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The fan favorite Catgirl of the game, Y'shtola.

Choosing a race and a battle job for your character can be difficult, but so can selecting a voice for your character in Final Fantasy XIV. While the protagonist does not speak much, they do speak at times and make noises during battle, which means that the player is stuck with the voice they chose at the start of the game unless they use a Fantasia, an in-game item that allows a player to change any aspect of their character.

Miqo'te is one of, if not the, most popular races in FFXIV right now, and many players choose it as their main race for their character. Voices, whether female or male Miqo'te, are important. However, because the majority of people prefer to be catgirls, aka female Miqo'te, this article will go over the best female Miqo'te voices in FFXIV and why.


5. Voice 3

Voice 3 is the typical, cute, and soft voice that many people expect from a Catgirl. It has an elegant tone to it while still sounding cute.

Why Voice 3 is one of the best choices for your Miqo’te:

  • Cute voice, but not too high-pitched annoying like some other cute voices can be.
  • Doesn’t hurt the ears as they are not shrill.
  • Has a tint of elegance to it, gives a graceful look.
  • Sounds soft and cute, which is a suitable voice for your Miqo’te if the player wants to dress their character in that image.


4. Voice 12

Voice 12 is a unique blend of husky voice and cute and high-pitched yells during battle and emotes.

Why Voice 12 is one of the best choices for your Miqo’te:

  • Unique voice for your Miqo’te, which is a good idea if you want a non-typical choice of voice.
  • A combination of cute, excited, and husky, giving a rough but also cute look to your Miqo’te.
  • The huskiness of voice 12 makes the Miqo’te have a unique look too.
  • You don’t hear Voice 12 as often, which makes your character feel a bit more unique.


3. Voice 1

Voice 1, like Voice 3, is a typical Catgirls voice, but in a good way. Voice 1 has a sweeter undertone and a soft, melodious noise.

Why Voice 1 is one of the best choices for your Miqo’te:

  • Pleasant to the ears, as it is not shrill or too high, making it not hurt your ears whenever the battle starts.
  • Cute and soft, which is a good choice of voice for your character if you desire to have that kind of image and look for your Miqo’te.
  • Suits a roleplay style Miqo’te, since it has a lot of voices for emotes and battle which doesn’t hurt the ears.
  • A lot of the noises made also suit the emotes, just like the video showed.


2 Voice 2

Many players prefer Voice 2 because it sounds more like 'onee-san,' a more mature and catgirl who feels like a big sister.

Why Voice 2 is one of the best choices for your Catgirl:

  • Is one of the few voices that doesn’t sound too soft or cute.
  • Sounds mature, which is a good voice to use if you want to give your Miqo’te that kind of image or look.
  • Has a sexier tone than cute, which also fits a Miqo’te’s image, especially if the glamour supports this image.
  • Doesn’t sound annoying or shrill at all, as it has a lower undertone and is pleasant to the ears.


1. Voice 11

Voice 11, like Voice 2, is another option for a lower undertone voice. While not as mature as Voice 2, the husky undertone of Voice 11 is pleasing to the ears.

Why Voice 11 is one of the best choices for your Miqo’te:

  • The husky undertone with the low voice makes it pleasant to the ears.
  • One of the few voices that doesn’t sound too shrill or high, which is the best choice for those who want to avoid high-pitched voices for their Miqo’te.
  • Unique yells as they sound more mature and composed compared to other voices, and the husky voice only adds the uniqueness to the Miqo’te.
  • Different kinds of expressions and voices in emotes as shown in the video, which really differs from one to the other, making every emotion a bit more meaningful when used..

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