[Top 10] FF14 Best Dancer Skills That Are Powerful

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A graceful Dancer ready to slaughter her way to the enemies.

Dancer is the latest Physical Ranged DPS added into the game through the Shadowbringers expansion, along with the addition of the Gunbreaker role. 

As a Physical Ranged DPS, their main aim in a group is to deal damage to their enemies with their skills. In addition, Dancers also excel in having a lot of skills that serve as a party utility, helping their party by increasing their damage dealt, and many other uses.

Dancers also have very graceful movement sets and skills that allow them to wave their way into the battlefield, creating a beautiful havoc. Not only that, Dancer is one of the easiest DPS battle jobs that players can learn, making it a DPS suitable for beginners new into the game and just learning their proper rotation.

For this reason, this article will feature ten of the best Dancer's skills for a different variety of reasons, be it for damage, the support, party utility it brings, and many more.


10. Closed Position

A video guide on Dancer for beginners. See Closed Position in action at 1:32.

Closed Position is the first Dancer skill to be featured in this article. It can be said it is the Bread and Butter to the Dancer battle job.

Why Closed Position is Great:

  • Closed Position is a must use for any battle instance that the Dancer enters, so long as it is on level 60 and above as Closed Position is a level 60 ability. 
  • Closed Position will allow the Dancer to choose one party member to become their ‘Dance Partner’. This status will last for the entire duration of the fight, as long as either the Dance Partner or the Dancer themselves does not get disconnected. Alternatively, Dancer can also manually erase this status by clicking Closed Position again.
  • Dance Partner is crucial in the Dancer battle job as it will allow the Dancer to share the effects of skills like Standard Step, Curing Waltz, Devilment, and Tilana with the Dance Partner.

Closed Position details


9. Curing Waltz

A video demonstrating Curing Waltz.

Curing Waltz is the second ability to be featured in this article. It is a support ability that is often used to help the party members.

Why Curing Waltz is Great:

  • Curing Waltz is a great ability that can help the Dancer’s teammates by healing them through Curing Waltz. Curing Waltz will restore the Dancer’s HP as well as near party members with 300 cure potency.
  • As this is quite a high potency, especially for non-healers, Curing Waltz will help heal up the party members. It is a great ability to be activated after the party has suffered damage from raidwides.
  • Additionally, party member designated as the Dancer’s dance partner will also receive the heal from Curing Waltz and will also heal the party members near them, adding the use of Curing Waltz even more.

Curing Waltz details


8. En Avant

A video guide on Dancer’s skills. See En Avant in action at 17:04.

En Avant is the next ability to be featured in this article. It is a great mobility skill that can help the Dancer immensely.

Why En Avant is Great:

  • En Avant is an ability that will let the Dancer quickly dash 10 yalms forward.
  • In addition, Dancers will have three charges of En Avant, with each one recharging every 30 seconds.
  • This will allow a Dancer to be able to move through the arena very quickly with three charges of En Avant. Not to mention, this ability will also allow a Dancer to be able to dodge through AoEs very quickly, as well as going to and from from the enemies within a blink of an eye.

En Avant details


7. Devilment

A video guide on Dancer’s skills. See Devilment in action at 18:40.

Devilment is another support ability skill that is very important to a Dancer as well as their Dance Partner.

Why Devilment is Great:

  • Devilment is an absolutely great ability to be used by the Dancer since it will help increase the damage dealt by the Dancer as well as their Dance partner in the combat.
  • Devilment does this through giving a buff to the Dancer and their Dance Partner that will increase their critical hit rate and direct hit rate by 20% for 20 seconds.
  • In addition, executing Devilment will trigger the effect of Flourishing Starfall ready, allowing the Dancer to have access to a powerful skill, Starfall Dance.

Devilment details


6. Improvisation

A video guide on how to play Dancer. See Improvisation in action at 10:40.

Improvisation is also another very powerful support skill that has been buffed significantly in the Endwalker expansion, making it much more useful in battle.

Why Improvisation is Great:

  • Improvisation is a support ability that will grant Rising Rhythm to self, and the stack will increase by 1 every 3 seconds, up to a maximum of 4 stacks.
  • Improvisation will also grant healing over time for the Dancer and nearby party members with a 100 cure potency for 15 seconds, allowing them to recover their lost HP after being hit by a raidwide.
  • Afterwards, the Dancer will be able to use Improved Finish, which will create a barrier around the Dancer and their party members, and the barrier will get more powerful the more stacks of Rising Rhythm the Dancer has, up to a 10% of Maximum HP Barrier for 4 stacks.

