to have two melee DPS to maximize damage
  • Dragoons have a group DPS buff as well as a single target DPS buff
  • Dragoons wear heavier armor than most melee, making them slightly more durable overall

Check out these guides to learn how to get the most out of your Dragoon: The Balance and Icy Veins.

DPS Power Score: 93.9/100


1. Monk

It's about hardwork, discipline, and a very mean right hook!

One of the original jobs released in A Realm Reborn, the Monk has endured a number of evolutions over the years. Capable of dealing a tremendous amount of damage in addition to buffing their teammates’ offense and defense, it’s no big surprise that these martial artists are reigning supreme in DPS.

Maximizing DPS with a Monk is all about building and maintaining momentum. By alternating between various attack combos, the Monk layers on personal buffs to enhance their potency and speed. And when they do this successfully, they unlock super attacks that do massive damage.

Monks bring a ton of value to the group, but specifically, here are the reasons you might consider including this job in your raid group:

  • Monks are currently the strongest DPS in the game
  • The Monk rotation is great for players looking for a challenge
  • Monks have a handful of defensive skills that make them very durable
  • Monks can buff their group’s DPS with the temporary buff, Brotherhood
  • Monks can support healers with Mantra, an ability that temporarily increases healing received by the party

Playing Monk effectively takes a lot of time and practice. Check out these guides for how you can take your Monk to the next level: The Balance and Icy Veins.

DPS Power Score: 94.1/100

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