FF14 Best Healer - What's the Best Job For Healing?

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The newest healer on the block, the Sage!

Healer is one of the three primary types of battle jobs available in Final Fantasy XIV. With the release of Endwalker's latest expansion, players now have a total of four healer fight occupations to select from, each with their own playstyle and healing types.

Of course, the best method to determine which of these four healer fight roles is ideal for each individual is to try them all out and discover which one works best for them. This is quite conceivable because FFXIV allows players to play various battle jobs on the same character, saving them from having to create a new character and go through the Main Story Questline all over again simply to play a different battle job, as many other MMORPGs did.

Even yet, some players may still want to see some information about each healer in order to choose their main, and this article is here to help you by presenting you with all of this vital information. This page will cover all healer professions and rate them based on the most recent Endwalker patch release.


4. White Mage

The White Mage, the pure healer of FFXIV.

To try out the White Mage healer job, players must first be a Conjurer before being able to get the White Mage soul crystal after completing the level 30 job quest. In reality, Conjurer is the only basic healer class available to players, as the others can only be earned later in the game.

Why White Mage is great:

  • Big damage. White Mage has a big damage for both single-target bosses and large packs of mobs, as they have high attack potency for their offensive spells.
  • Powerful heals. White Mage can heal up their party members from painful attacks very quickly with powerful healing spells like Medica II or Cure III.
  • Can heal up the Tanks from painful Tankbusters and saving them from dying easily with Benediction, instantly healing anyone from low HP to full HP.
  • Two stacks of Thin Air allows them to do powerful heals or resurrect their allies without any cost on their Mana.
  • Holy is a strong AoE, especially in dungeons, as it deals big damage and places stun on the mobs, allowing the tank to absorb less damage and avoid less AoE attacks from the mobs.

Pick White Mage if:

  • You like to play a healer that still deals a lot of damage.
  • You like to play a healer that can place stun easily on the mobs.
  • You like playing a healer with strong regen healing that can help your party members up and back again in seconds.
  • You like to have a skill that is best suited for emergency purposes like tankbusters.


3. Astrologian

Astrologian is a healer that deals with a lot of RNG.

Astrologian is the third healer in the game, and it first appears in the game's first expansion following A Realm Reborn, the Heavensward expansion. It is a healer job that provides great healing talents as well as tremendous bonuses for the entire team.

Why Astrologian is great:

  • Strongest healing oGCDs in the game, such as Horoscope and Celestial Opposition.
  • The revision to Earthly Star allows their Star to cover the whole arena and heal all party members as well as deal damage to the enemies.
  • Their card system allows Astrologian to give a lot of damage buff to their party members.
  • Divination also gives a strong damage buff to the whole party, including themselves.
  • Neutral Sect allows an Astrologian to cast both regen and shield to themselves or their party members.
  • Astrodyne deals with a lot of RNG, but can boost an Astrologian’s attack, spell speed, and healing potency.
  • Almost limitless mana reserve, requires low piety.

Pick Astrologian if:

You like playing a healer with pretty aesthetic skills.

  • You like playing a healer that gives a lot of damage buff to yourself and your party members.
  • You like playing a regen healer that has a lot of oGCDs, allowing them to be able to do more damage by doing less GCD healing.
  • You like playing a healer that is very hard to master, giving a challenge into being a decent Astrologian, especially in high-end content.
  • You like playing a healer that still has decent shield skills for a single target or the party member as a whole.
  • You like playing a healer that has a lot of Mana reserves, so you do not have to worry about running out of Mana.


2. Scholar

Scholar, the healer that has their fairies on their beck and call.

Scholar is a healer job that first appears in A Realm Reborn. Unlike White Mage, however, players must begin with the DPS job Arcanist before being able to unlock Scholar after completing the level 30 job quest. Scholar is the game's first barrier healer, and they provide healing through the fairies they conjure.

Why Scholar is Great:

  • Their fairies will cast Embrace repeatedly on any party member that has low HP, allowing Scholar to do passive healing without having to cast any spells and oGCDs.
  • They have a lot of oGCDs healing and shields, allowing Scholar to weave in their healing spells between each GCD, which lets Scholar to deal damage.
  • Has the strongest shield in the game, mainly through Succor and Adloquium.
  • Expedient increases movement speed of all party members as well as giving 10% shield. This allows party members to be able to move quickly to dodge AoEs and mechanics. Very useful in end-game instances.
  • Ruin II allows Scholar to still be able to damage the enemies while moving to dodge mechanics.
  • Art of War I and II is their AoE skills, and as they can be insta-casted, Scholars can deal damage to mobs in dungeons while moving to catch up with the tank.

Pick Scholar if:

  • You like playing a shield healer with strong shields, allowing you to protect your party members from incoming damage that may otherwise kill you.
  • You like having a skill that increase your movement speed, allowing you and your party members to still be able to quickly dodge mechanics even when your sprint is on cooldown.
  • You like playing a healer with a lot of oCGD healing as well as insta-cast damage buttons, allowing you to still be able to deal damage while moving.
  • You like playing a healer that is helped by the fairies, allowing you to be able to cast less GCD healings.


1. Sage

Sage is the newest healer in Endwalker, a healer job that has been highly anticipated.

Sage currently holds the trophy for best healer, as they are the newest healer featured in the most recent expansion. Unsurprisingly, as a new battle job, they have a lot of good skills, such as high DPS, strong shields, and regen healing.

Why Sage is great:

  • Sage has a lot of oGCDs healing, allowing them to be able to heal a certain party member like the Tank, or even the whole party member without sacrificing DPS.
  • Sage has the highest Damage out of all healers currently, as they have the most DPS skills compared to the other three healers. 
  • Sage may heal their allies and themselves through dealing damage, mainly with Kardia as well as a specific skill they get when hitting level 90, Pneuma.
  • Sage has a lot of Shields they can apply to themselves, a certain party member, or the whole party. These are especially useful for powerful Tank Busters and Raidwides.
  • A lot of their skills also have regen healing on top of giving shields, like Kerachole and Physis. 
  • Similar to the Scholars, Sage’s AoE skills are all insta-cast except for Pneuma. This allows a Sage to be able to deal damage while moving.

Pick Sage if:

  • You want to play a healer that can still deal massive damage to the enemies.
  • You want to play a healer that can heal themselves or party members through dealing damage to the enemies.
  • You like a shield healer that has a lot of different varieties of shields that you can apply to a single person or the party member as a whole.
  • You like playing a healer with a lot of oGCDs and insta-cast DPS skills, allowing you to be able to still deal DPS while moving.
  • You like playing a shield healer that still has decent regeneration skills.


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