Improvisation details


5. Starfall Dance

A video guide on Dancer for beginners. See Starfall Dance in action at 1:58.

Starfall Dance is the first offensive skill to be featured, and for a good reason, as it is very powerful and can deal a lot of damage to the enemies.

Why Starfall Dance is Great:

  • Starfall Dance is a level 90 weapon skill that will ensure the damage it hits will be a critical direct hit, which is much more powerful than a normal hit.
  • Starfall Dance will deliver a straight line attack with a potency of 600 for the first enemy and 75% less for all remaining enemies.
  • It can only be used under the effect of Flourishing Starfall, which will be triggered upon the use of the Devilment ability.

Starfall Dance details


4. Shield Samba

A video demonstrating Shield Samba.

Shield Samba is another powerful support ability that will help the Dancer and their party members from taking too much damage from the enemies.

Why Shield Samba is Great:

  • Shield Samba is a powerful ability that will grant a buff for the Dancer and their party members which will reduce their damage taken by 10% for 15 seconds.
  • This ability will help the party members live longer and have the risk of dying lowered as they will be able to receive less damage taken from the enemies, as well as helping the healers from having to panic heal.
  • It is a good ability to be used before the damage hits on a raidwide attack by the boss or when there is going to be a lot of damage taken by the party in a few moments.

Shield Samba details


3. Flourish

A video guide on Dancer’s skills. See Flourish in action at 24:30.

Flourish is another support skill unique to that of a Dancer, but it focuses more on enhancing the Dancer’s offensive attacks rather than providing more party utility.

Why Flourish is Great:

  • Flourish is an amazing ability that grants the Dancer the effects of Flourishing Symmetry, Flourishing Flow, Threefold Fan Dance, and Fourfold Fan Dance, basically activating every single one of Dancer’s procs and lets them gain immediate access to their powerful skills.
  • Flourishing Symmetry will allow the Dancer to execute either Reverse Cascade or Rising Windmill, while Flourishing FLow will grant access to Fountainfall and Blood Shower.
  • On the other hand, Threefold Fan Dance will unlock Fan Dance III, while Fourfold Fan Dance will allow the execution of Fan Dance IV.

Flourish details


2. Standard Step

A video guide on Dancer for beginners. See Standard Step in action at 2:00.

If Closed Position is the bread and butter to the basics of Dancer’s skills, then Standard Step will be the salt and pepper to maximise the use of Dance Partners.

Why Standard Step is Great:

  • Standard Step is a level 15 skill that must be used whenever it comes off cooldown, for it deals a lot of damage, as well as gives a buff for the Dancer and the Dance Partner.
  • Finishing Standard Step successfully will allow the use of Standard Finish, which will deal 720 damage potency for the first enemy and 75% less for the remaining enemies. This is a huge damage potency, as long as the Dancer completes the Standard Step successfully. 
  • It will also grant Esprit to the Dancer and their Dance partner. Assuming that the Dancer has completed the two step of Standard Step correctly, Esprit will grant a buff for both of them that will increase their damage dealt by 5% for 60 seconds, allowing them to basically have this buff permanently on for the combat.

Standard Step details


1. Technical Step

A video demonstrating Technical Step.

Technical Step is the last ability skill to be featured in this article, and for a very good reason. While some may see it as just an upgraded version of Standard Step, Technical Step is a very good ability that can buff AND attack.

Why Technical Step is Great:

  • Technical Step is a four-step dance routine, where, when executed accordingly and accurately, will allow the use of Technical Finish, which will deal a whopping 1,200 damage potency for the first enemy and 75% less for the remaining enemies.
  • In addition, Technical Finish will also grant the buffs of Technical Finish and Esprit to the Dancer and their party members, and this will increase their damage dealt by 5% for 20 seconds, allowing the party to be able to kill the enemies even quicker.
  • Additionally, it will also grant the effect of Flourishing Finish for 30 seconds, allowing the Dancer access to the skill Tilana, a skill that will deal damage to the enemies as well as activating Esprit for the Dancer and their Dance Partner, further increasing the buffs.

Technical Step details

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