[Top 15] FF14 Best Outfits (And How To Get Them)

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The leaders of Eorzea getting ready for a final strike.

Final Fantasy XIV is a game that is about battling monsters and clearing dungeons and collecting beautiful and fierce pieces of clothing to wear as a glamour in one’s character.

The amount of good glamorous in the world of Eorzea is almost countless, and many players are willing to grind thousands of hours into a Relic weapon, making a static to clear hard contents, all just to get a good piece of glamour.

For that reason, this article will discuss some of the best outfits that can be found in Final Fantasy XIV. While opinions may differ from person to person, this guide will give you some insight on what kind of glamour you would like to get, especially if you’re a new player just starting out in your journey in FFXIV.


15) Kupo Attire Coffer

An Elezen elegantly wearing the Kupo Attire.

The Kupo Attire Coffer is a set of outfitssuitable for all genders and races, and looks very elegant and pretty on the player’s character. 

All of the pieces of this outfit (Hat, Top, Bottoms, Gloves, and Shoes), can be dyed according to the player’s favorite chosen color.

This outfit is best suited for players who would like an elegant and gorgeous look. In addition, any part of this outfit can also be matched with other pieces of clothing.

Any player can get this outfit from the Ishgardian Restoration’s Kupo of Fortune tickets, or buying it through the Market Board for around 100k gil, depending on the player’s server.


14) Hempen Camise

A female Miqo’te wearing the Hempen Camise.

Hempen Camise is the go-to top for many players to don their characters in if they want a bold, sexy look. This top accentuates the player’s body, making them look more alluring and sexy.

In addition, Hempen Camise can also be matched with many different types of pants and even shoes, which makes it a flexible top that can be worn with many different glamour variations.

To get this top, a player can craft them with the Weaver job, or get them from the Market Board with a price ranging from 20-30k gil depending on the player’s server.


13) Spring Dress

A small Lalafell wearing a pink Spring Dress.

Would you want a fresh look for your characters? Do you want your character to be the embodiment of Spring and spread happiness just by wearing a piece of clothing?

If yes, then the Spring Dress is your glamour of choice for your character as you journey through Eorzea!

This dress gives a soft and elegant look to a player’s character, especially whendyed to soft, pastel colors. The off-shoulder design also makes the dress look more elegant.

Players who want to get their hands on this pretty dress can craft it or buy it through the Market Board with a price ranging from 100-200k gil depending on the player’s server.


12) Edenmete/Edenmorn Coat of Fending

A male Miqo’te wearing the Edenmete Coat of Fending

The Edenmete or Edenmorn Coat of Fending is one of the most popular gear for many tanks roaming in Eorzea. The main reason is that the glamour looks very cool and dark, and the intricate design and furs give the players a rich and elegant look.

Not to mention, this coat looks great on both male and female characters, which is why it is a very popular top among many Tank players out there.

To get this outfit piece, players would need to clear the latest Eden Raid tier, which includes E9 to E12. The normal raids would drop an armor fragment which can then be traded into an Edenmete Coat of Fending. 

On the other hand, only Eden 12 Savage (Eternity) would drop this piece of clothing, which is the Edenmorn Coat of Fending. The only difference between the two is the Edenmorn version can be dyed to any color the player wants.


11) Thavnairian Bustier

An Astrologian wearing the Thavnairian Bustier.

The Thavnairian Bustier is the perfect piece of outfit for players who would like their characters to look sexy and elegant at the same time.

The flowy skirt gives a very enchanting and graceful image for the characters wearing it, while the exposure of skin also makes the character look very sexy and alluring. This outfit makes a character look the best of both worlds.

Players who want to get their hands on this beautiful piece of clothing can craft it themselves, or buy it in the Market Board with a price ranging from 100-150k gil depending on the server the player is playing on.


10) Far Eastern Officer’s

Several different races wearing the Far Eastern Officer’s outfit.

The Far Eastern Officer’s outfit is also one of the most popular outfits for many characters who have male players out there.

This is because this set of outfits makes their character look cool, composed, and not too formal or rigid. In addition, each individual piece of this outfit can be mixed and matched with other pieces of clothing to create an entirely new look.

However, this outfit is only available in the MogStation, so players would have to pay some money to earn this outfit. The link to buy this outfit can be found here.


9) Quan

A flowy, satin pants named Quan.

Contrary to other pieces of clothing featured in this list, Quan is a type of pants that a player can wear. The main reason it is very popular is that it can be mixed and matched with many different types of outfits.

Quan is the perfect pants to wear when a player wants their character to look more elegant with soft, satin looks. However, pair it with a Hempen Camise and the character would immediately look sexy. Pairing it with other types of tops can also change the mood and overall look of the character.

To get these pairs of pants, a player can craft it themselves or buy it in the market board with a price ranging from 300-400k depending on the player's server.


8) 2B Coffer

A Viera wearing 2B’s outfit.

