FF14 DPS Tier List 6.3 [FF14 Best And Worst DPS Jobs Revealed]

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Patch 6.3 brings with it a lot of additions and changes in the game.

FFXIV recently released version 6.3, which includes a plethora of new content such as new dungeons and trials, new stories, new items that players can purchase with MGP, and much more. Of course, as is customary, the arrival of a new major patch brings with it a slew of changes to the battle jobs in FFXIV, including DPS.

The DPS tier has shifted yet again as a result of these changes in this patch, as well as some minor tweaks from previous patches. While power creep is not as prevalent in FFXIV as it is in other MMORPGs, there are some differences, particularly between DPS jobs.

Of course, everyone is free to play whatever battle job they feel most comfortable with, as long as they enjoy it. The goal of this article is to show which battle jobs can perform the best in an endgame scenario where DPS checks are most important. Without further ado, let us begin with the first tier.

S Tier

The first tier introduced in this article is the S Rank tier, which is the highest tier in patch 6.3 and consists of the strongest DPS battle jobs. The DPS battle jobs offered in this list are the most powerful battle jobs available right now for players to use when tackling end-game content. This is because the DPS listed as S Tier can deal a lot of damage to enemies while also providing excellent party utility, which means that players can benefit greatly from having these battle jobs in their party.

Reaper: 95/100

Dragoon: 93/100


A Tier

The second tier introduced in this article is the A Tier, which is the second highest tier to which DPS battle jobs can belong. The DPS jobs on this tier are also extremely good DPS battle jobs, but they fall just a little short of the DPS battle jobs on the S Tier. DPS battle jobs in A Tier can also deal a lot of DPS, and some even have some party utility.

Ninja: 90/100

Monk: 88/100

Samurai: 87/100

Black Mage: 85/100

Machinist: 82/100

Summoner: 80/100


B Tier

The B Tier list is the third tier that readers will see listed in this article. As the third highest tier list, the DPS in this list provide a lot of party utility, though their DPS falls a little short of the DPS battle jobs listed in the A Tier or S Tier.

Red Mage: 78/100

Dancer: 75/100


C Tier

The C Tier is the final tier introduced in this article. Remember that just because a battle job is listed here doesn't mean it's not viable or fun to play. Some DPS are classified as C Tier in patch 6.3 because they provide less damage or party utility than their counterparts in the same sub-job category.

Bard: 72/100


1. Reaper ( S Tier)

Reaper is a new DPS that ends up very strong.

The first battle job introduced in this list, as well as the first S Tier DPS, is Reaper.

Despite being introduced in the Endwalker expansion, Reaper has quickly become the top tier DPS due to their high damage output, which allows them to kill the boss much faster.

What distinguishes Reaper as an S-Tier DPS:

  • To begin with, Reaper can deal a lot of damage, as evidenced by their skills. Communio is the final skill introduced to this battle job, and it can deal unaspected damage to the targeted enemy as well as all enemies nearby, with a damage potency of 1,100 for the first enemy and 60% for the rest of the enemies nearby. Communio can also be used repeatedly during the battle.
  • As a result, Reaper has a very high DPS. They are also very adaptable in either raid or dungeon scenarios, which is especially important now that the game has a savage dungeon mode.
  • This is due to Reaper's strong single target and AoE damage, especially when compared to other Melee battle jobs, some of which have a lot of skills that only focus on single-target attacking and not AoE damage.
  • This is demonstrated by some of their abilities, including the previously mentioned Communio, as well as Gluttony, Cross Reaping, and Grim Reaping.
  • Reaper, in addition to providing a lot of DPS and damage to both a boss enemy and trash mobs, also provides a lot of party utility, which means that Reaper can help buff their teammates into dealing even more damage.
  • Arcane Circle allows the Reaper to buff themselves as well as party members nearby with a 3% increase in damage dealt for 20 seconds. Using this buff will also allow the Reaper to use some of their most potent offensive abilities, such as Plentiful Harvest.
  • Furthermore, Reaper can provide minor regen to all party members by using Arcane Crest, a self-shield that will nullify damage totaling up to 10% of maximum HP. When this shield breaks, it grants the Reaper and all nearby allies the 'Crest of Time Returned' buff. For 15 seconds, this buff will restore their HP with a cure potency of 50.


2. Dragoon ( S Tier )

Dragoons become an important figure in the Heavensward expansion.

