[Top 15] Final Fantasy 14 Best Fishing Spots

Final Fantasy 14 Best Fishing Spots
A player fishing leisurely on the blue, open seas.

Combat and end-game raiding are not the only important aspects of Final Fantasy XIV, but there are other others as well. The crafting and collecting systems, for example, are just a few of the many additional features and vocations that players can experiment with. In order to craft, a player would require a large number of exclusive resources that could only be obtained by gathering. Both of these are interrelated and intertwined with one another.

Fishing is one of the three gathering jobs that are currently accessible in the game, and it is one of the most difficult to master. To put it another way, the primary objective of fishing is for the player to hook a bait into their fishing rod, cast their fishing rod into a body of water, and reel any fish that bites them in.

While this appears to be a plain and straightforward process, as players' fisher levels progress, they will get access to a myriad of skills that will aid them in their fishing endeavors. These abilities can assist in obtaining a rare fish through the skill of mooching, increasing the pace of collectability and increasing the possibility of obtaining high-quality fish, decreasing the time it takes for the next fish to bait, and so on. Players will require a certain amount of time and skill in order to master all of these abilities and put them to use at the appropriate time.

This makes fishing just as exciting and challenging a profession as fighting is, especially considering that fishing has its own leveling system that is distinct from the other two gatherers' systems. Because of this, players may have encountered a large number of fishing places during their journey during their fishing adventures in Eorzea.

This article will list out fifteen of the best fishing areas for a variety of reasons, including gorgeous scenery, quick leveling, locations where players may capture attractive decorative fish, and locations where players can catch some pricey fish, among other things.


15. Sullen

The gentle landscapes of Sullen in Lakeland.

Located in Lakeland, Norvrandt, Sullen is one of five fishing hotspots that may be found. Lakeland is the first place that players will encounter in the Shadowbringers expansion, and it is where the story begins. As a result, this location is extremely popular among fishermen looking to level up their level 70 Fisher to approximately 73 to 75.

The following are the reasons why this location is fantastic:

  • Because it is located in a remote part of Lakeland, it is unlikely that many players will frequent there.
  • The beautiful location in the heart of Lakeland, surrounded by bridges and abandoned houses, lends the area an unusual sense of tranquility and peace.
  • Lakeland itself is a gorgeous place filled with pastel purple terrain and vegetation, which enhances the fishing experience while also taking in the sights.
  • There are numerous places where anglers can sit down near the bridges, allowing them to have a more immersive experience while fishing.

The beauty of Sullen in Lakeland.


14. Western Kholusian Coast

The cold weather of Kholusia.

With the exception of Lakeland, Kholusia is one of the regions that can be found in the Shadowbringers Expansion. The following are the reasons why this location is excellent for fishing:

  • Stunning music is played throughout the day and into the night.
  • Beautiful views of the skies and mountains may be found here.
  • A fishing spot where players can catch Blue Crabs, an essential ingredient to craft Chili Crab, crafter’s current BiS food.
  • Blue Crab or Chili Crab can be purchased at a reasonable price on the open market. Chili Crab can also be utilized by the player to construct high-end items, which is something that is not always the case.

A video guide on farming Blue Crabs.


13. Rathefrost

The stunning blues of the Rathefrost.

Rathefrost is one of the fishing sites available in Mor Dhona, and it is a good place to start. The following are some of the reasons why it is a fantastic location:

  • While fishing, the player is accompanied by the gorgeous background of Mor Dhona, which allows them to take in the landscape of Crystal Tower and the blue crystalline shapes.
  • It is possible that players will be able to catch the Assassin Betta fish by fishing in this specific location under the correct weather and environmental circumstances.
  • A minion of the Assassin Fry may be obtained by desynthesizing Assassin Bettas. The Assassin Fry minion is an adorable companion that can be utilized to join you on your adventure through Eorzea.
  • For hundreds of thousands of Gil, Assassin Fry may also be sold on the Auction House's Market Board, making it a very lucrative business for any fishermen out there.

Farming Assassin Fry in Rathefrost.


12. Urth’s Gift

The swampy area of Urth’s Gift.

Because it is a one-of-a-kind place filled with sparkling crystals and swampy sections, Urth's Gift is another area that is very beneficial for fishermen.

