[Top 5] FF14 Best Way To Level Alt Jobs

FF14 Best Way To Level Alt Jobs
Players wearing the new MogStation glamour, the Oracle’s Attire.

.Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG that allows a player the freedom to change their battle job by just changing out the current weapon they’re equipping, which grants the player access to all classes in the game without having to create 2nd, 3rd, or nth character in the game. In this game, players can level all their battles, crafters, and gathering jobs with just a single character.

However, leveling all the alt job classes might be very hard and time-consuming, especially as there are a grand total of 18 battle jobs in Final Fantasy XIV. Several players might also want to level all their battle jobs up to 80, the current maximum level before Endwalker comes.

For that reason, this article will list the top five ways a player can level their Alt jobs in Final Fantasy XIV.


5. Levequests

Levequests are optional quests that can be taken from different cities and fields all over the game. They only require a player to unlock these with a short Levequest trial before accessing all future Levequests in each corresponding area.

Completing levequests may earn the player a lot of experience as a reward. Not to mention, levequests are easy and quick to do, and they have many varieties of quests so that players would not easily get bored from doing it all over again.

However, players could not infinitely grind levels through levequests, as they would have a limited amount of levequests allowance. A player can only have 100 levequests allowances at maximum, and they will only refresh 3 levequests allowances every 12 real-time hours.


4. Squadron Runs

An NPC applying to enter the player’s Squadron.

The next way to quickly level alt battle jobs in Final Fantasy XIV is through Squadron Dungeon Runs. Players can form their own Squadron in their respective Grand Company they have chosen, and players will be able to unlock this feature upon reaching the Second Lieutenant rank in their own Grand Company.

After unlocking their Squadron, players can then have NPCs apply to join their Squadron, and the players can choose whether to accept or reject them. Players can have 8 NPCs maximum in the Squadron, and they can get more NPCs applying for their Squadron through completing weekly logs.

After that, players can level their Squadron members’ levels by sending them in daily and weekly missions and obtaining rewards based on their chemistry. 

Then, a player can bring three of their squadron members to run dungeons with them. This is a very optimal way to run dungeons and level up alt jobs, especially for DPS alt jobs, which may take very long queues to get into a dungeon. While running it with a squadron may take longer than running it with other players, it might still be faster than waiting for queues to pop.


3. Bozjan Southern Front & Zadnor

The large fields of Zadnor a player can explore.

Bozjan Southern Front is an area that can be accessed by players after finishing the Main Story Questline for Shadowbringers and completing the questline for Stormblood’s Alliance Raid. 

A player can enter Bozjan Southern Front with a battle job of level 71 and above, and it is also the most popular way to level your jobs from 71 all the way to 80. Players will earn a huge chunk of experience for their battle jobs while clearing out FATEs and Critical Engagements inside of Bozja and earning Mettle required to increase their Resistance Rank, a certain level only related to Bozja.

Players may also unlock Zadnor after progressing through the quest in Bozjan Southern Front that is locked behind their Resistance Rank, which will also give players lots of experience for their battle jobs.

A player may also start out their Relic weapon quest for their battle jobs, which is the current best weapon in the game for all battle jobs currently. Many of them also have a nice look and can be a glamour weapon for many battle jobs.

As these instances offer players experience and a strong, cool weapon, Bozja is one of the most popular ways to currently level up their last 10 levels in the game.


2. Duty Roulettes

Duty Roulettes is one of the, if not the most popular to level alt jobs in Final Fantasy XIV currently. It is something that can be accessed by players after they complete their first dungeons. 

Leveling Roulette, in particular, will reward the player a huge chunk of experience, most of the time allowing them to jump half or even a whole level after clearing it per day. Other types of roulettes will also reward players a moderate amount of experience.

Doing Duty Roulettes are also fun, as they will be thrown into a random dungeon and content based on what they queued up for. For example, Leveling Roulette will make a player run a random dungeon that they have unlocked. Doing Duty Roulettes will make a player run through old content while getting rewards.

Players will also only need to do all of Duty Roulettes once a day, so it is a suitable way of leveling for players who do not have much time to spare and for players who don’t want to get bored from running the same content over and over again.


1. Deep Dungeons

A player trying to clear Palace of the Dead solo for the rare title.

Deep Dungeons, for now, are the quickest way for players to level up their alt jobs from level 1 all the way up to level 70. Currently, there are two Deep Dungeons available in the game, which are Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High.

Players will be able to unlock their first deep dungeon, Palace of the Dead, after reaching level 17 in any of the battle jobs and clearing the Main Scenario Quest “Into a Copper Hell. They can then take the blue quest ‘The House that Death Built’ in New Gridania to unlock it.

Meanwhile, Heaven-on-High can be unlocked after players clear level 50 of Palace of the Dead and reach level 61 in any of the battle jobs. They can then unlock this Deep Dungeon by taking the blue quest ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’ in The Ruby Sea.

Deep Dungeons have a completely different leveling system inside, and players will start out with level 1 in The Palace of the Dead and 61 in Heaven-on-High. Gear and status outside will also not be transferred inside, as all their status depends on their weapon and armor rank, which can be increased by opening silver coffers inside of the Deep Dungeons.

After clearing 10 levels of the Deep Dungeon, players may then go out and be rewarded a moderate chunk of experience for the battle job they go inside with. Of course, the higher the floors they clear, the higher the experience they will earn. Players can go all the way up to floor 200 for Palace of the Dead and 100 for Heaven-on-High.

In addition, Deep Dungeons may also get Accursed Hoards inside of the instance, which can be analyzed and reward players with unique minions, glamours, and even rare mounts. Players may also exchange their weapon and armor levels inside Deep Dungeon for a shiny, cool weapon for their battle jobs to be worn anywhere in Eorzea.

Not to mention, clearing the entirety of these two Deep Dungeons solo may also reward players with some of the rarest titles in the game, which are Lone Hero and The Necromancer.


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