The second DPS that players can learn about in this article is Dragoon.

Unlike the Reaper, who was only introduced in the Endwalker expansion, Dragoon has been a part of Final Fantasy XIV since its inception. However, it is clear that Dragoon is now one of the strongest DPS in this tier, as it is once again a DPS job capable of dealing significant damage to enemies.

What distinguishes Dragoon as an S-Tier DPS:

  • To begin with, Dragoon can deal a lot of damage to enemies, especially in a raid scenario where DPS checks are critical. Dragoon is thus a DPS battle job that can significantly reduce the boss' health.
  • Some of their powerful skills, such as Stardiver, deal a jumping fire-based attack with 620 potency for the targeted enemy and 30% less for all remaining enemies, demonstrating their high DPS output.
  • Dragoons can also boost their DPS output by using some of their self-buffs, which allow them to deal more damage. The 'Lance Charge' buff is one of these, and it increases damage dealt by 10% for 20 seconds.
  • The 'Life Surge' buff, which was recently tweaked, is another buff that Dragoons have to increase their DPS. This buff has two charges and ensures critical damage for the first weapon-skill performed by the Dragoon after using the Life Surge buff, which can help buff up some of their powerful and high damage potency skills even more.
  • To compete with Reaper, Dragoon has a plethora of party utility that they can provide to their party members. Battle Litany is an ability that gives the Dragoon and all party members a 10% increase in critical hit rate for 15 seconds.
  • Dragoons can also grant 'Dragon Sight' to a specific party member. Dragon Sight will grant the Dragoon a buff called 'Right Eye,' which will increase the Dragoon's damage dealt by 10%. It will also grant the chosen party member a buff called 'Left Eye,' which will grant them a 5% damage boost for 20 seconds. Use this ability to make some of your party members feel special!


3. Ninja (A Tier)

Ninjas will hit you and make you vulnerable to even more damage.

After Reaper and Dragoon, Ninja is the third Melee DPS introduced in this article.

Ninja has been a part of the game since the later patches of A Realm Reborn, and it is a job known for its fast and fierce attacks that can pierce and debuff their enemies, allowing their teammates to deal more damage to the boss.

What makes Ninja an A-Tier DPS: 

  • Ninja is ideal for players who enjoy playing stealth, as they excel at stabbing their opponents in the back. They also have assassination skills that can deal significant damage to their enemies.
  • While the job may be lacking in terms of raw damage dealt when compared to other Melee battle jobs, Ninjas have a plethora of powerful skills. Forked Raiju and Fleeting Raiju, for example, can deal 560 potency damage to the target.
  • Ninja have a lot of flexibility in terms of using specific Ninjutsu more often for a specific fight due to their Ninjutsu ability. The combination of Ten, Chi, and Jin will allow Ninja to perform various skills such as Katon, Raiton, Hyoton, Huton, Doton, and many more.
  • Ninja can also make their opponents vulnerable by using the ability 'Trick Attack,' which applies a debuff that causes the enemy to take 10% more damage for 15 seconds.
  • Furthermore, Ninja can improve themselves with the Ninjutsu 'Huton,' which reduces their weapon-skill recast time and auto-attack delay by 15%, allowing Ninja to be faster and deal more damage.
  • Ninja is also capable of moving quickly away from danger. This ability is known as 'Shukuchi,' and it allows them to teleport to a specific location. This allows a Ninja to move quickly into and out of battle.


4. Monk ( A Tier )

Monks are a master of utilising their kicks and punches.

Another Melee DPS introduced in this article is the Monk. It's also another Melee DPS that's been around since the beginning of the game.

Despite being one of the older jobs, Monk is still enjoyable to play and serves as a DPS capable of dealing consistent damage to enemies. Monk can now deal more consistent damage to enemies thanks to major changes made to the job since the start of the Endwalker expansion.