  • Namitaro, a rare fish that can only be caught in this area, is available for capture by players.
  • In the optional fishing quest Feast of Famine, Namitaro is a Big Fish that must be caught.
  • It is possible to obtain a super rare title by collecting all of the Big Fishes in Eorzea; therefore, focusing on farming the Namitaro at this location is a fantastic spot to begin this particular adventure.

A guide on how to catch Namitaro in Urth’s Gift.


11. Camp Tranquil

The soothing beauty of a nighttime Camp Tranquil.

The following are some of the reasons why Camp Tranquil is also one of the top fishing sites in Final Fantasy XIV:

  • It is surrounded by a magnificent and tranquil forested setting.
  • The nighttime atmosphere in Camp Tranquil is lovely, allowing players to have a more immersive fishing experience while they are there.
  • It is a tranquil location where many players do not frequently reside, making it the ideal area to relax and unwind.

Camp Tranquil is a soothing embrace for many fishers out there.


10. Dragonspit

The chilliness of Dragonspit.

The following are the primary reasons why Dragonspit is a fantastic fishing spot:

  • It is a breathtaking vista from which players can gaze out over the frigid, snowy country of Coerthas while casting their lines.
  • After a long day of fishing, players can cool down in the spring water.
  • A unique fishing site in Eorzea, the northern ice fields are a must-see for any angler who travels there.

The beauty of Dragonspit.


9. Hak Khaal

The vast landscape of The Azim Steppe.

Hak Khaal, a fishing place in The Azim Steppe, an area included in the Stormblood expansion, has also earned its way onto this list of the best fishing spots in the game. The primary reasons are as follows:

  • Music from The Azim Steppe, which is magnificent and splendorous, accompanied the players during their fishing time.
  • As a result of the vastness and lushness of the scenery, it is a very pleasant place to cast the fishing rod.
  • The majestic castle of The Dawn Throne, which stands in the center of the map, lends a touch of flair to the background while players are fishing, allowing them to take in even more sights.
  • The word "Khaal" translates to "River," therefore players are able to cast their lines into the freshwater river and reel in the fish while taking in the magnificent beauty of The Azim Steppe.

Hak Khaal’s stunning features and sights.


8. Everschade

The paradisiacal fishing spot of Everschade.

FFXIV's Everschade is yet another excellent fishing location on this list, and it is also one of the nicest that players may visit in the game. The following are the reasons:

  • Many anglers love the tranquility provided by the large tree in the middle of the lake, which makes it an attractive and comfortable area to spend hours fishing in.
  • This location's pleasant mood is enhanced by the lush forest of Central Shroud, as well as the soothing music that plays in the background of the area.
  • With its massive lake, Everschade is a spot where players may enjoy a peaceful day of fishing by themselves, as the enormous space prevents players from congregating in one location.

The tranquil fishing spot of the Everschade.


7. Exploratory Ice Hole

The fishing hole specifically made for fellow fishers in Eorzea.

The following are the primary reasons why Exploratory Ice Hole, despite its simplicity, is one of the most wonderful fishing sites in the world:

  • It is a hole created in the heart of the Coerthan ice fields exclusively for anglers.
  • It also comes with a lone chair, which is ideal for a fisherman who wants to sit down and spend hours fishing in the ice cold water of Coerthan's reservoir.
  • Fishers will feel particularly privileged to be able to fish in this location, which was created exclusively for the purpose of fishing.

The cute hole and chair were placed exclusively for fishing.


6. The Arms of Meed

A stunning spot to fish in The Peaks, The Arms of Meed.

The Arms of Meed is without a doubt one of the most spectacular fishing spots in all of Final Fantasy XIV, with a variety of species to choose from. The following are the reasons:

  • In The Arms of Meed, the stark contrast between the luxuriant foliage and the desolate terrain of the desert behind it creates a really unique environment to live in.
  • It's enchanting to fish in the beautiful, blue seas where players may cast their fishing rods, and players can even see the clear ripple of water when they're casting their lines.
  • Not to mention, the secluded nook and stone bridge where players may go fishing is a fantastic location for taking beautiful photographs, as shown above.

The beautiful vista of The Arms of Meed.


5. Summerford

The sight of the waterbody in Middle la Noscea.