2B’s outfit is very popular among many gamers, so it is no surprise that it is widely desired ever since FFXIV launched a raid collab with Nier’s developers. 

This outfit fits a lot of female characters out there, regardless of race. In addition, it also makes the player look exactly like 2B. It can also give a sexy and seductive look to the characters.

Not to mention, 2B’s shoes are one of the few rare high-heeled boots available in the game, and it can be mixed and matched with many different outfits to create an entirely different costume.

Players who want to get their hands on this outfit must complete the first collaboration raid between FFXIV and Nier and the first Alliance Raid of the Shadowbringers Expansion, The Copied Factory.


7) YorHa Type-51 Robe of Casting

A Miqo’te wearing a dark dress.

FFXIV’s collaboration with Nier has allowed players to snatch many beautiful and gorgeous-looking outfits, and the YorHa Type-51 Robe of Casting is one of them.

It is one of the most desired outfits for many casters out there. This dress just makes a character look absolutely stunning, elegant, and sexy at the same time. It is the perfect look for an evening party or a formal event.

This robe is a random drop from The Copied Factory raid, so players must complete it in order to grab their chance at this gorgeous dress!


6) Housemaid and Butler’s Uniform

A maid and butler roaming freely in Eorzea.

Many crafters and even battle job players out there are often seen wearing the Housemaid and Butler’s Uniform, as it is a perfect rendition of the outfit of a maid and a butler in Eorzea.

It is a desired outfit for many players because of its cute and cool look, which can make a character look like they’re living in a dream. Not to mention, some of its clothing parts, like the pants, shoes, and headpiece, can also be mixed and matched with different types of clothing.

However, both can only be purchased through the MogStation, so players would have to spend real money to get these outfits. 

For interested players, this is the link to buy the Housemaid’s outfit, while this is the link to buy the Butler’s Uniform.


5) Calfskin Leather Outfit

A Female Miqo’te wearing the full Calfskin Leather outfit.

The Calfskin Leather outfit is one of the most popular glamour options out there, because it fits both male and female characters of all races and options.

This outfit makes a character look edgy, cool, and badass, which is a look that is desired by many players out there. Not to mention, all of the pieces of this outfit can be mixed and matched with many other different types of outfits, creating an entirely different lookbook and style to your character.

To get this outfit, a player can craft the outfit themselves, or buy it through the Market Board for around 50-150k gil per piece, depending on the player’s server.


4) Casual Attire Coffer

A pair of players wearing matching Casual Attire clothes.

Casual Attire coffers are also widely popular among players right now, as it is a set of clothing that suit both genders of all races and types.

Contrary to the Calfskin Leather outfit, Casual Attire coffer is suitable for players who would want a more laid-back, innocent, and fun look to their characters.

Like the Calfskin Leather outfit, all pieces of Casual Attire can be mixed and matched with many other types of outfits you have, creating a different look every time.

Players who want this outfit can get it by winning first place on a random Kupo of Fortune ticket or buying the coffer through the Market Board for a price ranging from 900k to 1.5 million gil depending on the player's server is playing on.


3) Neo-Ishgardian Outfits

Warrior of Lights wearing their Neo-Ishgardian outfits.

Neo-Ishgardian Outfits are released in 5.2, and have many different looks depending on the battle job the player is playing on. However, many players agreed that the Neo-Ishgardian outfits all look awesome.

These outfits range from dresses to suits and give players a whole different look, ranging from elegant and beautiful to cool and fierce.

Players who would like to try out a certain set of outfits can craft the outfit themselves, or buy the outfit from the Market Board with a price ranging from 50 to 200k depending on the piece of clothing, battle job type, as well as the server the player is playing on.


2). Eternal Bond Outfits

Eternal Bond is the wedding in FFXIV.

Eternal Bond outfits have long been known as one of the most beautiful and cool-looking glamour pieces in the game. There have been many stories of players marrying in-game just to get their hands on the marriage outfits.

It is widely desired as the dress looks very beautiful and elegant, while the suit looks very cool and dashing. Many players want their characters to look like an awesome bride or groom.

These outfits have different variations, depending on whether a player is willing to pay real money for their Eternal Bonds in FFXIV. More information about how to get these outfits can be found here.


1. Elemental Armor

Different types of Elemental Armors.

The Elemental Armors are the only armors in the whole Final Fantasy XIV that are shiny. It is an awesome set of gear that can be flexed to many other players, mainly because its shine makes it a very unique armor set.

This set is also available and looks different on different battle jobs, and it suits the job’s aesthetic and style very much. For example, the healer’s elemental armor looks very elegant and beautiful.

To get this set of armor, players would need to grind through Eureka. Eureka can be extremely grindy and tiresome, especially for players who did not like to grind much for their glamour. More information about how to do Eureka can be found in this video.

However, for many players, especially those who like to collect rare, eye-catching glamour, the grind would be worth it in the end, to be able to get their hands on these rare, unique pieces of glamour.


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