What distinguishes Monk as an A-Tier DPS:

  • To begin with, Monk is a DPS battle job with a very powerful burst rotation and skills. Phantom Rush is one of their most powerful skills, allowing the Monk to deal 1,150 damage potency to the first enemy and 50% less to all remaining enemies nearby.
  • Monks can also increase their damage output by buffing themselves with innate abilities that they can activate manually.
  • Riddle of Wind reduces their auto-attack by 50%, allowing them to deal more damage to their opponents. For 20 seconds, Riddle of Fire will increase their damage dealt by 15%, allowing them to deal more damage with their skills and attacks.
  • In addition to strong skills and buffs, Monks provide some party utility that can help boost not only their own, but also the damage and survivability of their party members.
  • The ability 'Brotherhood' grants two buffs to the Monk and their party members, called 'Brotherhood' and 'Meditative Brotherhood,' respectively. The 'Brotherhood' buff increases their damage dealt by 5%, while the 'Meditative Brotherhood' buff grants the Monk a 20% chance to open their chakra when party members who have the 'Meditative Brotherhood' buff perform a weapon skill or spell.
  • Mantra is another ability that can be useful to the party. This ability grants a buff that increases the Monk's and their party members' HP recovery via healing actions by 10% for 15 seconds. This will increase their survivability, especially when confronted with a raid boss's constant attacks.


5. Samurai ( A Tier )

Samurai are masters of their sharp katana.

The final Melee DPS introduced in this article is Samurai. It is also the first DPS addition since the Stormblood expansion.

Samurai have always been regarded as the stingy DPS' due to the fact that it provides no party utility other than raw damage. This means that, unlike the other Melee DPS jobs, Samurai typically have a very high raw damage output to compensate for the fact that they offer no party utility that can help buff or protect their teams. So, despite this, why is Samurai still an A-Tier DPS?

What distinguishes Samurai as an A-Tier DPS:

  • As previously stated, a Samurai is a DPS who can deal insane raw damage to the enemy, significantly reducing their HP. This is primarily accomplished through their Iaijutsu. Midare Setsugekka is their most powerful Iaijutsu, with a critical hit potency of 640. Not to mention that it will deal even more damage if the Samurai has a critical hit rate buff.
  • Samurai also have a plethora of self-buffs that can help them increase their damage output and the potency of their powerful skills, such as Midare Setsugekka. There are two main buffs that can be active at all times during the fight, allowing Samurai to have a permanent buff on their character at all times.
  • The first buff is Fuka, which reduces their weapon-skill cast time, recast time, spell recast time, and recast time by 13%, as well as their auto-attack delay.
  • Fugetsu is the second buff, which increases their damage dealt by 13%.
  • Not to mention, Samurai have an ability that can help reduce damage taken and thus increase their survivability on the field. This ability is known as Third Eye, and it reduces the Samurai's damage taken by 10% for 4 seconds. When this shield breaks, it will help the Samurai even more by increasing their Kenki gauge by ten points.
  • The Kenki gauge can then be used to perform powerful skills like Ikishoten, Shoha, Ogi Namakiri, and many more.


6. Black Mage ( A Tier)

Black Mages are very powerful spellcasters that can call down a meteor.

The first spellcaster or ranged magical DPS introduced in this article is the Black Mage. Black Mages, like some of the other DPS in this article, have been in the game since A Realm Reborn.

If Samurai is the stingy DPS, Black Mage is the magical DPS equivalent of the stingy and greedy DPS. They, like Samurai, provide little to no party utility. However, thanks to their powerful spells, they can deal an insane amount of raw damage output to the boss' health.

What makes Black Mage an A-Tier DPS? 

  • First and foremost, Black Mage's control and mastery over the elements allows them to weave various elements to damage their enemies. The main element they use to significantly damage the enemy is fire, while the ice element allows them to cool down and restore their lost mana. Furthermore, they will use thunder to deal damage to the enemies over time, while dark spells will have some extremely powerful spells that they can use on occasion.
  • As a heavy caster, Black Mage will spend a lot of time casting. However, some of their abilities help to alleviate the problem of movement. 'Triplecast' allows them to instantly cast the next three spells without having to cast them first. With 'Swiftcast,' Black Mages will be able to cast 4 spells per minute without casting.
  • They also have the ability 'Aetherial Manipulation,' which allows the Black Mage to instantly teleport to the side of a party member. A Black Mage will be able to spend more time casting and less time walking as a result of this.
  • A Black Mage can also increase their damage output by placing a Ley Lines beneath themselves, which is a Black Mage's bread and butter when it comes to dealing high damage. A Black mage will have a buff that reduces spell cast time, recast time, and auto-attack delay by 15% for 30 seconds while standing on top of their Ley Lines. This allows a Black Mage to cast spells faster and deal more spells.
  • While the Black Mage must stand on one of the Ley Lines to deal the most damage, the existence of 'Between the Lines' can help. This allows a Black Mage to teleport back to their Ley Lines immediately after moving away to avoid mechanics that hit their Ley Lines. These two abilities, when combined with 'Aetherial Manipulation,' will allow Black Mages to spend even less time walking between the safe spot and their Ley Lines.
  • Finally, Black Mage can use the ability 'Manaward' to protect themselves from taking too much damage. Manaward will grant the Black Mage a shield that will protect them and negate damage up to 30% of their maximum HP. This ability alone allows the Black Mage to cast more spells and take non-lethal damage in order to stay in place and complete their casting.