Summerford, located in Middle la Noscea, is an excellent fishing spot for players for a variety of reasons, including:

  • It is a summery location where gamers may go fishing while taking advantage of the bright skies, white clouds, and crystal clear waterways.
  • Moreover, the environment of Middle la Noscea is breathtaking, especially during the daylight hours.
  • Fishing at Summerford can result in the capture of an unique fish known as the Gigantshark.
  • Gigantshark has a wide range of applications. First and foremost, it can be a very cool fish to have in an aquarium, as if the players had adopted a shark and had it installed in their respective households.
  • Second, Gigantshark may be desynthesized into glamour items like as the Sea Breeze Summer Halter and the South Seas Talisman, both of which can be sold for more than 50k Gil on the Market Board when purchased individually. Players can also incorporate them into their own own dress sense.

A guide on getting Gigantshark in Summerford.


4. The Burning Wall

The Golden Landscapes of The Burning Wall.

The bright location of The Burning Wall is a favorite of many anglers for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is that the area's unique crystal terrain makes it a memorable place to fish.

  • It is a wonderful area to live because of the unusual geological development of the rocks and fields.
  • The waterfall in the background adds to the natural beauty of the location, making the fishing experience that much more enjoyable and enjoyable.
  • Even better, players can go fishing along the waterfall, making it a truly unique experience in the Final Fantasy XIV world.

A beautiful video on The Burning Wall’s fishing spot.


3. Prism Lake 


The beautiful sight of the Prism Lake in Yanxia.

Prism Lake is one of the most beautiful places in the world for a fisherman to cast his or her line into the water.

  • The following are the reasons why this location is fantastic:
  • This location is truly a sight to behold, thanks to the stunning crystal formations as well as the various hues of the lake that change as the sun moves across the sky.
  • This location is home to a highly uncommon fish known as the Warden of the Seven Hues, which can be captured by anglers.
  • This is a good fishing site for fishermen who want to put more Gil in their savings account because the Warden of the Seven Hues is an incredibly rare fish that may fetch millions of Gil if it is sold.
  • As a bonus, the Warden of the Seven Hues is a stunningly gorgeous fish that stands out from the crowd and makes an excellent addition to a player's aquarium in both their apartment and their home.

The beauty of Prism Lake and the Warden of the Seven Hues.


2. Diadem

A Fisher fishing leisurely in Diadem.

Diadem is a refuge for gatherers who are looking to level their gatherers rapidly, grind for a certain mount, or farm for Scrips, among other things.

  • Diadem is a fantastic choice for anglers for a variety of reasons:
  • There are numerous fishing places in Diadem, giving players a wealth of options when it comes to where to go fishing. Despite the fact that there are specialized locations to catch rare fish under various weather conditions, players are free to choose their fishing location anywhere in Diadem if they are not hunting for expert-level fish.
  • Players can quickly level up their fishers in Diadem by fishing continuously with different baits, Players can also farm Skybuilders’ scrip through gathering fish in Diadem and submitting them. Using scrips, you can purchase a wide variety of products from Enie. These items include everything from mounts to minions to glamours to hairstyles to emotes to orchestrion rolls.
  • Moreover, the things that may be earned by swapping Skybuilders' Scrips can also be sold in the Market Board for a premium price, making Diadem an excellent way to make money while leveling.
  • Additionally, it's a fantastic place to go fishing for gamers who are attempting to obtain the rare Pteranodon mount.

A video about fishing in Diadem.


1. Ocean Fishing

The Spectral Current in Ocean Fishing.

Ocean Fishing is a new technique of fishing introduced in Shdaowbringers patch 5.2, and it can be found in the Ocean Fishing category. The following are the reasons why ocean fishing is the best fishing spot:

  • The current best method for leveling your fisher from level 1 all the way up to level 80 is to use this method.
  • The grind is rather quick, and there are a large number of results. Due to the fact that Ocean Fishing only departs once every two hours, players can check the clock at Dryskthota in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks to see when they will be departing.
  • The most common sort of lure used for leveling is the versatile lure, which can be used multiple times and is therefore the most cost-effective. This will save you a large amount of money in the long run.
  • There are a variety of rewards available for completing Ocean Fishing with a specific score, including minions, mounts, and titles, among others.
  • Ocean Fishing is a wonderful sport to participate in with other fellow fishermen, as players can organize a group of up to eight people to go inside Ocean Fishing in order to achieve the highest team score.
  • The Spectral Current feature in Ocean Fishing allows players to simulate fishing under the Aurora Borealis. This feature is incredibly stunning and gives the impression that players are fishing under the Aurora Borealis. Not to mention that their bite rates would increase by a factor of a hundred, resulting in them catching significantly more fish.

An elaborate video guide on Ocean Fishing.

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