7. Machinist ( A-Tier )

Machinist is now a very reliable and consistent DPS!

The first physical ranged DPS introduced in this list is Machinist. Not to mention that it is the first DPS introduced in the game since the Heavensward era.

With patch 6.3, Machinist received a massive boost, putting them on par with other strong DPS like Samurai and Black Mages. The new patch's upgrade allows Machinist to deal high damage consistently, making him the game's highest damage-dealing physical ranged DPS out of the three currently available.

What distinguishes Machinist as an A-Tier DPS:

  • The first is the obvious change that patch 6.3 makes to Machinist in general. Instead of relying on the game's latency, this change now allows a Machinist to deal a lot of damage in a consistent manner. The most significant change that the Machinist notices is a change to their ability 'Hypercharge,' which allows the Machinist to fire a large number of attacks in a short period of time.
  • Hypercharge will now last 10 seconds instead of 8 seconds, allowing them to deal even more skills without fear of sudden lag. Machinists can now use all stacks of Heat Blast and Gauss Round or Ricochet as a result of this change.
  • Furthermore, they have another ability that can be paired with Hypercharge, Wildfire, which has also been updated in patch 6.3. Wildfire can now be stacked up to 6 times and deals 240 more potency damage for each weapon-skill executed by the Machinist during the duration of Wildfire.
  • Patch 6.3 also introduces a new party utility for the Machinist, which allows the Machinist to debuff the enemy they are attacking. This ability is called 'Dismantle,' and it reduces the target's damage dealt by 10%, allowing the party to take less damage from the boss and survive longer.
  • Machinists can summon their own 'Summon,' the Automaton Queen, who has its own set of skills and abilities. While active on the battlefield, the Automaton Queen will assist the Machinist in dealing even more damage. Furthermore, upon the expiration of their summon, the Automaton Queen will explode, dealing explosive damage to the enemies.


8. Summoner ( A-Tier )

Summoners are a master of their art.

Summoner is the article's second magical ranged DPS introduction. The Summoner, like some of the other DPS in this article, has been in the game since the A Realm Reborn era.

Summoner, while not dealing as much damage as Black Mage, is still a very good Magical Ranged DPS. They still deal a lot of damage and have party utility that can help their teammates.

Summoner is an A-Tier DPS for the following reasons:

  • First and foremost, Summoner is a powerful spellcaster who can summon summons to wreak havoc on the battlefield. These summons can also deal significant damage to enemies.
  • For example, Akh Morn will allow the Summoner's summoned Demi-Bahamut to deal damage with a 1,300 potency for the first enemy and 60% less for all remaining enemies.
  • Summoner is another unit that excels at both single and AoE damage. All of their summons have two attacks, one of which is single-target and the other is an AoE attack. Summoner will be able to deal damage in both raid and dungeon scenarios as a result of this.
  • Unlike Black Mages, Summoners have a lot of party utility. The first is evident in their ability 'Searing Light,' which buffs the Summoner and their allies and allows them to deal 3% more damage for 30 seconds.
  • Summoners can also use their Phoenix summon to heal their allies. When summoned, the Phoenix will perform Everlasting Flight, which will gradually restore the Summoner's and nearby allies' HP with a cure potency of 100 for 21 seconds.
  • Furthermore, the Phoenix has the ability Rekindle, which restores one's own or a targeted party member's HP with a whopping 400 cure potency and a healing over time for 200 cure potency for 15 seconds.


9. Red Mage ( B-Tier )

Red Mage is a unique mix between Melee DPS and Caster DPS.

The final Caster or Magical Ranged DPS introduced in this article is the Red Mage. They, like Samurai, are introduced in the game via the Stormblood expansion.

Although Red Mage deals less damage than Summoner or Black Mage, they are still a versatile and unique DPS. They can still deal decent damage and provide a lot of utility to the party.

Why is Red Mage a B-Tier DPS:

  • Red Mages are DPS battle jobs that combine Melee Attacks and Spells. This combination allows Red Mages to do things that other DPS battle jobs cannot. They have Dualcast, an innate ability that allows a Red Mage to instantly cast their second spell without having to cast it. This enables Red Mages to be highly mobile Casters.
  • They have a lot of party utility, one of which is the ability to sell Verraise, which allows them to bring a dead party member back to life. This counts as a party utility while Summoner's does not because Red Mages have the Dualcast trait, which allows them to resurrect anyone without having to cast the long raising spell.
  • This is especially useful when healers are no longer alive. As a result, having a Red Mage in the progression party of any high-end content is extremely beneficial.
  • Red Mage also has another party utility in the form of Embolden, which buffs the Red Mage's magic damage by 5% and the damage dealt by the Red Mage's party members by 5% for 20 seconds, allowing them to deal more damage to the enemies.
  • Red Mage also has the party-wide ability Magick Barrier, which reduces magic damage taken by the Red Mage and their party members by 10% while increasing HP recovered by healing actions by 5% for 10 seconds. This ability alone will improve the party's chances of surviving the fight.


10. Dancer ( B-Tier )

Dancer is a very graceful and elegant DPS.

After the arrival of Machinist in A-Tier, Dancer is the second Physical Ranged DPS introduced in this article. Dancer is also the first DPS battle job on this list to have been added to the game since the Shadowbringers expansion, which came before the Endwalker expansion.

When compared to all other jobs in FFXIV, dancer is a very good support that provides the most party utility. Dancers can help their teammates deal more damage, as well as mitigate and heal their own damage.

Why is Dancer a B-Tier DPS:

  • Dancer is a Physical Ranged DPS who does significantly less damage than Machinist. Its allure stems from the fact that the Dancer can buff up their teammates.
  • The Dancer can perform 'Closed Position,' an ability that allows the Dancer to select a Dance Partner. Throughout the fight, the Dancer's Dance Partner will receive massive buffs from the Dancer.
  • Standard Step and Devilment will help the Dancer and their Dance Partner deal more damage. Standard Step increases their damage dealt by 5% for the duration of the fight, while Devilment increases their critical hit and direct hit rate by 20% for 20 seconds.
  • Of course, dancers have party utility for the entire party, not just their dance partner. For 30 seconds, Technical Step will increase the damage dealt by dancers and all party members by 5%.
  • Furthermore, Improvisation is a skill that allows the Dancer to heal the party over time. After completing Improvisation, the party will be granted Improvised Finish, which will create a barrier for up to 10% of their maximum HP, allowing them to take less damage and increase their survivability.
  • Curing Waltz will also restore 300 cure potency to the Dancer, Dance Partner, and nearby party members of both characters.


11. Bard ( C-Tier )

Bard’s outfits are always beautiful and stylish.

Bard is the final Physical Ranged DPS in this article, as well as the final DPS in general to be discussed and tiered. Since the game's inception, Bard has been the only Physical Ranged DPS available.

Bard, while at C-Tier, does not imply that it is a bad or unplayable job. In fact, Bard is a lot of fun to play around with, shooting arrows and singing tunes for your allies. However, when compared to other DPS on this list, Bard falls short, whether in terms of damage compared to Machinist or party utility compared to a Dancer.

Why is Bard a C-Tier DPS?

  • The Bard has a lot of party utility, but some of it appears to be lacking when compared to the Dancer. And, given that most, if not all, raid statics only have one physical ranged DPS, Machinist or Dancer appear to be more preferred at times, particularly for hardcore raiders or parsers.
  • Mage's Ballad is a skill that increases the damage dealt by Bards and their party members by 1%. Army's Paeon will increase the direct hit rate of the Bard and their party members by 3%. While The Wanderer's Minuet boosts critical hit rate by 2%.
  • The Bard also has an ability called Army's Paeon, which increases the Bard's and their party members' direct hit rate by 20% for 15 seconds.
  • After Patch 6.3, Nature's Mine is much more useful. It is a 15-second ability that increases HP recovery through healing actions by 15%.
  • Raging Strikes, an ability that increases the Bard's damage dealt by 15% for 20 seconds, can also be used to increase their damage dealt.


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